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    The problem with the auto login addon is that it never followed the rules for where to install files so, despite being useful, it won't work under the new master install.

    On the other point, if you know how to close one GF client without having to close any game clients that are running under that GF client, please share! When I try, the GF client warns that it can't close because game clients are running...

    From a personal point of view, the changes here are more an irritation to learn than any sort of game changer or breaker. I just don't think they are necessary. The Steam client did a better job of this and gave better access to other GF games, for those that wanted/needed it, and much more.

    Would forcing you to use the GF launcher not imply taking the game off of Steam? Therefore I find it unlikely they would do that at this stage.

    I know something went wrong with getting this title last year. Both my wife and I have toons that would benefit from it on Idun and were unable to get it last year. We had no problems in previous years on other chars on other servers.

    Last year we were able to arrive at the NPC with 14 squirrels with 20sec left on the item and still not get the title. We haven't yet tried this year.

    Pretty much any quest that involves killing elites and crowns in Howling Mountains, Sascilia Steppes and SIlversprings.

    Playing as a lvl 96 killing lvl 94/5 mobs, I am getting much better drops than my wife who is lvl 100, killing lvl 96 mobs. Both of us are just using castle (30%) Lucky Target (75%) and pet (5%) frop buffs.

    This suggests lvl diff is effecting drops at least, so using noobs or may honour party should work even if other buffs don't.

    There is a quest in trade square of obsidian fortress that gives you 10 salves, and it only takes 5mins to do it.

    Thanks for this information. I'm not up to that level yet, but will probably be soon. ^^

    You must be up to the level or you wouldn't be in Ystra. I believe its a lvl 10 quest but only shows up once you have a 2nd class and the quest mark has an annoying habit of not showing.

    The only quest that still does not work in Bethomia is "Dreadlord of the Thirteen Circles". That quest still needs a support ticket to get the item mailed to your char as it is still a boss drop from a boss that doesn't die, and it doesn't show up in his chest...

    The people that look back on Frogster days with rose-tinted glasses, forget why Frogster pulled out of the hosting market (went bust) - Gold sellers and their associated bot gold farmers. The problem did not exist just in this game but across the board in the F2P market. Original F2P strategies assumed (if they considered them at all) that Gold sellers+bots would be a minor nuisense and easily dealt with and players would be honest and refuse to buy from them, a very naieve expectation. These people, with far lower, if any, overheads could easily undercut Frogster diamond prices on the in-game market, both buy manipulating the diamond - gold price and the AH price for desirable drops.

    When Gameforge took over they did the only thing possible, they removed diamonds from the in-game market. This killed the gold sellers almost overnight and made the game viable again. People also forget that they halved the diamond price of most of the popular IS items at the time (EG: Puris dropped from 39 dias under Frogster to 19 under GF). They tried with Cedric to reintroduce a limited in-game market for dias with Cedric but he was soon exploited to death so had to be removed too. The price "!rises" that occurred at that time under GF at that time were the introduction of new items into the game, principally jewels and more drillers that immediately became must have's for players.

    Up to that point, I did not have a problem with the changes. The game had been far to easy to be F2P.

    Recently Gameforge do seem to be making the game more expensive for diamond buyers, possibly cos they can't squeeze out the Fp2 players any more. The game has been made "cheaper" for anyone that happened to buy dias mainly outside of Happy Hours and buys outside to their sales. This of course is a small minority (if anyone). For the majority who buy diamonds in happy hours and buy the main items on sales, the game is now more expensive.

    This is why I now feel the game is being run down. Also, despite reassurances to the contrary, when the developer of the game ceases hosting their own version of the game, the likelihood of them continuing much development for international hosts is not high, and definitely not going to be a high priority.

    Taxi: I think you misunderstood my reply. I don't disagree that further merges would benefit the game. I simply don't think there is any incentive for Gameforge to carry any out in the current climate.

    Klaymen's post, if accurate and I have no reason to disbelieve it, confirms a long held belief that this game will come to a close at some point in 2020.

    Given apparent populations and a lot of players "merging" themselves to new servers by creating new chars on same accounts, I don't think the incentive is there for a new set of merges.

    I understand that doesn't help those not in a position to start afresh, but I think that's a big factor in the lack of further merges.