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    how about instead of asking to make diamonds tradable again one would ask for an "auction" button in itemshop next to the gifting button that is already there

    instead of selling diamonds why not put up on the AH items from itemshop, if the auction sells - the seller gets the gold the buyer payed and the rubies corresponding to that particular purchase, if the auction does not sell - the seller gets back the diamonds he spent on the item

    this would be a safe way to trade, none would hoard any dias - every diamond sold would be a diamond spent, and, since itemshop items are bound on pick-up there would be no re-selling of diamonds and very little if any escalation in diamond prices

    prices going up would decrease the number of people who can afford them and the amount of dias being traded

    also unaffordable dias would in time lower the number of f2p players, and any free p2w game needs f2p people to function properly

    also, if people can buy dias, but without having to spend them right away on something from itemshop, they would be tempted to save them, or to consider more carefully what they spend them on, thus decreasing the amount of dias actually spent. That is because it's a lot easier to spend when you're spending someone else's real money currency than your own. People would buy and hoard dias, try to resell at higher prices if possible, as a result less items would be plusses, unbound or cleaned with dias purchased from dias sellers, affecting in turn the availability of outdated but ready to wear gear one would find on the AH and the quality of the gear f2p players would make for themselves

    i'm not 100% sure i'm right since it's difficult to look at this from every possible angle, but people who are asking for this should try to consider more carefully the impact of such a change, not just be blinded by greed such as this:

    With this line of thinking that it would lead to prices ultimately going up(not saying it would or not) how would that decrease diamond buying? Would you not want more gold for your diamonds AND a more convenient/safe way of selling????

    this is the 3rd time around i've played rom

    first time i played Cedric was around and not long after i bumped into him i started buying my daily 3 dias and reselling them on the AH. I was a newbie back then, had no clue what to use them for and i was very happy with the bit of extra gold i was making

    second time around i went looking for Cedric only to find him recently gone, aswell as the option to trade dias via AH

    I was very upset, but not for long, because since dias could no longer be reselled, their prices (when buying from other players via the gifting option) had significantly dropped. As a free to play i soon afforded to buy from other players mounts, house contracts, visuals, furniture, upgrading jewels and so on, at a fraction of the price i would have payed before - very happy times for me

    now, 3rd time around i came back to find dias prices 7-8 times higher than what they used to be, and still people buy them, i see often in chat people asking to buy or sell them, dias trade is still going strong

    in conclusion, i dont think bringing back tradable dias would benefit much the game, and i am certain it would increase prices (even if somehow they were made to not be re-tradable), as a result decreasing actual dias spending

    there are 2 ways to raise TP :

    1. level up your pet, you get roughly 100 TP per level - worth doing if you start with a low level holy pet egg

    2. and transform training points in TP (500 training to 100 TP) through enhancement potions, bought for golden egg from miller's ranch (get 1 egg a day from daily, pot costs 2 eggs) or for dias or for badges of trial (i used golden eggs to buy pots for my pet)

    to get training points easily, quick and cheap if you dont have pet training charms/pet training food, you need 35 badges of trial and to buy off AH all cheap wind pet eggs. Merge them, taking pet level into account. Start merging lower level eggs, once an egg has had 3 merges into it, merge it into the next egg, and so on, untill you are left with just 1 egg that has all the training points, from all the eggs you used. Next, feed that wind egg a pet neutralisation bar you bought for the 35 badges of trial from any pet hunter, and now that you can merge it into a pet of any type, use it on your pet.

    keep in mind that you can not merge a higher level pet into a lower level one, so buy only pet egg that are the same or lower level as your pet egg

    also if other element pet eggs are in large quantities and very cheap on AH (sometime water and light pet eggs are almost as cheap as wind) you can use the same tactic, provided you have enough badges of trial to buy a neutralisation bar for each element

    any element pet egg (fire, wind, earth etc) comes from the start with 50 training points that are transferred upon merging, rune pet eggs are better, they come with 100 training (but also they are more expensive)

    please keep in mind that this can be seen as advertisement of third-party games, which is against our Community Guidelines.

    You need not worry anymore - a large part of players has left RoM already, and is playing the bad third-party games...;(

    yup, i played 3rd party games. i'm back cause none of them matched my dirty talking mature housemaids (if anyone from 3rd party is reading this... well... i know you are not prepared, but make it happen)

    with that being said, i would advise people unhappy with endgame to just ignore peak level and have fun with all the other features of the game. it's an awesome game, full of divers content, it's a shame not to enjoy it all

    i'm not doing this pom event either. i was so excited about it, couldnt wait, and then... big dissapointment. even if i could somehow farm that many mems, i wouldn't spend them on this

    there are npc female dwarves in fireboot fortress, and there is a dwarven female priestess pet, so the model exists in game, it just never made it as a playable option

    i wish female dwarves were playable too, i would also like to try out the warlock class, but i wont do that as long as i cant create a character i would enjoy playing

    ty for answer, and if you would update wiki:

    Fairytale Package Fairytale Package once per day - costs 1 Little Angel Badge Little Angel Badge - doesn't cost anything (neither angel, nor demon badges), you receive it (once a day) by asking for it after you've cast the spell 5 times, contains either 1 phirius potion/elixir/special water or fireworks

    Magical Nautilus Shell - rewards 5 x fairy tale point card if done successfully, no reward if failed;

    before starting it find the location of 4 squirels (they run around but they stay roughly in the same area) they are hard to find quickly otherwise and sometimes there are just 3 of them available on a channel (in which case you need to change the channel before starting the event)

    Theatrical Performance

    Reward: Fairy Tale Point Card Fairy Tale Point Card ×3+ - i have never obtained more than 3 fairy tale point cards (at scores above 8000 points, my max score was 8775), i did get just 2 cards at 6075 points and just 1 card at 2025 points

    Little Red Riding Hood

    you have 2 minutes to guide little red riding hood, she need to pass through flowers to pick them up and then reach the finish point, if she intersects with a wolf she goes back to start point (and you need to talk to her so she'll start walking again) but she keeps any flowers she picked up.

    by clicking the signs you can guide both little red riding hood and also the wolves so they avoid her (although that's a bit hard since there are 2 wolves and each time after a wolf reaches a signpost, the signpost changes direction)

    if it's bugged on a channel, try on the other one, awards 1 fairy tale point card if failed or completed witout little red riding hood picking up any flowers, picking up 1 flower and completing will award 2 certificates, picking up 2 flowers and completing will award 3 certificates, no idee how many if done successfully (i have never managed that yet)

    on Vidar there is a privat chat channel that people use as world chat, the name of the channel is Vidar and password is also Vidar (caps sensitive), join the channel and ask in there from time to time if somebody could help you get the elite skills from a Mandara kill, sooner or later you'll find someone to help you for sure

    Red hood is also glitched on Vidar ch 1 - red riding hood and the wolf are "stuck" on 2 of the signposts and several signposts are missing, when talking to Catelyn, the NPC that starts the evnt, she says its already in progress

    on ch2 it's still working but 1 of the signposts is missing


    are any of the rewards from little demon or little angel worth spending transport portal runes on? (currently they're on offer) - i should mention i already have outfit of the passionate couple/jealous single from flower god event, and i dont need the pets since i have other pets with the same buff

    so, are the titles and the 50 badge reward packages worth the trouble?

    some info to add to wiki if you would, this is the list of the sets from clothing expo, which 3 sets were shown at each expo event and in which order was random (but each set appeared at the expo at least once a day and no more than twice a day as far as i've noticed)

    1. classic festival package: Music festival set
    2. classic fashionista package: Fanersai Banquet set (male)/ Cowgirl set (female)
    3. classic chase the sun package: Wild thorn set (male)/ Mysterious butterfly set (female)
    4. classic grinning rogue gift package: Grinning rogue set
    5. classic duchess gift package: Doomlord costume set (male)/ Hot pepper costume set (female)
    6. classic silver envoy gift package: Silver envoy set
    7. classic dark vengeance gift package: Dark Vengeance set
    8. classic blazing silvermoon gift: Blazing sun set (male)/ Silvermoon set (female)

    Besides the event, you shouldn't farm without group, unless something change in the last couple years loot runes bonus also applies only if you are in group, and not sure about other buffs.

    can someone confirm this? i use loot runes and i solo farm, it never crossed my mind it could be pointless, there is no hint in game that the drop bonus from weapon runes would apply only in party

    also, if anyone knows how to make the potion of luck's drop buff to work? i've used a few, while in a party, and i haven't seen any increase in drop rate

    i've done this a long time ago, so my memories are a little unclear, but, as far as i remember you need to do lyliya's minigame multiple times before she offers trading options for your glass beads. each time you do the minigame it will say her favorability towards you has increased, and i think i did the minigame each day for about a month untill her favorability towards me got high enough to trade

    doing the minigame will award either transparent glass beads (if you make too many mistakes and finish within the first 6 rounds) or colourfull glass beads (if you finish in the last 3 rounds), if i'm not mistaking you trade 30 beads for a piece of furniture, 30 transparent beads for normal furniture ( i got azure juice bottle for example) or 30 colourfull beads for furniture that usually can be obtained through doing events (i got a reindeer ice sculture and a snowflake festival rocking chair i think)

    So... you're unhappy over RNG not going your way? In an mmo? I hear Tetris is looking for players.

    Gown seems to have 5% chance to drop btw.

    wow man, i would say you're great at trolling... except you're not

    try to read the whole text of the post you're trolling next time, and, if needed, use google translate

    as for tetris, have you ever played it? you should try it sometime, if you think it's easier than clicking "i want to bid 10 more silk than first place" you're in for a surprise

    so.. i've been doing the clothing expo each day, every day, almost at every available hour, and always with more than just 1 alt and so far i have completed all but one of the visual sets i wanted.

    the most sought after and beautifull visual silvermoon set still denies me it's central piece, the long white dress.

    i have spent countless silk on it, i have bidded at the last second against all the other players doing the same, i managed to get at least 1 piece of the set each day, but still....

    from that pretty loot box the silvermoon shoes dropped plenty of times, i got multiple pairs of gloves, it's ok, those are pieces from the set i'm after, i was just unlucky not to get the dress, but then i even got a white wedding veil which looks nothing like the headpice the model is wearing, a glich perhaps?

    but that's not all. yesterday i got the most amazingly beautifull bouquet of red roses weapon visual i have seen so far (nice huge bouquet, not the shabby little weapon visuals from flower god event) - which would have made me so happy if this would have dropped in any other circumstances. i thought to myself, the set had a wedding veil too, maybe the bouquet is part of the set... but... but... today i got another bouquet... a yellow rose bouquet of fortune weapon visual... I was like that minion who makes a face and goes "WHAAAAAATTT ?!?!?!" is this set for a dual flower wielding bride????

    it amazes me how this game can find a way to frustrate even a player like me, who doesnt want to reach max level, doesnt run inis except for visuals, doesnt pluss items, doesnt farm stats, or exp, or TP, doesnt do anything on this game except collect visuals, and who's entire gameplay revolves around doing minigames and events's stuff and dressing up alts like barbie dolls

    amazing job you guys!!!!

    To trade for a draco pet you need a zodiac pet and the corresponding amount of draconis of the same element (10 draconis for newborn, 50 for adult, 250 for legendary). Arthomon (draco keeper NPC at varanas gates) will make the trade for you. A draco pet brings no benefits, but you do get it's monster card when you trade for it.

    Draco trading options | draco card's bonus (newborn/ adult/ legendary):

    Festival of fire: Capricorn pet + Geo draconis = Crius draco | +61/+91 /+152 defense

    Flower festival: Aquarius pet + Aero draconis = Tethys draco | +28/+39/+73 damage

    Masked Ball: Pisces pet + Hydro draconis = Oceanus draco | +61/+91/+152 magical defense

    Spring rain festival: Aries pet + Pyro draconis = Coeus draco | +28/+39/+73 magical damage

    Music festival: Taurus pet + Geo Draconis = Cronus draco | +61/+91 /+152 defense

    Craft festival: Gemini pet + Aero draconis = Rhea draco | +28/+39 /+73 damage

    Colorweave Festival: Cancer pet + Hydro draconis = Mnemosyne Draco | +61/+91 /+152 magical defense

    Fairy Tale Event: Leo pet + Pyro draconis = Hyperion draco | +28/+39/+73 magical damage

    Juice Festival: Virgo pet + Geo draconis = Iapetus draco | +61/ +91/ +152 defense

    Pumpkin festival: Libra pet + Aero draconis = Theia Draco | +28/+39/+73 damage

    Autumn Banquet: Scorpio pet + Hydro draconis = Themis Draco | +61/ +91/ +152 magical defense

    Snowflake festival: Sagittarius pet + Pyro draconis = Phoebe draco | +28/+39/+73 magical damage

    If you collect all 12 draco of the same stage (newborn/adult/legendary) you can show them to obtain a mount from Arthomon (draco keeper NPC at varanas gates).