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    last item dropped was just 2 weeks ago (Leather boots). You have to open the goblin mine with a lvl 41-49 char in order to drop these items. You can't get these when you open with a lvl 100 char and just pull the low lvl char through.

    which server are you playing in - if you dont mind me asking

    Hi, I played this game years ago and I completed Order of Dark Glory set, and I was using its appearance - it was very cool. But I cant seem to find this set or any other 41-49 set. ı've only dropped some pieces but nothing more. Then I searched DL and Welten, that mines game's database, and found only few pieces are droppable - others not.

    Is there a way to get complete set?

    I've heard there is some kind of chances to get it from a bag. This bag can be obtained as a reward from one quest in the game. And you can only obtain just 1 item(not a recipe, a material) from this Bag.
    I don't know the name of the quest. I don't know the name of the Bag. And I don't know anything specific. I just heard exactly what I wrote above :D Also I remember few years ago one person was showing on chat his orange recipe for one material(like the one you mentioned in the first spot), but don't remember which one exactly. That was Ore for sure.

    that's promising