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    ON exp and tp event, helping a friend in a party,

    we have trouble with questing, meaning for lower level if need drop items is ok

    but when he is ask to wipe, kill and destroy the lower player he need to that alone,

    before if a lvl 100 make the kill the low level taking the quest kil, but now is not working, not sure but i notice on second class dayly party for butterfly in xaviera need to do it again in a party

    SO for party quest kills is problem yes or no ?

    First thing first tanks for clarification of some actions and behaviors during the Sige War

    The following actions and behaviours have been reviewed:

    1.Attacking of buildings inside or entering the enemy castle without destroying the gate or using any means that will bypass the walls/gates: are not allowed.

    1.1 The throne can only be destroyed if the inner gate has been destroyed at least once before.

    :!: So to be more cleary dont use herald tornado or vehicules or aoe skill behind castel before inner gate was destroy once no :?:

    1.2 Herald Tornado/Vehicles (for example Catapult) can be used to destroy buildings through the wall.

                   :!: So you can use Herald Tornado/Vehicles (for example Catapult) to destroy buildings if the maing gate is not down from outside castel wall.

    - how can you target the buildings if the wall it is in front of you ?

    - how can you target if the gates are up and says gate info in front of you and you can see building but can not target

    - buildings means fire/electric towers etc from factorys items ?

    1.3 Warden companions are not allowed to destroy buildings while the gates are closed.

                    :!: this is :thumbup: what about fire/electric towers behind walls when cant target your self but warden pet can, pet can kill players behind walls ?

    2. Vehicles (for example Battering Ram):

    2.1 Entering the Battering Ram or any other vehicle, while a cast/skill bar is in progress is not allowed.

                      :!:So to be more cleary .

    - You cant use ther herald skills then enter vehicle to be inside safe and no damge

    - You cant use vehicule to take towers meaning stay next to tower click on tower and enter vehicule back again to be safe no damge from aoe from the guards,

    exemple like low level guilds with low levels who dont have power to kill guards but can take towers with vehicules

    2.2 Usage of any item/skill inside the vehicle except the vehicle's specific skills is not allowed. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    2.3 Placing objects on non-reachable positions is not allowed

                       :!: So the problem is here how to you know is not reachable for new players or old one who did not try to reach there

    - like electric/fire/traps towers but neer towers with guards and cant target or atack with melle becuse are under the tower platform you need aoe skills for that

    - like electric/fire/traps towers put on bridge pillars high position same you need aoe skill to take them down

    2.4 Usage of items not intended for siege war, like quest or instance items, is not allowed.

                       :!: if the items are not liste not to use when we do know what is not allowed


    3. Usage of exploits and hacks is not allowed and strictly forbidden by Runes of Magic Terms and Conditions. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    So in conclusion list a things and examples that are not allow to know what to report

    Depends on what server you vant on EU servers

    -vidar old players, last instance runs, last stats, old guilds, expensive dias/gold/items etc

    -idun new server, new players, old players comeback, the hard level up, dias/gold/items acceptable for new players etc

    And rest are deadicate language server like german is good for low lag, old and nice guilds, players high end items

    So depends what you want more easy chil on each server are same

    and why is not normal

    normal quest => dayly quests (do once to open) => public quest (permanent available)

    quuest 1 => quest 2 => quest 3 => reset quest 1

    quest 1 public permanent available after you do dayly quest once

    the cycle must be start from one quest NO


    A list of quest from chrysalia quest zone that i cant do, but are on available quest


    1. Maintaining Battle Capacity [74]

    2. Kill them all [74]

    3. Intense Strike [74]

    4. Stomp It [74]

    5. Stand amoungst the corpses [74]

    6. Beacon on a bloody path [74]

    7. Pushback [74]

    8. Suprize attack [74]

    9. The truth behind the kulech myrmex attack [74]

    10. Sacrifice [74]

    11. Healer's Heart [72]

    12. Accidental Reception [72]


    Healer's Heart (public) -> the public quest has no quest giver anymore at all. I'd say this quest has been removed.

    Accidental Reception (public) -> the public quest has no quest giver anymore at all. I'd say this quest has been removed.


    1-6. Quests are done on normal, dayly once but the PUBLIC QUEST is mising from npc Evan Wright

    7-8. Quests are done on normal , public once but the DAYLY QUEST is mising from npc Woston

    9. Cant find Corpse Sample on map

    10. Cant find or drop True Dragon Scale, dayly , public same. This is last title from zone so mising ( 2 title mising )

    11-12. Quests are done on normal, dayly once but the PUBLIC QUEST is mising from npc Siffan Londongs







    This question was ask on old forum for solution and answers but, no more on new forum

    So no treath about quest list that are block or remove

    Affected Class/Skill/Quest/Festival/Other: warden/druid, normal quest , dayly quest

    Description: Npc Anka is mising from zone enoch check evrey chanel

    2 quests are from this npc Anka

    Recovering the suplies and the dayly after quest

    Rest in pace, comrade ! and the dayly after quest

    Npc Mister Neelo

    has 1 quest Crystals or mushrooms

    Server: Idun

    Version: Last