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    Some players bring a "pocket healer" into siege that follows their main around on an auto-heal macro of some sort. If they get reported by another player, Gameforge will check the record of that siege and that cheater will receive some sort of administrative action.

    oo that is call pocket healer, just i did a SW with so many only almost each player had or d/r or a r/p folow them when you saw them was like a army

    i mean 400k hp heallers

    1, I notice some diference when i get hit by a mob i see the skill and damge on combat mode but next i notice the second damage with no skill from mob

    so the damage is double ? and i died beacuse second damge same skill , same on evrey mob the skill mobs do double damage.:?:

    2. Second notice when i travel use the mount or not on mount some mobs apear in attack mode that i not aggro them and no notice that i am in attack mode until they do the first hit

    when i am lvl 100 on main or on low level toons same, many time i notice that when i leave battle and return the mob stay there same location as someone is aggro him, or the mobs will gather on you if attack one mob and no cast skill mob use just 5 or 10 mobs on you on lvl 70+ zones:?:

    3, trying to remember so ....


    For acces last update on addon quest helper it say internal flag how can acces to make the quests .

    asking the internal flag how can i know if have or not

    + for removing the drop lvl for first sugestion,

    i understand the failure but the rate is low for + items

    have more changes if the item is clean to make + on the item, thant after you used the item and durability is drop rate to make + is drop


    [Class][Warden] Warden pet accuracy and other monster vs monster situations have been adjusted. Accuracy calculations have been changed to be in line of what players vs monsters can achieve.

    have anyone test the new ajustement what i saw first hand is that the pets do same damge as my patak, before was like double my patak normal attacks

    pet vs monsters = player vs monster same damage with out criticals


    Some time all interface has big crash and all setings are reset to default what to do ?

    What files i must backup for crash interface (copy files and make a backup files when are all good conditions)

    My documents - Game files from char name or all file ?

    Game files - interface and adoons files ?

    what else add more and some argumens why you back up that file ?

    In game files the chat log record what do you say in log file.

    So why i dont see the conversation with other peopl right just some unknone character

    And with the new client from game forge, with the multi alt acount why the record not shown as game acount (not email acount) just one file for that day ?

    my feedback is like this

    - problems first

    1. flash auction starts on server the ping will change from 100+ to 1500 just staying still so for 1.5h game is lagy

    2. after flash action ping 5k and force to return at meniu for select server

    3. on steam or game luncher is same


    make flash auction on website not in game to remove the lag and ping issues. recomand this not all players can acces game at same time.

    It me or other can see

    - in the last 1 min the were is time change "new price will change in ..." price is same cauze at evrey 15 sec the price change so in 15 min means 60 price changes

    - watching the flash action the price start from normal price and max price reduction to 40% depends on the how much items are available on normal evrey day need items

    NOTE ; For a limit time , and limit on availability of items the reduction is still low so my opinion is start from -10% and go max -70% if is time to buy and limit how much you can buy .

    - dont know if can acces as multiple buy on same item on flash auction - NOT TESTED

    - the evrey 15 sec price change and the amount of price change is low so is not "a flash" auction on my opinion

    NOTE: the idea is good but the feedback is bad when i see evrey 15 sec only drop 5 dias on price of 1000 dias NO NO NOT GOOD

    So main point of the IDEA is good but the implementation is not good cauze you focus on the players who is playing on that time

    and the sistem is lagy on at time this just on opinion