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    going from testing 1 item 100 times to all items 1000 times is kind of a big increase xD, but this would indeed make for way more accurate statistics.

    Anecdotally I myself have never felt that the odds are off. Ive gone on plenty of dry streaks, but ive heard of many players that got lucky many times in a row too (perhaps because its special and more likely to be worth mentioning?). Like for example i get really lucky on shell stats, but unlucky on proof rolls. I myself am then inclined to say my luck sucks (lost alot of money in proofs), but overal its just average.

    From all the gambly things in rom stat odds are my lowest concerns, but would still be very interesting to see the results.

    If utu can just clarify what item and stat(s), it would be really cool if some testing (1000?) with result table could be posted.

    PS. i would also be interested in the HD-rate on pulls, idk if someone knows the numbers here?

    You could try submitting a ticket to maybe maybe maybe save your account if you were close to 85, or perhaps try to get some dias refunded if you have bought any, but i wouldnt have high hopes for either of those.

    You could try submitting tickets for all these other questions you have too, but that way you would only shoot yourself in the foot i feel like.

    For new players this way of communicating might seem strange indeed, and it is for sure less player-friendly than many many other (bigger) games. On the other hand i must admit that this is probably the clearest communication from the team we have had in a long while.

    Like someone has already mentioned (can't find his message right now), it's a bit of common sense that if there is a maintenance on the date the server closes, it will likely be closed with this maintenance. Pretty much all maintenances take place at the exact same time, so wasn't really a shocker that this one started at the same time too. Again, this might be very confusing for new players, as they don't know the normal flow of the game, but i dont feel like this is the teams fault for the majority. There is a certain obligation for the player to look up what they are getting themselves into as well.

    Next time i would advise GF to have an ingame message on logging in to when the server closes (i think they already mentioned on the forums on catch-up server release but would be more new-player-friendly if this was displayed on log-in). Ofcourse its entirely fair if they only keep the information on the forums, that is where you have to go when you want to find out more about a certain update etc. On the other hand though; the catch-up server was (in my opinion atleast) mainly aimed at new(er) players, since existing players can probably boost accounts faster just plvling inis than leveling on this catch-up server. Keeping this in mind it would perhaps have been a little more friendly to make a connection to the patch notes on log-in if possible. -- we still get a message every time the bats in the bloody gallery have become restless, could maybe change this message into something more useful =P --

    I dont know if this happened or not (didnt play catch-up server after reaching like 17/15, was too slow for me), but as far as i know the catch-up server said --temporary-- or something along those lines, perhaps next time instead of temporary they could put a clearer text like --closes date x--. If i read temporary my alarm bells already start ringing, and i go look up additional information, but apparently not everyone is like that.

    Perhaps next time GF could make the transfer possible at say lv 50, with the cap being 85. I dont really understand why it is not possible to transfer lower chars to be entirely fair, but it was pretty clear when the server opened that this was only possible at lv 85.

    Really sucks for players that just got short of lv 85, but thats the downside of updates like these. The burden of reaching set requirements is on the player, not on the team. Overall i think the majority of players thought this catch-up server was a good addition as temporary event, and hopefully might have gotten some new(er) player to give rom a chance.

    Since WB proofs arent bound solo farmers could just bring an extra alt to loot the proofs for them?

    Even though i dislike these 24/7 wb farmers as much as the next guy, i dont really see the need to change it (likely because i dont bother with wbs). Dont all have an equal opportunity to kill them? These guys just nerd these bosses real hard, but as far as i know any group that is able to kill wbs can challenge the wb famers.

    Im sure this is not your intention, but wouldnt you limit proof events to 15 proofs/week like this too?

    Hey there,

    I was trying to clean up my diyce script a little, and i was wondering

    if it is possible to somehow get the following things to work, the idea is:

    name = x, use = targetname("Karver Shattertooth")

    name = y, use = targetclass("Warlock/Champion")

    The only thing i could find was (_target == UnitName("target")), but this didnt seem to work.

    Since i have very limited knowledge about writing scripts any help is appreciated!