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    Agreeing with Fifio. Yes, I understand we need to support the costs associated with even a free-to-play game, but +24 is just play-to win, which only the people spending waaayyy tooo much real world currency in this game are going to win. it would ruin the Olympics if athletes could buy their medals, same here. Isn't there any way to reverse this? Or at the very least, stop selling more of the high plus refining gems?

    Thank you for fixing the bag drop items to reflect the new Vortis zone. The general mob loot still includes the level 94 hp potions though, instead of the one hundred grass essence introduced in Enoch. Can we get that onto the fix to-do list, please?

    Geek Squad did a remote cleanup for me but broke my RoM launch Icons. I decided the simple fix was to pull my add-ons to a separate folder, delete the game, reinstall, and move the add-ons back. The reload of the game left it in a totally different location with no interface folder. The new desktop Icon shows a path of C:\Program Files (x86)\TERA\Runes of Magic.exe. The little client update.exe thing still flashes on the screen for a moment. Where do I stick my add-ons folder to get back to what I had? :cursing:

    There are still older players with the recipe. My crafting toon has it. If you are on Aeterna, email to Grrummpy or Grumpmama to request assistance. I generally do these things for friends who supply the materials. I would be happy to consider you a friend.

    Please , not everybody now, I would have to spend weeks on that one offer.

    If you look at the Thorned Tiger Ray mount description(click on the description-it will let you read it in full without committing to a purchase) you will see that it is specified that it does not disappear when crossing water. The Giant Eagle does NOT say that,so you can safely and correctly assume that it DOES NOT cross water.

    I can run Goblin mines groups of 5 at level 30. I usually end up with 5 or 6 total in 3 runs. Only need 1 level 30 character in each group. That one goes in and jumps the fence, then 4 higher lever toons follow. You also end up with mats for other items from level 10 to 45 in each run.

    Even on the new server it isn't worth the time to get lower level stats. Somehow, by day 2, people were already putting Enoch bag stats in the Auction House. It should not have been possible to even get there by day 2, even if you bought enough Experience Orbs to get there, you would have to run the main quest line from Splitwater all the way there. I quit playing there when it became evident that someone was hacking without consequence and returned to Aeterna Server.

    Today there is an announcement on the launch client that the cavys have all kinds of stuff, but there is nothing there or on the forum to describe what changes have occured with magic cavys. Frustrating. What changes have occurred?:rolleyes::cursing:

    Champion general skill allows equipping one-handed and two-handed hammers. Interestingly enough, this enables R/C to swing a two-handed hammer. Not sure that's a good deal because you lose bleed with hammers. But what about ch/r? Am I better with two hammers, one statted, and getting white damage, or with two-handed, for greater damage calculation on % of main weapon DPS?:/

    They are reorganizing the Item shop- Novar could probably have shared more than I can. Stuff is coming and going. No word on how long all this is going to take. Things are being repriced (mostly downward) and placed into difference categories. Je pence qu'il est un tres grand temps.