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    Who was George? I missed so much during the past year. I only got used to the booloopooloo and linguini thing recently

    George is gone for good, thank god. Also thank Saito and the whole German team for keeping him out. He didn't want to leave.

    Oh, that boolooloop is from this: song. That was when a certain bear observed some under-mango ...ummm... activity from a certain caffines monster, if you know what I mean.

    Underneath the mango tree

    Me honey and me can watch for the moon

    Underneath the mango tree

    Me honey and me make boolooloop soon

    The context of this thread is thus:

    There was an official IRC channel for ROM. That is where people would go if they needed help from GMs, or needed to report problems like missing NPCs.

    That said, there wasn't a whole lot of ROM-related discussion, so over time the conversation drifted into more social direction. Before IRC came down, it had a mixture of GMs, former GMs, players, former players and a few who have not played the game ever. Same as many guilds, the people logging daily became online friends.

    And that is what I'd like to preserve. Joining a large discord area dedicated to game discussion is not ideal, because spamming off-topic topics is likely to annoy those who want to talk about ROM. Most ROM talk only happened every couple weeks in IRC unless there was a ROM problem and people would pop in to complain about being stuck in houses or missing NPCs or sales being wrong, etc. Daily bullcrap, though, would happen daily.

    We're missing out on so much.. Instead of warning her that other girlfriends are probably getting more we can't do anything... Darn it!

    Well, she is on Facebook... :)


    She said something about how Germans are now feeling all comfortable and safe and soft and relaxed, and how unprepared they are to the fate about to befall them.

    Then she found cute picture of yawning cat, and a story on /r/walmart subreddit and forgot all about it.

    You're still in the "" camp? :P

    Yeah. I don't need stupid software designed for 20 developers working independently to tell me what to do. I don't feel the urge to merge with my master and he can stick his branches you know where...

    And you can't have fun with it, like you can with writing documentation that nobody reads - and I hope that if someone ever does, they have good sense of humor, or I am long since retired by then.

    Could be worse. My work is trying to get me to use Github... which I am doing, kinda, kicking and screaming. Well, they do the kicking part. I am just screaming.

    *Rusty is old dog and doesn't want to learn new tricks*

    Rusty is alive!! He could always come find ikariam discord, it has burds and bears and obis... At least until these guys get a swift kick in their behind and create a rom discord, I blame Diogenes for all of this

    Well, Dio IS Bavarian. Sure, that is still German, technically, but we can't expect too too much.

    But I should look into that Discord thing, since it seems like IRC is not going to be IRCing much anymore. Hope we don't lose anyone in transition.

    Thanks, Saito. I guess Germans are safe for now from their caffines being raided.

    And, I figure none of us are "married" to IRC, so Discord works. IRC is kind of old standard, from the days when turkeh was gobbling about that hot new gopher thing and how happy she is with her new spiffy 1200 baud modem.