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    I wonder if you will be playing like in the 1st chapter, so no Dwarfs, or that those are allowed.
    Sounds like alot of fun....i remember doing IDK in questing from Lyk (loved that zone)

    So...GF finaly decieded that peak is going to 20 so that we can look forward dieing in New Pantheon again (because for what i have seen +20 het like +1% use if you are lucky)|

    For this they deciede that they could help out a bit with a event where you can get peak XP orbs (wich is nice) guessed it allready....They did not think it over (nothing new there)

    New Pantheon were people should farm Coin of wind so you get maximum reward is overcrowded and therefor half the server can get in.

    My Obvious question therefore the **** are the gonna fix this? :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:

    Hello everyone,

    since the topic moved too far into the direction of 'other server'-discussions, I'd like you to take another look into our Guidelines. ;)

    kind regards

    #offtopic: Whats up with that green text......its almost unreadable

    Although I don't know you, I've heard a lot about you from the time it was known to the server that you passed away.

    So just a note from me out of respect.

    I wish all loved ones, family and friends my sincere condolences and a lot of strength in this difficult time.

    Rest in peace.......

    99% of the time, I am a solo player, but in the upper levels, certainly above 80 or so, there are periodic quests in the Epic Quest Series' that require a group (or at least a high-level friend) to come unstick the cork for you. This is a real PITA as I am really loathe to depend on the same friends over and over to come save me. Right now, as a 100 (1)/100 W/M, I still have to have an end-game friend come kill the Elite mobs for me (3-5 per zone) so I can progress and improve my gear and skills. There should be a way to bypass the Group quests so the series can be solo'd.

    I keep asking for help with quests in Gerador because a lot of main questline mobs are elites. I noticed that quite a lot of elites were introduced in Balanzasar, and while I was able to avoid most of them as rogue in invis, I can only imagine how hard it would be for my other non-rogue characters. I am currently stuck on a quest to kill 5 elites of the same type in Leorden Stronghold. I wonder if it was done to make players spend money to upgrade their equipment. I honeslty don't see any other reason. Yes, it's MMO, so technically you are supposed to team up with other players. But then most of these elites one- or two-hit me, so in these cases I need to team up as if I am running an instance and not just questing.

    I can only agree to that, Elites all over the place for questing. Even at level 100 i still need people to help me out..simply because there is no way to get some decent gear when not playing in a group. Its kinda disapointing that i cant continue questing because i am stuck at at least 3 elite quest in Tasuq. Game is degrading fast in my opinion. Content creators did not think about these problems and why should they...they can put on any gear they want while testing....:thumbdown:

    Not sure if this is the correct place. I never used macro's untill now.
    looking for a macro that let me buff before a boss fight....(it takes me to long to singel click stuff like fire training, Strong Stimulant and so on.....)

    PS: Come on RW, allow humans and elfs complete quests at Yrvandis Hollows! How hard can be change one condition? ;)

    If you were present at the GM haloween event you could have register @ snoop coz the event took place at that location. Me myself and i as elf can therefore get there now.
    P.s. you can always ask a dwarf to open a portal to Yrvandis Hollows......;)

    So when is this gonna take place on Idun and vidar now?
    Any news on that?

    So we stop asking? I asked for it then and do not remember getting any answer at all. It's a sound idea. Yes, GF will sell fewer new mounts, but the needs of the company should be balanced by the interests of those who support the servers (Diamond Buyers).

    Not saying that people shoudl stop asking.....was only saying that this was declined in the past ;)

    Well not playing the game that long...but i will skipp this so called POM event......
    This is not doable for me and i think 80% of the server IDUN.