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    one of the main problems is rogues invisibility potion fear-capping and guilds that cant "fight" vs opp just keeps gate with ch/m and priest/warlock alts, i would personally like to see invisibility potion not able to be used in player vs player arenas (ofc i know that will bring a lot of problems with other "buffs") (like universal potions) OR better is what Utu said which make invisibility potion not "usable or stack-able" when a player is fearless and some sort of Nerf to either priest/warlock or champion/mage make it so for ch/m cool-down on high energy barrier has a longer cool-down than the skill duration) or make priest/warlock life surge only affect things in raid (not whats in radius)

    hi, wondering if anyone here is good with making addons/changing addons. if so can you send me a PM plz

    the skill isn't bugged it works as intended, if you look at your pdef with your shield on(on my knight it is 280,388 with shield) and then remove it and look at the def difference (mine is 216,913 without shield) take that away gives the difference. so for me my shield gives 36,495.2 pdef times that by 0.63 to get the 63%= 22991.976 then add that to it giving 59488.176 add that into your pdef = the skill is working. since it is a "passive buff" it gets added to your char values

    the skills you are using refers to the shields def which will be whats on the item its self

    over all some of the items that's new/changed are somewhat nice but have a few questions

    the addition of portable bank/ ah is nice however is it meant to be unable to be gifted?

    only having one set of wings for 150 dias or 150 rubies where is/why isn't there a price difference from them?

    the perfect +12' stones are they going to stay at that price?

    why is the rune drillers forslot 4 only able to be bought for dias?

    do the "new" pets give anything or is it just a look?

    1000 rubies for a look seems a bit over the top in price that going to change? :/:/

    int/matt on a druid is pointless you gain nothing for them attributes, the way i have statted my druid is 4 stam/wis 2 stam/hp in full healer gear (shells/mems/hm cape with proof neck 90 mem rings 1 90 mem earring and 1 wis/crit earring) with a mage crafted wand (didnt have healer one) and healer shield buffed hp i have over 600k, def isn't an issue in pve so you dont need to use stam/def.

    If you are starting out as a druid i would use shell gear and/or crafted and use wis/hp from that stam/wis from bags and stam/hp from bags to get a base, or if you could use player vs player gear and stat them for that with just healing ring/earring/neck and you'll be able to help end-game with that without any problem

    for mirror world i would personally make some int/stam int/m.att stam/m.att gear (druids only gain 1 matt per 1 int) thus using stam/m.att you wont lose alot of m.att over all

    tho if you could say what server your on, it'll probs be easier to help you get geared with knowing whats able to be farmed

    not seen this in the macro thread so not sure if its possible or im just blind and its there, however i was wondering if there is a macro to use item shop/zodica pets from the partner bag, (i know there is one for random mounts), if someone is able to help me out would appreciate it