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    I still think this would be a great idea to have not just halloween furniture displayed somewhere. Somewhere consistent that people can just commonplace know they can go check out whats on sale there.

    But I'm definitely getting the pumpkin fireplace now :)

    I just went to look, there's not a whole lot in your house. You also have 0 house energy. The piece I'm specifically talking about not being able to see is a pumpkin fireplace which I have never seen before. And while I'm not exactly a furniture fanatic, I'm fairly certain I've never seen it before. In the past I have just purchased furniture to see it, but I think it would be nice to have a "display room". I think it would sell more furniture too (assuming the furniture is actually good).

    I think it would be fun if the currently available furniture for sale was displayed in some location. Maybe a GM's house so it would be easy to access and out of the way for people who would complain it lags them?

    I see some cute icons for Halloween furniture currently on sale but I have no idea if it looks cute placed.

    (I wasn't sure if this was a game topic or an item shop topic)

    purified crystals and essence crystals can be turned in for special items DURING the actual crafting fest. You need 10 of both types for 1 turn in (or something like that).

    Special items are like:
    World Shutter
    Invisibility Cloak Experiment

    Powerful Anti-Knight Lasso

    Slippery Soap Trap (only works during the actual festival as the code is probably only attached to that)
    Monarch's Experience Device

    Ring of Potential

    Lazy Man's Quest Assistance Bell
    And i'm forgetting at least 1 more.

    It is random which reward you will get so you will get doubles before getting one of each.

    Other crafts will need it for their "special level 60 recipe" as well like alchemy's dancing perfume, and carpentry's shena's dishes furniture.