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    This absolutely terrifies me what company is able to do to players and still get away with it. They are completely free to lie around as they wish still without any consequences. It's irrelevant what has been announced after the event. Bonus day was supposed to take place for full weekend and as such had to be fixed.

    Every serious company would have apologized and fix the problem. This is one of the biggest fraud they pulled on people and they keep going like nothing happened.

    Don't even bother with explanation to this person. Look at his comments, he never understands original topics, commenting nonsense just for the sake of "contribution" into discussions. Your English is great, he just doesn't get the point no matter the language.

    Answers below:

    Server: Zikiel - see the Original Post

    NPC - Owenstein and Hilary - see the topic of this post

    Question 3: Who many daily exchanges did you have left when first talking to the NPC? - 5 see the original post

    Question 4: When was the last time you've exchanged on that NPC prior to the server maintenance? (Please use CEST for EU servers, and Pacific Time zone for US servers) - Hilary never (I didn't use it in previous event) Owenstein not sure it was probably 16th of October. 1 p.m. CEST (certainly not the last day of the event)

    Question 5: When did you talk to the NPC for the last time prior to the server maintenance, even if you did not exchange items? - Hilary only first day of previous event, 12th of October, not sure about hour. Owenstein 16th of October 1 p.m. CEST approx (also the last exchange)

    Now...can you answer the important question how many exchanges is correct? Why some people can exchange 10 times after maintenance and some only 5?

    Thank you.

    Hello, today I have noticed I could have exchanged only 5 times for Peak Orbs and 5 times for Proof of Myths (Rhinoceros Blood exchange).

    However several of my guild mates could have exchanged 10 times just 30 minutes before me? May I know which one is correct and why we have different amounts of exchanges in span of 30 mins?

    I haven't done any exchange after midnight from 19th to 20th October where old event was still running.

    Server: Zikiel.

    Thank you.

    I've never had the warning in my chat to talk to the pet.

    You must stay in one zone at least for 1 hour in order to get the pet chat window. If you are jumping from zone to zone every 30 mins, you will never get chance to talk to your pet. Also window is not that obvious on a first sight. Needs a bit more attention.

    Yes. There should be something to do with the TP. Since we are doing the Peak thing now, it looks like our skills won't move beyond level 100.

    I think part of Pardiac's problem might also be that he treats his secondary classes like secondary classes. The only way to get enough TP on them is to gear the secondary classes and go work them. I wasn't suggesting to him that he play his primary class more, but that seemed to be the message he got out of it.

    Sorry, this is off-topic. I don't ask how to get TP for secondary class. This is feedback and suggestion sub. My topic is clear and I think others can understand it. Pardiac's problem is not lack of knowledge how to get TP for other class but effective using of unusable TP sitting on primary class. You are making completely irrelevant statements.

    You can do dailies and goblin runs on your secondary class, or take turns with your other guildies running instances, allowing one or two of you to tag in on that secondary class. The real problem as I see it is that they added a third class but didn't add enough quests about level 50 to support it. I gave up the 3-class idea quickly and advise new players not to be sucked into it. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. There's not enough quests to support the TP and XP requirements. I'm sure a lot more daily resets get sold than there used to be, but then those same players are maybe the ones who don't like how expensive the game is.

    As above poster says it's about unused TP, not about getting more of them. I personally have 5 classes and 4 of them on 100 level. Daily quests do not solve the point of my post. Of course you may get kited or farm by yourself, but kiting with the strongest class brings you tons of tp you cannot use anywhere else.

    You could have done that WHILE earning the TP using charms. Load part of the XP into a charm amulet, then send the filled stone to the character you want to use it on, or sell it.

    But it's not the point. Charms only create other extra tp outside from the pool. Let alone that 1 mil TP charm costs fortune in IS.

    Maybe this has already been suggested somewhere in old forums but I haven't find it.

    There are people who lately farmed their xp peak level but in terms of it they also have tons of talent points which cannot be used. I am talking about billions of them (e.g. I personally have 2 billion tp which cannot be used since literally all my skills are at max.level, and I know about others who have much more).

    It would be nice if there is some tool so tp can be used for other char combo and not only for primary one who farmed it. The way would have been to make one pool of tp for each char combo within the same char. After-all it was this char who farmed it so why not let him use it for his other combos as well?

    If this is not possible there should be at least some reward for it like being able to convert these tp to exp via some pot with reasonable ratio. I find it like a huge wasting of tp where one char combo is overwhelmed by tp while when you switch to other one you are struggling to level your skills even if you farmed enough tp with the same char.

    Just my few cents.

    U chosed wrong path on previous titles at 135 badges and now u will get magical titles. U won't be able to get MR, but i guess there will be one more time where u can chose all attributes path at 162 badges, chose duke ironblood and u will be able to get IBW after at 182, good luck ;)

    Thanks a lot, this is I wanted to hear as well, that I can go back.

    Pardon if I am missing your question, but, don't choose the magical path, choose the all attributes path. That is; every time you are given the choice, choose all attributes. The only way you get locked into the magical or physical path is if you chose that path over the others. Thankfully the paths merge three times so you can get on the right path if you haven't already gone down the wrong one. Unfortunately, there is no going back once you have made that choice.

    Yes, this is the fault I made in the beginning and since then actually I didn't have an option for all attribute paths, now I have 3 titles to chose, non of them is all attributes. Doesn't it matter which one I chose right now? Will I still come to the merge with all attributes. This is actually the question I am asking. Thank you very much.

    Yes you can still get IBW. No way to get FT, SA or MR once you skipped them. Plenty of threads made on this topic down the years but no official response - I guess the stance is "it's your problem" for picking the "wrong" line, which is a shame because those titles are necessary for pve content.

    I know, I wrote to support and they answered me that they are not navigating players in the game in order to avoid advantage over another players which is a bit weird because you have only one chance and no way to correct it. My problem is that I am not getting "all attributes" option for a long time. Now I am close to "Ironblood Will" and got 3 titles as an option as I describe above and thinking if it is important which one I chose even if all of them are magical path again to get back to all attributes.

    I'd like to ask about Siege War titles as it seems at some point somewhere in the beginning I have chosen wrong path and I am not getting the skills/titles I really want. I have already missed "Soldier's attack" skill because it didn't give me an option for it and since then I am constantly navigated to magical attribute path instead of all attributes.

    Now I finished the point of 145 budges (again got only Int/Wisdom attributes option instead of "all" )and I want to get back to right path because I need the Title "Midnight Ritual" and then "IronBlood Will", which is actually "all attributes" path while I am wrongly getting magical attributes path. (my fault I know)

    So today I took new quest (153 budges needed and not yet finished) and options are titles Honorable Marquis Erekat or Orxon or Yugita. From the right site in my attached print screen - seems again magical path.

    I want to get back to "All Attributes" path to get Midnight Ritual and then continue to "IronBlood Will". Can someone help me to correctly navigate pls. (if possible of course) Thx.

    I am linking also SW Titles overview :