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    Searing Light has effect on the white hits, and Holy Strike hits both magical and physical damage. Picking up a magical sigil lets Holy Strike hit almost as hard as with a physical sigil, so perhaps it could be worth it to stack some int/matk? But it'd be more for soloing and pvp, or when r/k-(off)tanking, since a lot of aggro will be generated with Holy Strike.

    I was aware that p/r cannot use a dagger, but I was not aware that d/r cannot. The magic damage of a hammer does not add to the primary magical damage.

    Now i tried without hammer and my Magical Damage is decreased so my dmg to mobs too. Are you sure about it?? (Main hand Wand) With off hand hammer caused 400k dmg, without hammer 260kk

    For a p/r it does, as well as the dagger for m/r. It should work for d/r as well.

    Happy, ofcourse, with the reaction. Can you also explain why you don't have info, and what you're doing to get it?

    Magical damage gives healing points too, half of the value

    Afaik wisdom cap for priests, since they only have a very weak HoT, is <8k. All the wisdom you need you can get from the gear itself, so it's possible to stat stamina/HP/pdef.

    Which class is using the dark pet?

    Which class is using the wind pet?

    Dark pet is for classes which need dexterity, strength and stamina, in that order of importance. Wind pet is used for classes which need dexterity, stamina and wisdom, so for rogue/knight which uses the wisdom for the mana bar.

    Yeah... used the German abbreviations accidentally... ^^

    R/M -> Ritter/Magier -> Knight/Mage -> K/M

    R/P -> Ritter/Priester -> Knight/Priest -> K/P

    R/K -> Ritter/Krieger -> Knight/Warrier -> K/W

    That explains a lot, I'm not used to the German ones :D

    R/K is the best combination for this:

    - 50% of the bossfight basically immune to any % damage. [true for all knights]

    - ridiculous damage increase for the party (Authoritative deterrence)

    - permanent +26% light damage for the whole raid (only interesting for K/M)

    For r/k? Magical damage reduction of 56% for 10s (holy light protection) and max. 12% lower armor value on target (disarmament, don't know if that's physical AND magical). It's light damage increase is not a party buff. Since it can't use shield, shield of discipline can't be used either.

    Or am I reading it wrong?

    1.Start with [Throw] and run melee distance.

    2.Use [Shadowstab], [Low Blow], [Wound Attack] and try to spam normal attack with [Throw] at the same time.
    3.Repeat till boss is dead.

    Enchanted Throw with level 70 eliteskill and high attack speed does 80% from all your damage so spamming that Normal Attack is very important!

    Isn't it best to, after the first SS/LB/WA, spam Attack/Throw until you have enough energy to hit WA again as long as SS/LB debuffs are on the boss?

    Remove it from the launcher, then. Next to consider to give up on it.

    Yes it's like r/m's Enchanted Throw just not as strong. Of course with the crit increase it is stronger, and since r/k has a physical attack boost and a defense boost, it would be a bit too much. Next to the defense debuff of Disarmament. When soloing you can always spam Holy Strike.

    Thing is that ever since disarmament got a 3s CD due to elite skill, r/k couldn't use it anymore as a spam skill in party. Holy Strike (I believe) could not be used because of the aggro which comes with it. If Searing Light would give more damage when building more magical, it could be fun to play.

    When I need to play 2 instruments, I play lute as first. Then 4 skills/potions followed by tamborine and finishing with the rest of the skills/potions. While playing the instrument you can use/cast the skills and potions, just beware that when the instrument finishes and you click the next skill/pot, it's possible that it gets cancelled.