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    sorry to say but your info is wrong you dont have to do any quest to get access to Zurhidon Stronghold or

    Hall of the Demon Lord
    all you need to do is kill sharleedah get the secret documents accept the quest and RIGHT click the other two items you get and that will allow you into both of them (done it on over 20 chars) and as for gstero you only have to kill that if you dont want to die to get access to last boss in Hall of the Demon Lord

    i asked that same question a few years ago to a gm or was in a ticket to support and they told me that they didnt have antyhing that could do that at the time however i do agree that missed titles should be possible to get

    well with it only being able to be spoken in once per 24 hours per person would be easer to keep that crap clean :D and yeh i want the sw patch to be working how the explanation says "guards cant be alive" not just move away from tower(s)

    wondering it it was possible to add a sw thank you into the discord and make it have a long speak time ie once per day and wondering if sw will be fixed with the 100% true wording of the new "fix" for ocuping the towers

    unfortunately the only way to "reset" them is by making a new char, i asked the same thing a few years ago to gms that logged into the server(s) and they said that there is no way for it to be reset as they do not have the mechanism to allow that (i would of been happy to fully restart line).

    One thing they "could" do is make it more of p2w and put the main titles in item shop for dias but some how have them so you can only buy fire training > ibw (going in stages) so not everyone just buys ibw and forgets other titles thats needed (ofc doubt many would like that option)

    Once a character has reached level 85, you can transfer it to a server of your choice.

    The transfer is only possible until 13th February 2020. All characters that have not been transferred by this date (naturally, that applies especially to characters below level 85) will be deleted.

    Off to the regular server: as soon as your character has reached level 85, you can transfer it to a regular server of your choice within your region by the specified date.

    1st take away i would agree with however the 2nd, see quotes.... how is that not clear? Oo

    the "wait" times in macros is based on your ping, higher the ping the more delay in the skills being used the lower the ping the faster, it all depends on your ping .

    to your 2nd quesiton, there was a post on the old forum from bleedingblack

    /script EquipItem(11)

    /script EquipItem(10)

    /use One-Kill-A-Day

    /cast Throw

    /wait .1

    /cast Throw

    /wait .1

    /cast Throw

    /wait .1

    /cast Combo Throw

    /wait .1

    /cast Combo Throw

    /use Runic Thorn

    /use Terrible Omen

    you can get all 6 classes on the catch up server ^^ get one to 85 then you can get the other 5 to 80 with the item aslong as you dont crash before swapping to them and using the item (not sure if it disappears after crash if you have it in your item shop backpack)


    They should focus on getting a xbow since it gives the most damage and crit

    1h sword for max p.att gain


    Full leather gear with either all crit or get the hard mode sets for the extra damage

    Statting can be down to the person by using dex/p.att and str/p.atts in any order due to them giving both 1 point of p.att per 1 point of dex/str (best would be 4/2 (I think not looked at new values of stats))


    guild p.att buff

    You can use the item shop foods or you can use the “free” token coin ones they give less % but perfect if you are free to play

    hero pot

    steamed fish steak

    having a level 50 pet with the attack skill maxed (gives 10% more)

    "other buffs"

    you can get a 3% attack buff from hall of earth and chaos vortex when they are not open
    warlock 6%
    druid/warrior buff OR priest attack buff

    As for item set skills I have forgot names of them but there are better versions from higher level instances

    “short buffs” or “burn buffs”

    Order Should roughly be

    Caviar Sandwich (or the house maid one)

    Target Area


    Strong Stimulant

    savage power

    Tranquillity powder

    Arcane potion

    extinction potion

    Blood arrow


    Arrow of Essence

    Hunter stance (grotto of horrors scout set skill (better version from hos one))

    Skill rotaion

    Vamp arrow (if you have scout/rogues in the party)


    Snipe (on knight/warrior AD)

    charged chop(on knight/warrior AD)

    Reflected shot (if you have time on AD)


    “boss should be dead”

    i am sure that if ive forgot anything others will comment too ^^

    for weapon you will want to use a 1h sword as it gives the most p.att

    Aged Realgar Wine(+30% Attack Power M.atk & P.atk)

    Hot Stew(+30% P.atk)

    aren't sold and super rare to find

    buffs are missing a ton of them (class buffs/sw titles/mirror)

    skill rotation is wrong for bosses (semi ok for trash)

    it's ok for leveling tho but would need a massive shuffle