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    Does anyone want to explain to me what Mr. "44 I know how to evaluate things" is even talking about?

    I'll explain to you what it means, that children sit in front of the television watching cartoons, adults use their brains and don't let themselves be taken for a ride unless they agree to do so.

    use your brain, up until now they haven't been so shameless in taking people for a ride 2 my "he's from the beta" should make you understand that before writing I have so many examples to give you that I don't speak without knowing much. Here is the meaning explained. At 44 I think I know how to evaluate things well. Now when you're done pointing fingers at me, you reason or you're 5 years old.if everyone is like you I understand why they make fun of us. have a nice evening

    you are protecting and making excuses for disservices that have lasted for years......I have been playing since the beta and you don't have to tell me anything about it, rather try to open your eyes about it, since it seems like yet another lie. continue like this .i'm fp2 so no prob

    I would like to say a big thank you on behalf of everyone who spent a lot of money and many hours to get to peak the level has been lowered....this game must close, it doesn't deserve the beware of players who believe in a company that takes advantage of them

    I have "right click delete target" in my settings, and anyway the pull is done with all the other classes...I don't see in the player I mentioned a skill refresh of any kind..there must be another way of course

    good morning. a few months ago I asked for advice on pulling mobs at long distances because I had seen some players do it not using the classic skills. I was told that it was possible using a pot or enhanced armor, I also tried with the suggested macros without success. I've looked at long distance pullers and I can't figure out how they can do it. the player doesn't have a buff on them and the mobs don't have one after the pull either. i asked the player in question but he doesn't want to tell me how to do it. does anyone have any ideas? this happens with any class. thanks

    but to make it appear just kill the harpies and that's it? or is there a repown time, I don't remember exactly. thanks

    good evening everyone, I would like to have clarifications about the ayelo card, I have seen videos on how it makes the boss come and I have tried many times but without success. do you have any info on how to get it respwned and if possible drop the card? Thank you

    hello everyone....a few years ago I all took some titles with the festival, but after a few years I don't remember how to take the missing ones. I imagine that I have to redo the titles but I can't see the ones I'm going to get back because they I already have. Can someone help me understand how to get the other titles? Thank you

    thanks but I don't understand one the macro I have to insert the mobs I want to tag right? and then there's a term in German that I probably have to change....replace it with what?

    hi all, I've seen many people with classim/p and knight in the game in the areas of the dailies aggro the mobs really from far away. I knew the possibility inside the instance to aggro the mobs with the enhanced armor but evidently this doesn't work externally also considering that the m/p class doesn't have it. Can you help me understand which skill or method we can use to aggro them even from far away not in range for the other skills? Thank you