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    Thanks for replying, Polog. It's good to know that someone is reading these posts.

    One thing that I learned in my business courses is that if you raise prices, the customer needs to feel that they're getting something more. Otherwise, they feel cheated and that's how I feel. If balance is the goal, then the prices should have been adjusted at the same time as the price hike on diamonds.

    The only reason I'm posting anything is because I enjoy this game and want to continue playing. I don't have time to be truly free to play, so I need diamonds in order to progress in the game. Unless prices are reduced in the shop or there is a diamond sale that is comparable to the 140% ones, I can no longer purchase diamonds and will begin looking for a more affordable pasttime.

    Well, I suppose they don't want my monthly $19.99. At this rate they won't be getting any more $$ from me. X(

    I came back to this game a few months ago after being away for almost 4 years. I've been enjoying the game again. While I was away from RoM, I played a subscription-based game which was fairly priced. It cost me more to play RoM and now they're making it even more expensive????? I'm not going to give them my money for less than what I was getting before the 'Diamond Tariff Change'.