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    could have been two years.... not gonna lie. But still, i cant create a new account because it says username does not exist, then i try to create a nee account and it says email and user have been used allready haha.

    ill try the region change:)

    SO i have been playing ROM since 2012. Granted i have been away for a year. I downloaded the game, in stalled all the patches and now its asking me to log in. It seems that it cant find my old account anymore. I go to the main RoM page, try to login with my email. it tells me that email is not found. I then try to create a new account and it says my username and email are all ready in use. here is the email verification from back in the day

    [Removed Link]

    [Removed Link]


    Hello LT72884,

    Thank you for your interest in Runes of Magic.

    IMPORTANT: To finalize your registration, please click on the following link, or copy it into the address field of your browser and press enter.

    [Removed Link]

    After your account has been verified, you can log into the game, website and forums right away.

    Have fun!


    so it should still have me as LT72884 but wont let me log in. I know on the old system, i had two accounts, shakmatt and LT72884, niether of which i can loginto now.

    So, before moving forward, i want to ask these 3 questions:

    1. are my old charators still around or did the system get wiped?

    2. if they have been deleted, how do i create a new account if my email is all ready in use

    3.If said toons are still around, how do i access them?


    Edit: Removed links as they contained email address of account ~ Novar

    Ello all:)

    Its been a year since i have logged in or even played. Engineering school takes ALOT of time haha. I am now in a place where i can take some time for myself:)

    Is the fastest way to download and get going still the manual downloads or is the client just as fast now?

    If it is manually, could someone please post the link to do so.