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    LOL Please :D be nice!!!

    Ah thank you for the explanation!! That makes more sense and I like the sound of that ^^

    Rofl omg... *is mage/priest* I did see that, which was really upsetting but I figure I'll just ride it through for now. Making alts in this game isn't too difficult, especially with the plvl options and frequent double xp. Biggest issue is the (possible) remaking of gear @_@

    I agree on Goblin Mines 100%. Do you think the maze in Sascillia Steppes is also worth it?

    Yes. Maids seem expensive at first but they're invaluable. What's up with those two random rows of slots that you can't fill in their inventory? LOL Like.. just delete it? :D

    The main things being how legitimate honor parties effect loot, certain things only working if in party(lol), Having dungeonloot addon to view mob loot tables and probably most importantly understanding how loot events calculate.
    Overworld loot increase multiplies the base drop chance of things before your personal% applies. So if an event gives you a 100% drop 'buff' that's +100% to your personal% but 100% overworld basically doubles your drop rate and adds more the more you buff- you get like 5x more out of it.

    for the 'unmentionables' I'll just say there are buffs, potions and temp items that 99% of players don't use but are crazy strong both pvp/pve. A bunch of them being buried in random quest lines to find :)
    There's this 1 potion that gives 50% attack speed and 100% accuracy for 10 seconds increase it's nuts.

    Dungeonloots is the best, especially for Shells/Honor/Memento pulls.

    Unsure about what Overworld is @_@ Wish I knew, it sounds really good rofl

    And I see! That's really cool, some of the quests so give great things. On that note, Joey Klongen in Ystra Highlands starts a quest chain that gives 4 free purified fusion stones along with some other great goodies. No one really quests there anymore, it seems, I wonder how many people miss out on that.

    We'll leave your secret where it lays :)

    It would've been nice to know how this whole peak/pantheon thing was going to turn out.
    I wish I knew they were going to make some ruby things ungiftable after 10 years so I could've stocked up...

    For a happier one knowing exactly how loot works back in ch1 would've helped a lot.
    A few I don't want to mention in fear of being nerfed haha

    What do you mean how loot works? Do you mind elaborating for me?

    And rofl you can always DM me the unmentionables xD

    I wish I knew SW would be still in beta 10 years later... oh no, sorry, I'll try again. I wish I knew diamonds would be taken out from AH and never come back... oh f***, i did it again!

    Sorry, I'm with Cenre here, but good luck!

    Sir, you can't say "never" when "forever" hasn't happened yet LOL I'm kidding.

    Honestly I understand, I've read most of these threads so I already know you guys have been complaining about this for some time (and rightfully so,) but I did want to have a fun thread and I don't want it to get closed down for inciting a riot 8o

    I wish i knew that the developer & publisher would run the game into the ground so i wouldn't get hooked.

    Honestly I probably should have seen this one coming, but I didn't want to promote any bad blood.

    This should be a fun thread only. Trust me when I say I understand your position, but there's so much to learn in this game that I'm sure we've all had some facepalm moments and I was just hoping you all wouldn't mind sharing some with me.

    Just for fun.

    Come on, I'm sure you've got at least one :)

    I'm so bored at work. Let's have a good laugh (or cry) and reply below with Things You Wish You Knew back when you first started playing RoM!

    Even tho I'm new, I'll start:

    I wish I knew that losing siege granted 500 honor points ;( rofl :D

    You next!

    Maybe you will help me or any other newbie who stumbles upon this place :D

    I really feel that it would be nice to get Honor Points for losing Siege War. It doesn't have to be a lot, even just 20 honor points, but I do think that this would be really helpful.

    There are some guilds that you just KNOW you're going to lose against, and it's hard to convince myself to struggle for 40-60 minutes knowing not only that we stand no chance but also that you're getting 0 honor for this.

    I would honestly prefer something like 20 points of honor and a small guild contribution package.

    That way even if we know we're going to lose, we can at least show up knowing we will get something useful (even if it's just a few scraps) instead of feeling like not showing up at all and maybe causing problems with guild mates over it.

    EDIT: Also I think this contributes to people leaving guilds for ones that have a more consistent Siege record, which makes things even more imbalanced since people will just leave for the winning team so that they can get the honor points they need, therefore making the weaker guilds even MORE weak and the strong guild overwhelmingly strong.

    I hope this makes sense. Poorly written, but English is my first language, I am just le dumb.

    Please consider and thank you!

    I have no idea what that means out of context if I don't know that the process involves a GM "reporting" to... someone, presumably Gameforge? lol But thanks

    I know it might sound crazy, but this game does actually get new players lol As in people who don't know anything about the process.

    Korin's response alludes to what the process is and where we are at that stage (transparency = good!!)

    Sarkas' response is more akin to a quiet shoulder shrug.

    We don't need any infos :) We have reported the missing mails boxes, but we haven't received any updates yet.

    Thank you, this response offers just a tad bit more transparency on the actual process and is more helpful than the previous.

    Thank you again :)

    Tolkein was very firm on this subject. Female dwarves do NOT adventure, or even step outside of their mountain homes. In the movies it was implied that they ARE seen but not recognized, because female dwarves have beards just like their men.

    lol This game has nothing to do with Tolkien, but thanks for the trivia!

    (Just because media is derivative doesn't make it cannon.)

    I got it, I appreciate the ideas. Now I'm thinking to make a P/K/S, but I wonder if I should use fruit of forgetting to change from M to S lol Decisions... :/


    Tbh I rolled a priest but then was told that priest is only good for buffs and that druid is the main healer class these days.

    Whoever told you that doesn't know anything about healing. Yes, ofc druids can be main healers (Druid/Warden and Druid/Scout mostly), but priests too are really good healers and can solo heal a full party (i went many times to Tomb of Souls with only one P/S healing the full party of 12 without any issue). Actually i tank as Wd/W, so i prefer a priest healing me than a druid, but both are ok.

    Since you already are druid then yes, D/Wd is probably your best choice for healer. Is ok if you are D/M, you can always get a 3rd class for free and a 4th, 5th and 6th class buying expansion tickets on IS, if you want to try other druids later.

    I've heard P/S is very good. Honestly it was kind of a bummer to hear it, I'm glad to see that's not true. Do you think it's possible to still be main healer as P/K? I currently have P/M/K and D/M (Can add Warden as my third)

    depends what you want a side healler with some magic damage


    a damage dealler with liitle heals

    I was looking to go the healing route.

    Tbh I rolled a priest but then was told that priest is only good for buffs and that druid is the main healer class these days.

    I just took mage as secondary to help questing go faster lol I am Priest/Mage/Knight (Priest/Knight, with mage class for questing.)

    So now I also have a Druid/Mage, but primarily looking to party heal.

    Read your skills, and beyond that read up on the skills you will get as you advance. The skill description should give you a clue on what to stat.

    IMO you should consider taking Warden as your third class. Druid/Wardens are top healers and Mage/Wardens are pretty good DPS.

    As you are currently starting out as a Druid/Mage I would think about sticking to one set of gear statted for your mage as you will want to be killing things solo as you quest, and a Druid in mage gear is pretty effective killer.

    I haven't had much success with that. On my priest, I thought I should be statting Wisdom based on reading up on skills, but was told by a guild mate that Priests do not need Wisdom because they cap out at 8k, and therefore should be statting Stamina/Def instead.

    Thank you for the advice on Warden third class, I think I will take it!

    I am looking primarily to heal.

    I heard years ago when dwarves came out that someone sent a ticket in to change the gender of their dwarf.

    I've never seen this character or any proof though

    This never occurred to me as an option, but I would 100% do that LOL Idk what it is about the male dwarves but I just can't! Especially when they're made to be big as possible. At least put a height cap on these guys! :D

    gender change requests are not too infrequent but we simply dont do them because it potentially breaks things ( it's RoM , what a surprise, right? - I have personally broken one of my own old GM chars by playing around with that option :P - and "just delete it and respawn everything" is not a viable method that scales ;) ).

    As for the dwarves ... this will break 100% since there are not even 3d models for female dwarves as playercharacters. I'm not even sure if any of the npc-dwarves in the entire game is supposed to be female according to "lore" but then again, contrary to some rumors, no I dont have every single game text memorized ;)

    That's really sad to hear. I understand dwarf classes are top tier right now, that puts me in quite the pickle ;(

    Though now I'm intrigued to see these "females who aren't actually females" lmao Shadowforge sounds like a curious place...

    there are npc female dwarves in fireboot fortress, and there is a dwarven female priestess pet, so the model exists in game, it just never made it as a playable option

    i wish female dwarves were playable too, i would also like to try out the warlock class, but i wont do that as long as i cant create a character i would enjoy playing

    I know, it sounds so stupid but I've seen the male dwarves and I'm completely turned off by their appearance lol

    I'm super interested to see the female models, I haven't seen them. I wonder if it's something we might be able to have in the near future. I would make one in a heartbeat.

    in the story, only male shadowforge dwarves are raising as soldiers xd

    I would be OK to be able to play a female and maybe the quest givers are rude to me because only male shadowforge dwarves should be soldiers and I'm too rebellious so they disapprove of my actions LOL