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    In recent years, the anniversary event subsumed the Masked Ball, hence the masks as rewards in the anniversary event and the same element and zodiac pet for both.

    My point of view is that the cost of the mats in the event far out-weighs the cost of the production runes (most of which are easily farmable in an honour party), esp if you have planter alts. I agree that it is more convenient and much faster in the crafting event.

    All level 60 crafting chest recipes are sold by the carpentry instructor in Dalanis.

    While Dray is correct that the crafting festival is much faster for leveling crafts, I did not find it cheaper. It cost me 55kk to level a craft from 15 to 100 the couple of times I did it. That was with the pot from phirius tokens and the set skill for crafting exp boost and the boost from the lvl 4 title quest.

    Cheaper way to raise crafts is to have alt planters to supply you with the needed mats.

    2 7-day and 2 30-day here and its gone back to fay 1 cos they need someone to trigger the change (or a maint) I think.

    Also got another 9th anniversary gasha and no pet so suspect I won;t see the pet in the morning, not a 10th annibersary gasha

    I tested and got the 9th Gasha on a Vidar toon that has existed for some time. Only been playing on Idun recently and they are all newly created, obviously,

    This toon came from Agenor (not sure of I had it on Macantacht) so also tested from a toon that I originally created on Aurora and that toon also got the 9th Gasha.

    Treasure Riot

    • Event type: find and collect items
    • Start NPC: Kekonee
    • Start location: Varanas Bridge
    • Event Target: Find a collect the set of cards to trade them with Kekonee.

    Fifio You are right, it could be this, as its the same NPC for the card trade. Let's hope they got the cut and paste wrong on the description!

    The problem is with this year's rewards isn't the delivery system, which at least let's you distribute the rewards to the chars of your choice on an account but rather, as is being highlighted here, the quality of the rewards. The available rewards are far inferior to previous years, in terms of usefulness to the majority of players (the diamond value is irrelevant here).

    I am assuming there will be a maintenance on or about the 21st and and they will implement a patch with the other events, inc the garden. The skins would come with that I think.

    Yeah, i know. That's alot of them. But what im asking is there ones in particular which appearing *only after* your sub will hit certain level

    The only quests that only appear depending on the 2nd class, are ones in Howling Mountains that appear once you take a 2nd class. Almost alll other quests are available regardless of whether or not you have a 2nd (3rd/4th/5th/6th) class and regardless of what level your other classes are.

    The only other exceptions are the lvl 50, 60 and 70 elite skills quests. These only appear once you have two classes at, or above, those levels.

    My understanding was that 1h+x went out of favour a couple of years back cos druid heals and general hp are so high that the extra m.dmg from the staff gave more effective benefits than the extra stats and healing bonus did these days. Its also cheaper to make, if that matters to you.

    For me, my Druid has always used a 2-H staff as it simply looks so much better :D

    PS: can a Druid actually use a 1H Hammer?