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    Ahh .. ty all ... (good lord I spent an hour thinking I was doing something wrong.)

    I did similarly to you, but not for that long.

    When all else fails, check the Forums. And imagine how many ROM players don't actually do that and are running around with their heads cut off screaming that the sky is falling and cursing Gameforge lol.

    I thought that my ROM client was damaged because windows reloaded my computer today.

    I planned to reinstall ROM Client.
    It would be funny to see dark window after reinstallation again :)

    yes that means the server is off and this is normal that your window does not respond

    Many thanks :)
    Maybe somebody knows where is it possible to get the last information about patching?
    Will there be some official announcement about the end of patching?

    Dark Window.

    ROM Client Not responding!!!

    In Russia there are some good proverbs about this situation:

    "If something goes right - don't touch it"

    "The best is enemy of good"

    Why was it so necessary to make this sh*t launcher???