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    I've been going with all attribute path, then the path diverged into to, tactical smash thing and spreading chill. I choose tactical smash titles and latest i got one is the +8 i think.

    Now the npc only offers me the title with spreading chill skill. Should I accept it? Or is there an another npc I need to follow to get Ironbloodwill?

    What other people do with their diamonds isn't going to effect what people already buying them are doing, whether the person they sold to used them on the spot or 3 months later the end result is the same for everyone.

    Yes. As long as people buy dias via money, how can it be hurtful if ppl put items on ah exchange for dias?

    nice tactic

    you really live up to your name lol

    i said "trade" not eat. as korin said you can go miller ranch to trade golden eggs for pot that convers training points into talen points

    my pet was attacking mobs lvl 100 even when it's about 20s, so it's about loyalty

    its attack on mobs has nothing to do with the tp increase

    you clearly didnt read lol. in the pet events section, you can see the groups of conversations and, every single possible conversation were stated in there.

    you just need to wait for a warning in your chat "Your pet wants to talk to you" and there is a little chat window appear near your minimap. click on it, see the conversation, find it on the wikipage that "sorely lacks the instruction" to get the prize you need and response accordingly.

    cedric removed by bug 1st day is out all 10k dia by ppl swap channel and buy agin daily dia then redo so instead of fix it is just recall permanent!!

    AH dia removed by many reseller.... at end dia price crazy high...instead of fix it somewhere like cap dia price or made bound after bought it etc !!

    lol it requires nothing more than a little adjustment

    The NPC to trade gold for dias was Cedric, and used to be next to Agnes. Was removed many years ago and the answer to the possibility to bring him back has been a big "NO, that will never happen" many times.

    What was the reason for that "big NO"? I wholeheartedly believe we can come to a sensible agreement with GF if we learn their reasons.

    There is a npc at Varanas Central, whom you can trade dias for gold. But I failed to find the npc who exchanges dias for gold. There is also an option to buy gold/dia in "Money" section of Auction House but it doesnt seem to be available.

    What's the reason for this removal and is there anything we can do to bring it back?

    It'd be really helpful to be able to buy small amount of dias for urgent situations.

    there is a reward she gives after we finished the game

    Lyliya's Colorful Glass Bead

    it says "You can exchange for Festival Furniture Transformation Eggs with Lyliya after you've increased her favorability towards you."

    How do we activate or trade this reward?