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    you are the bots . i am very human . stop walking on me botter .

    stop messing around on our auction house .

    i can do stuff your bots could never do. ill kill the crap outa you . every last one .

    i play on 1 machine i use 1 toon . i play fair . im freakin human but you aint are ya .

    nope .your super scriptor . and thats all you are . a botter .and all your friends too , without scripts and auction house exploitation you are nothing .

    you are the scriptor here . and that makes you the bad guy .

    good guys are just cheats and if it wasnt for scpipting youd never even make it to level 50 .

    fix the exploitation in the auction house before i do it for you . thanks .

    as long as he keeps exploiting our auction house i will buy that stuff out even more .

    he is NOT going to get away with it .

    gold be damned . i got more than i can use , ill cap his gold out .

    stop exploiting for auction house for gold and walking on our newbies to do it .

    for my next trick ill start killing the high levels out of the game for it .

    better fix him. i dont like the high levels . thieves .

    creepy auction house exploiter guy just made 50 mil , i dont care how much gold it takes you are NOT going to subject our level 1 players to your 500 thousand gold level 1 gears and you can take those magic purple cloaks and stick it . live long and stick it . oh and i bought the rest of that crap out and destroyed it too ... your welcome .

    Welcome to Frogster

    online games are always under development in order to bring you the best possible gaming experience .

    its all one big beta test and it never stops being developed whether its being worked on or not .

    something changed ? hmmm ... ill bet they gots big plans .. big plans to roll out something new ... maybe something old .

    all online games have many unused features and systems that can be turned on off added removed who knows what secrets the engine is hiding ..

    F2p wizard . since frogster . stick around . have a seat . right over there ...

    this will be fun .

    waits for the next patch... :)

    why would anyone make t5 mana stones for 500 thousand gold each when you can make better t6 mana stones out of level 100 gear cheaper ?

    no im talking about magic purple cloaks and pants and stuff .

    your not helping anyone . your just slowing me down preventing the games players from getting the gear from my time you wasted cleaning your trash out of the mart , and sorting out the mess .

    they are putting the stuff on the mart just to grieve me and to make as much gold as possible instead of helping the players by not trying to jack them every second of every day .

    you aint saints . your bandits . and you are causing problems and grieving the games players .

    soon as i sell some cards ill buy it all out and trash it again ... stop exploiting our mart thank you very much , we got all that we can use .

    im not making it up grumpdaddy . and my login has never changed . im not a botter .

    sounds like its grumpdaddy making stuff up . he sure is fast to say bad stuff about me . probably him .

    get the exploiters out of our auction house . and dont trust grumpdaddy for sure .

    hes pointing out stuff about my profile that does not exist . messed up files ?

    soo grumpdaddy ... i see that we meet again...

    go ahead load that auction house up some more ... see what happens . good luck .

    see that guy on us servers in the auction house selling cloth trash for 500 thousand a pop ? i gave him 100 million gold yesterday cause i want his trash outa our world .

    i shelled out over 200 million gold in the last month cause im being blackmailed for my own freakin gear.

    you get him out our auction house or ill shell out another 100 mill right now .

    gold aint worth having if you get blackmailed everyday .

    want to give him anoth 100 mil ? sound fair ? ill freakin do it then he can just have all the damned gold on the planet ...

    then he can blackmail the rest of us with it .

    gold is worthless with this guy around to use the auction house to grieve the games players .

    watch me remove those crap 500 thousand gold each trash armor and gear . up yours guy . smiles . :evil:

    the mage spell curse is what wizards use to pull mobs from a distance .

    expect to get knocked down by whatever charges at you .

    do not automate it .

    bows do not reach greater distance ? crossbows . if you want to kill something from a distance , sounds like a job for a rogue .

    corrupt install . reload . be sure to do a complete uninstall , uninstall rom and gameforge client . remove any folders left behind . use disk cleanup .

    restart the machine .

    download current gameforge client . install it , reinstall runes of magic .

    use disk cleanup and defrag the machine .

    restart the machine .

    you are free to play :)

    this world does have scripting . use of macros IS restricted . you cant remove the scripting without destroying the player base .

    nobody wants it removed more than me . its a bad idea to remove scripting in rom .

    i kill the programs bots and spammers out of online games .

    these are the botters in online games its nice to have them isolated .

    i watch very close . ill kill them off the maps if they misuse scripting by sending to support if i have to . i have developed a higher tolerance in runes of magic .

    if you see misuse of addons or macros send to support , they can fix their boggle .

    the game is fulll of the very best botters on the planet .

    grumpdaddy ... ainz ... dragon is here now too . the best . and they are fighting pretty fair . hi flip ... kill ya later .

    of course i would never need a macros im human . and humans can think and fight for themselves , you can out think out perform and out wit any macros . kill them .

    but do it right . send to support .

    nice post , i like it but as you can see if you post you always get attacked by at least a group of three . close the thread . try to get along with whatever they are .

    take heart you know sooner or later i will kill them all . have a nice day .

    use of macros is in fact restricted . read the end license user agreement .

    you wont see bots on the bosses in runes of magic .

    as far as pvp goes if anyone sets up a pvp macro bot in say a siege . gms do exist .

    never be afraid to send to support .

    uh huh.. can you see them now ?

    refer to post 8

    i looked i can see them . none of them are in the tileset anymore .

    wizards use odd terms and or phrases to express possible multiple things maybe .

    so tell us about this machine that is cached so bad i can see you in the tileset sometimes . usually the mage .

    know what i think ? ram can degrade . check the ram . windows can test it .

    but toons in the tileset ive seen this one before and a lot , i hate to see a mage in the tileset .

    good luck .

    does your machine say Tandy on the front of it ?

    oh, the subject was memory leak , i argued it does not exsit at least not to that extent , they all said that wizard is crazy run this program you dont need and . germany was lagged .

    that was the light version .

    eu was lagged , west coast was lagged , east coast was lagged ...

    me ? i dont lag or see invisible toons no way would i ever need to install anything like that .

    nope , tired of seeing your toons in the tileset in varanas . tired of you running programs that dont fix the problem .

    you should never ever have to use anything like that even if you are running on an atari .

    i never crash ( almost never ) lol

    dont post about memory leak or ill fix it for you . its lag . its not about clearing your cache with some weird program . its not memory leak .

    what kind of machine is it and what os are you running that it is so bad ?

    and what country or state .

    im off to germany now . im just getting started . let me know when you can see those toons of yours . cause ill get em out of our tileset for you .

    what side of the planet are you on ? 90 ? i got 31 ping , frames are going up now .

    frames were low . drops were low .

    after checking it was lagged . so gots to pull it down a little before it goes up .

    presto ! invisible toons , hello ..thats lag .

    fighting it aint so simple . and yeah thats your connection . its not server side and its not on your end .

    but use disk cleanup and defrag your machine cause thats not right .

    too many add ons ?

    make sure windows media player isnt on , and whats running ? get the tasks down .

    take a look at the posts in wold of warcraft tech section . see posts related to memory leak ? they are all missing one key piece of information . thats not memory leak .

    runs off to someplace else to kill the lag from germany to the untited states ...

    doesnt like our botters seeing invisible toons . 90 ms ?

    says it builds memory leak or something ... hackers and vpns... or everything getting capped . heavy traffic ? ... this aint my first rodeo . smiles .

    no. you are in outer space . thats not memory leak . when you dont get all your packets wizards call it lag . crash is the result . running something weird just slows you down enough you dont crash because it has more time to load .

    wizards kick the crap out of lag everyday . thats to keep us from being walked on .

    dont confuse memory leak with the lag created by worlds like world of warcraft running three hundred servers hooked up to our internet .

    thats the truth .

    the kind of memory leak you are talking about simply does not exist .

    your machine will handle way more and way faster than you think .

    want to see ?... :saint:

    thats not memory leak.

    memory leak - Search

    1. In computer science, a memory leak is a type of resource leak that occurs when a computer program incorrectly manages memory allocations in a way that memory which is no longer needed is not released. A memory leak may also happen when an object is stored in memory but cannot be accessed by the running code.

    some fool just released pk scrolls in lineage2 ... nightmare world ... i um havent looked at it .. and im not going to .

    pk scrolls ? is that what you want for not your world ?

    its not your world . how long have you been here ?

    hi i made at least one forum post and i feel im ready to dictate all the things you should change to make me happy while i experiment with killing the rest of your player base .

    we have been here since frogster . go play lineage2 and see the result of what we are not going to do .

    you are free to play . ( aeria slogan ) again .


    i learned that from laura croft.

    i want a pony . ... and an evil headband .

    the game is not under development .

    i dont care how much gold they have or not . cap it out it doesnt matter .

    i want all gear unbound .

    do anything to pvp and red wizards will kill every last one of the games not so real players on all servers and all of the real players too .

    nice post but we got all that we can use . make your own world someplace away from us . the game has f2p players and rom has its own thing going on .

    in case you havent noticed runes of magic is an awesome world .

    some of your ideas are good ... 4 rune slots i like it but the game uses specs .

    and you gots to pay for that cause they have to make money .

    change something like the upgrade system and the toons never recover .

    they will wear tear 4 and 5 gear forever because they only get 1 chance to ever make gear .

    its an online game . its sensitive . any change is insane .

    you are free to play .

    i understand the game has scripting . some borderline the elua like Grumpydude useing a script to kill the mobs in a continuous auto path cycle . i know it all too well from killing all the gold bots out of online games for 20 years .

    its cheating by my rules and i call it a bot , but others call it a player . legal ? i dont know . i didnt say anyone was cheating .

    ive seen a lot of odd things in online games . you dont always know what you are looking at .

    my question is whats this pvp activity with the pets ? does it level their armor ? why would anyone do this?