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    ...those items on the new servers being EU only but since EU and US do not interact in siege war that's less of a concern in terms of gameplay I guess.

    i always evaulated "equal chance in game", as in equal opportunities XD

    Never thought it'd be a siege war thing since Phoenix server always faces Aeterna guilds where they have items and recipes that's never been available on Phoenix..

    ..I can't see it as something worth worrying about..

    lol they didnt give me pure moxa extract for moa recipes because of "player equality", like 0,001% of the player base doing these moa things. but giving those materials to a few ppl would break the equilibrium it seems and something to "worrying about"

    well, in US servers, here we pay 500 dias for a weapon jewel 16-20

    in the new server, a universal jewel that can plus, not only weapons but also accesories and armors up to 20 sells for 150 dias.

    and all EU players can stack them and transfer those jewels to their main servers, whereas US players cannot.

    but this is not something worth worrying about, in terms of player equality? yea..


    It seems to me that what happens in Europe will have ZERO affect in the US,, so I am not sure what kind of balancing you think they need to do.

    more of an equality - here's the generic reply every time they respond in tickets, before we delve into matter;

    "Because we believe that all players should have an equal chance in the game, and because we don’t want to give anyone an unfair advantage,..."

    you gonna say this answer doesnt cover player upgrades?

    Pretty much no.

    EU and US are separate realms with somewhat separate account systems.

    (that is, assuming a less than 100% quota of accounts being on the Gameforge Account System, as long as we still have legacy accounts, that is pretty much the case).

    So unless for some reason the existing US servers would get merged into the EU realm in the first place, this simply doesn't work at all, transfer ticket or not.

    well i had a plan to stack these universal jewels in that account and transfer the toon to US.

    I already know the answer but gonna ask anyway; will there be compansation for US servers in terms of balancing competition between players? :D Bc EU server will have access to these jewels whereas US only get to spin that wheel.

    As Einstein once said, "Tho things are infinite; the universe and Runes of Magic admins' understanding of what makes players happy." Thank you admins! I'm pretty sure all players who spent years on their servers will be extremely happy to learn that their long invested toons cannot get those titles. :P

    Brilliant idea! Thanks!

    Blind Hackman still exists, he just mostly doesn't live long enough for anyone else to witness

    He will never spawn again in the current setting. They changed the spawn time of the Hackmans' to 72 hours. But they also do a daily restart, and Hackman always spawns as Resentful after the restart, whether it be daily or a maintenance.

    Either they need to reduce the spawn time or stop daily restart which would give him a chance to spawn as Blind every 3 days.

    I'm peak lvl 10, ofc i have all elites for all combinations already haha... just looking something else to do.

    You can create a new account and get the necessary thing with it - elf or human. Except one, all of the materials needed are unbound. So you can farm moa mats with your main. Bring your alt to your kalin or tt runs, and it might loot the only bound piece

    I've been going with all attribute path, then the path diverged into to, tactical smash thing and spreading chill. I choose tactical smash titles and latest i got one is the +8 i think.

    Now the npc only offers me the title with spreading chill skill. Should I accept it? Or is there an another npc I need to follow to get Ironbloodwill?

    What other people do with their diamonds isn't going to effect what people already buying them are doing, whether the person they sold to used them on the spot or 3 months later the end result is the same for everyone.

    Yes. As long as people buy dias via money, how can it be hurtful if ppl put items on ah exchange for dias?

    nice tactic

    you really live up to your name lol

    i said "trade" not eat. as korin said you can go miller ranch to trade golden eggs for pot that convers training points into talen points

    my pet was attacking mobs lvl 100 even when it's about 20s, so it's about loyalty

    its attack on mobs has nothing to do with the tp increase

    you clearly didnt read lol. in the pet events section, you can see the groups of conversations and, every single possible conversation were stated in there.

    you just need to wait for a warning in your chat "Your pet wants to talk to you" and there is a little chat window appear near your minimap. click on it, see the conversation, find it on the wikipage that "sorely lacks the instruction" to get the prize you need and response accordingly.