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    Well... people are complaining for a few years now and to be honest GF wasn't really reacting to those complaints. Your words mister Sarkas can be very encouraging but GF is conisdering maybe a 5-10% of all the complaints and implement the things from them to the game. People just don't believe GF, cause the company was and is lying for a long time now. It's only their fault that this game looks and I guess is abanonded now, by them and by the players, cause GF don't really give a thing about this title.

    From what I know the content is there, but I guess they are just waiting to release it. They want to earn as much as they can before releasing new zone and ini. I am just courious if they will get it out like half a year after the 100,5 instance, or one year. If one year - again lots of people will stop playing for a while, that's just how it is.

    They could make new elite skills, like for lvl 80-90-100, that would make the game much more interesting. And probably lots of other things, but that is just wishful thinking(as always).

    This game had and even maybe still has so much potential but GF just wasted it, that's pretty sad.

    Też się zastanawiam gdzie są ci "PRZYJAŹNI HANDLARZE" od wymian. Chyba że Owenstein identyfikuje się jako kilka osób, to wtedy nic nie mówię, bo jeszcze mnie o dyskryminację posądzą!

    People spending money cause they want to be THE BEST, have THE BEST eq. But where will they use this eq if there will be no one to play with?

    Succes, error or fail rate in plussing jewels have not changed. There is nothing strange because there are no changes.

    What did you expect them to respond? They will always say everything is fine, game is going in the good direction, soon we will have improvements, we are in constant connection with RW and we are making the game better. But as we can see, those are all lies.

    We can't see the percentage success possibility or whatever that is of the plussing jewels, so it's always a lottery. Either you are lucky or not.

    I remember when they were saying "we can't change the success chance of jewels!". Some time later there was an in game event for plussing equipment xDDDD that's all I can say about their honesty and being fair to the people playing the game.

    Nope, matt doesn't give you anything as far as I know. It depends on every druid how they are making their gear. But after some point, wisdom doesn't scale so well and don't give more to regen skills, so like one or two stam/wis in eq.

    And I think it's better to just make some items for farming, and make them purely matt.

    Odnoszę wrażenie, że jakakolwiek zmiana w romie wiążę się z niesamowitym nakładem pracy, albo jest niemożliwa, albo tak trudna, że trzeba by do tego tysiąca programistów i dodatkowo jeszcze wsparcia komputerów z NASA.

    To ciągłe mydlenie oczu jest już nudne, każdy wie że przeprowadzić jakieś zmiany nie byłoby trudno tylko:

    a) GF nie chce

    b) GF'owi się nie opłaca

    Gdy coś psuło się z is, to poprawka od razu była, a tutaj takie problemy, kto tworzy taki beznadziejny system i kto za to płaci? xD

    W związku z brakiem aktywności temat zamykam.

    / Vinelya