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    hello i would like to address again that simple thing like mailbox is still missing in Vortis and chassizz. i would really like to know if this is intentional or mistake and when they plan to fix their mistakes ?

    this is question for GA or GM or who ever can answer this, it has been over year , probably even more since vortis came out, and chassizz after it, yet still esential thing is missing in zones, mailbox is really easy to code. cant be that hard :)

    there are more important things in game to be fixed instead of worrying about some mounts :D hahahahaaha

    c'mon ppls, its how long since vortis and chassizz zone came out? there is no essential part of game in those zones !!!!!

    MAILBOX -small thing that made ppls buy convenient mailboxes or rental mailbox, shows how greedy GF is. Worst part is , nobody, and i mean nobody from gameforge is even trying to communicate with players, not even on forum or discord. game masters and forum moderators are powerless to do anything since its not in their power to do anything. i really am not blaming them.

    gameforge is biggest part here for blaming. in all my years of playing games this must be the worst company ever in sense of communication and player friendly.

    I would never and will never recomend new player to start playig this game now.

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    its incredible actually. even a 5yo child wouldnt come up with event like this . and they dare to call this event lol. im speachless .

    And yea 99% of player base wont do this event coz its ridiculously stupid and we demand some response, and for this fail we DEMAND A REAL PROOF EVENT , not this bullshit you call event lol :D

    thats a big shame, would help community lots, but then again greedy f....s from GF will never allow anything that can help players . There is also zero communication from publisher to player base which i find ridiculous since players are the ones taht bring them cash. it amaze me how poor they run their bussiness

    i really wish for once gameforge would start comunicate with players, i havent seen any GM events for ages. NOT ONE SINGLE INFORMATION IS COMING FROM GAMEFORGE.

    but hey maybe im living in diferent dimension when ask for simple comunication and dedication from them, they made huge mistake with introducing peak system and me personaly wont bother to lvl it just be able to farm 1 instance,

    I find it ridiculous that peak farming is mandatory to farm intance when xp ratio is 1/100. i dont even know what they were thinking lol, only handfull of ppls will actualy bother to spend endless hours of grinding.

    Not sure why im even writing when there is zero indication from gameforrge that they care, im still statting that they are planing to shutdown game and would like to see any word from GM to disprove it. i actually challenge them to come forth or they are to scared to even write replies anymore :D

    i have feeling they trying to shutdown game. wish they would have balls and actually say it so we dont have to grind this stupid peak lvl to be able to do 1 instance, which fact by itself is ridiculous.

    just tell us you planing to close game instead of constant silence, i haven't seen 1 single post in forum by GM or GA saying anything or even the slightest attempt to communicate with player base.

    saddest part is how little they care and still expect for ppls to spend money :D

    not sure should i laugh or cry after so many years invested in this game and so many friends lost due to lack of care by gameforge and runewaker.

    P.S. SW is still in beta version lol since game started :D

    as i said in discord ill put here also because i feel gameforge is trying to close game ...

    They can be prepared they gonna loose 30% of player base with this move, peak 10 will solve nothing. Me personally dont want to do 3 months of farming 24/7 just to get to lvl 5 even , this is stupidest move from gameforge ever. Maybe they planing to close game all together. Would be more humane from them then this torture. How you expect healers and tanks to lvl this crap lol. Please fix this nonsense. We were promised orbs, easier peak lvling and we got nothing. Nice joke GF :)

    And all this just to be able to do pantheon hahaha. Dont know should I laugh or cry with gameforge and runewaker incompetence

    Whats next for instance after pantheon you gonna put peak lvl 25 ? Are you fking kidding me, and we get 1/100 peak vs normal xp value lol. Use your brains runewaker lol, for love of god :D

    i been looking at these posts and i think ppls are missing main issue here. PEAK LVL SHOULD NOT EXIST, FULL STOP.

    no information is given by gm's or any effort done to corect simple error in coding which could have been done easily by reducing bosses and mobs lvl or increasing lvl of players, but i guess runewaker is not how to say and not to offend anybody, smart enough to do it.

    We havent seen new real content in years, only copy paste zones.

    No more good gm events, nothing to spike the interest of players to actually come back. we been loosing players on server because of lack of GF, and i might say GM's will to help out players in these ridiculous times which makes no sense what so ever with gameplay that has been in game since start, and now you introduce peak lvl that mess it up even more ?

    This only proves how little Gm's and gameforge, including ruewaker cares about playing comunity, which is absolute zero :)

    seriously you want us to reinstal game again, it will take ages lol. now i tried to run game again and it says this app cant run on your PC. WTH, i was trying to get back to gaming and it seems i gonna have to quit game. this is ridiculous....

    every time you guys '' try to fix something '' you mess up beyond repair

    Any ideas what to do?

    i see where this is going, all the hard work that people done is gonna be erased by gameforge. simply forcing us to use new '' as you call it improved client'' is gonna make 40% of people loose their accounts because you cant really expect that everybody is gonna remember email accounts, specially if they have like 40 accounts. Me personally i only remember login name and passwords of my accounts in game, there is no way to remember all of it, and same goes for my main and first account because i made it 8 years ago and i do not remember email account i was using for it 8 years ago. I am pretty sure there are gonna be many players like that.

    Also every time i go to support it kicks out errors, and ofc there is no way of contacting support

    So whats gonna happen is : you gonna say, sorry i cant help you and wont even care that i spend hundred of euros, maybe even thousand for that account throu past 8 years and you gonna delete it.

    If you gonna be going on that politics , you gonna loose 70 % of players. but i guess that was GF goal all along so it can focus on other games

    Sorry but i dont see any positive side of releasing that thing. Thx

    hello, its been while now, and from what i can see bag that gives koris stats in vortis are still not fixed so i ask this. Was this done on purpose so we spend more dias on exctracting stats, if so its really bad move.

    If this is not case and gameforge , sorry runewaker, plan to fix this may we know what has been done on that subject and honestly can you please fix your mess before you add more mess in game , thank you very much. looking forward to replies. would write this on support but i doubt anybody would even read it there :)8)8)8)8)8)8)8)X/