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    Can't agree more, there will always be this could have been better and this could have been done some other way, however whatever was done it seemed it was done so that players benefit from it.


    i have gotten this so better than before since they don't drop well they do not up either :)

    This is nice, however is it account/server specific.? Cause I have literally not seen them neither any of my guildies have.

    Also it would be better if GF would publish a list of items which we could get as daily rewards for better clarity and transparency.

    I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the re-work of the daily log-in gifts to be a true daily, and I no longer have to watch the clock or set an alarm.

    Thank you.

    Nice change Gameforge!

    And better rewards too, plus they didnt reset from before so good job for once ;)

    What better rewards are you getting?

    As I am getting the same stuff I used to before this reset.. the same old experience potion/gather speed increase potion/skill potion...

    If the game gives you the option for something, people will always try it. Fact is the odds will always be stacked against the players. Ofc gambling will always favor the house, but regardless if you try and gamble for something there should always be a reasonable chance of winning. This game is a kids game, it shouldn't focus heavily on gambling like it does. Forming a coup of not using the itemshop will never work, will always be that 1 person who wants to use it, accross all the servers, you wont ever get everyone not using it, not to mention forming anything like that would be against ToS. Gamefoge simply need to realise what players want, and act accordingly to this. There was plenty of feedback on the old forum, and this new one equally.

    You should not form a coup against the system as its against the rules and no one should encourage it(even I am not/nor anyone in this forum is), if you feel something is wrong, you should self realise the situation and act on it.

    "If you want to see the change be the change!!"

    Also everyone knows it, its not a pure Kid's game, even you know it, :)

    400 in and no title, wont try anymore, dumb game and their gambling never stops. The sooner gameforge realises that none of their players like this gambling garbage that they put in, the better.

    I've been reading a lot of comments like this, and I feel like at this point I have to say something. Yes, I agree that what GF does is pretty much gambling, and other companies are getting in trouble with EU governments for things like this (hopefully at some point US will follow suit). But you just spent 2000 diamonds (or someone else did), and you will continue to gamble no matter what, so why should GF change? People keep complaining that this is gambling. and then go and gamble. I'd say these people have gambling addiction and are part of the problem. The moment everyone stops gambling, GF will either adjust to the non-gambling community or go out of business. But again, judging from all the comments I really doubt the gambling will stop.

    Absolutely, this was my point too, People complain about everything including plussing, however they would be the first one's to keep pouring in money to plus their equipment's and then also keep complaining.

    The part is instead of trying and pouring in more money, just don't use the item shop. What would happen at the max, you would not be able to run or solo a high level instance. If with +12/+16 people are not able to complete the newest instance just don't do it and ignore it... When GF would understand its being ignored and not done, they would lower its difficulty or alternatively make things cheap.

    If you want to see the change be the change!! :)

    Well its day 10 and i recieved a 7 day paca for my troubles. If anybody from Gameforge reads this please know... You had a great opportunity to show your players you cared that after 10 years they still play. to encourage new players to come and join the game.

    You blew it

    The fact is they hardly care... !! :evil:

    I read in some other post, people are buying stuff using 500-600 diamonds and when they don't get the desired output they get upset and keep saying "Stop buying Diamonds... bla bla bla":sleeping:

    The fact is you have bought diamonds and made them rich and that's the END OF STORY!!;)

    The Login Event also runs from 10th – 19th March and guarantees some cool prizes. Simply log in each day to collect your rewards – and whoever collects theirs every day can also look forward to a final special login reward!

    Its hard being a forum moderator over here, as you look foolish all the time.. :saint:

    The Login Event also runs from 10th – 19th March and guarantees some cool prizes. Simply log in each day to collect your rewards – and whoever collects theirs every day can also look forward to a final special login reward!

    This is hilarious, I feel bad for the admins over here, I am sure even they would be as disappointed as we are because none of them would have absolutely no explanation to this.. !!


    I am aware that we can directly make a Mana Stone Tier 6

    However is it possible to make a Tier 7 and above Mana Stone using Greens/Blues/Purples of level 96 or above equipment or any equipment?

    If so what is the highest Tier of Mana Stone which could be directly obtained in game currently?

    Thanks for a detailed explanation.


    We forward our findings ond those reported by the users to GF, who in turn check our reports and forward them to the developer RuneWaker, who in turn... we are not sure what happens.

    How can we be absolutely sure if all our concerns/problems are being taken into consideration:?:

    Maybe Runewalker charges heavily for fixing bugs and GF just doesn't want to loosen their wallets if ROM players have an alternative (in this case the alternative benefits GF a lot too):?:

    May it be Runewakers or Any other 3rd Party game development company, you (considering you to be directly associated with GF (don't take it personally)) should be knowing what and how things are done, their progress, updates cause as you know nothing is free in this world:!:

    This game is said to be a F2P however truly it isn't and there are tons of Diamond buyers and this money directly goes to GF and not a third party video game company:!:

    So the blame has to be entirely taken by GF and it cannot be passed on to some other 3rd party vendor (In this case the developers of the game "Runewalker")

    Rest assured we at the game team are as annoyed as you are and are very vocal about it.

    Maybe they would listen to you guys and inturn it helps the whole community!

    Thanks :)

    It may surprise you, but we are not constantly on the boards, F5ing all the time. We've got some lifes, too.

    Most of the times these post's are acknowledged. And aren't posts/threads moderated? :rolleyes::/

    The issue has already been reported, so answering this thread is not really high priority.

    Replying/Acknowledging back to a direct question not a priority !! Cool!!X/

    Also, we can't give more than a "yes we know, the issue is known and reported to the developer, waiting for a fix" answer.

    If, when and how this will get fixed, no one knows.

    So aren't there any priorities assigned to the issues and no estimated time for resolution provided when you submit an incident:?:

    Also, aren't there any follow ups on the incidents issued for bugs/issues which are open and assigned to the developers for a fix, why cant you update us on the status of the same:?:

    Didn't expect a reply where in you have quite literally told us


    Most of the above points are fair, however only with the point of view of a diamond buyer.

    Making rubies only accessible to Diamond Buyers how much fair is it for a F2P player or a non diamond buyer?

    So wouldn't it be fair, if rubies are provided not only as a diamond payback currency but also with with an alternate source as this will balance the whole economics around diamonds and rubies?