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    is not overbuffing. i`m using same buffs for months and months on each sw. if was overbuffing, it would happen every sw, not only against divinity (they are the only guild which actively using purge)

    Revert the amount of ruby given on diamonds spent to what it was before implementing the "useless" ruby wheel. (think it was 50% if i remember right ex 20 dias spent -> 10 rubies)

    The system worked perfectly fine before .. please dont ruin this also :)

    well pretty sure i explained somewhere why they cut the ruby gain down (like few months ago, because of the RUBY WHEEL), which none asked, or pretty sure use, since crap rewards in it to begin with.

    now the ruby gained is less also, since the reduction of IS item price. ("understandable") - hope they consider to fix this in the very near future.

    1 thing that i never understood is, why when items are on "happy hour", they dont give ruby as well. (this will fix pretty much the ruby shortage cut that was done few months ago)

    most of ppl buy in bulk and when on promo, and this should bring some "extra" rubies in the servers, which is badly needed.

    We shouldn't be forced to spend 1k+ dias for items outside promo, when you just spent 2-3k dias for promo items, just to get the necessary rubies.


    I don't recall that I've ever personally believed price increases were intentional in a malicious manner. I think it happens because businesses need to make a profit in order to survive

    No.. not even that... overall restructure is not aimed at raising the prices at all..

    Then how come from all the changes in the past 2 months, not 1 was done to benefit the player, instead just IS changes and raising the price ?

    Kinda sad to see these changes took plance since your "arrival", even tho you have hundreds of feedback from players. In the end, from all the AMA etc, nothing has change for better, just like the empty promises we had for years.

    I am not complaining that I am not getting feedback. Quite the contrary, I get a lot of it and it is really useful (that is the reason why I am actively diskussing and not just posting prepared replies) . That beating around the bush is related to #47

    You are right, there have so far been not many straight answers that I gave. I don't want to promise anything that I cannot deliver. Your feedback is heard, and is used in discussions we have.
    That we have no clue about the gameplay.. well. First, most changes around the gameplay are done by Runewaker. That they don't know their one game...well. I have very little clue about the gameplay, that is true, our gamedesigners do however. As we have been successfully running this game for almost 10 years you might also consider that we might know aspects of the game that you can't see and that we are not entirely useless.

    ok, i can understand that the new content etc is done by runewaker regardless of what our / your desire might be. But a game that stagnates for over 1 year ... well..

    But there are some areas that is depending on GameForge alone to do, and i really hope we can see some improvements in this:

    - You guys control the IS / Pricing (wont go over this again, cause i`m sure you have all the feedback in the past week for it)

    - Would like to see more involvement from the staff in the game (in game events! must be like 2 years since last event)

    Over the years the community always complained about the cost of the game. You dont need to do any math to see that (zeno already did - see post #49). And you still wonder what we are meaning when we say its to expenssive? Just because some people are willing to pay that price, doesn`t mean its fair.

    But we already know you (GameForge) its not interested in a happy player base, only in the still few willing to dump hundreds of $ in this game.

    I dont think we area beating around the bush, but more likely you are.

    You keep saying you want direct feedback and questions. We gave you that (post #27 #28 #29 #31) just in this thread alone not to mention the german / polish forum.

    Plussing system of this game is the worst (that drove most ppl away from the game and that will still do).

    What are the ideas to make it better?

    Why is there any change that is being made, is made without the input of the community? After all, we know best about the game. You (GameForge) have no clue about the game play / cost required etc.

    you guys are incapable of making the game better for the last 10 years. Requesting patience from us, kinda stretching there, since the only goal you had so far is to increase the cost of playing this game.

    what positive feedback? do you even read what we posted?

    How about now? Its time!


    Celes wrote:

    I do not think we would have promotions for diamonds around 100% or more. RoM will now have Diamond HH values known from our other games.

    You should start eating your words.

    you can stop with the irony and get down of your high horse. ITS OUR 20$ or whatever the amount it is. So we have the choice to express whatever we want or understand that GF is doing.

    And on another hand, you have to be the biggest moron to spend more then 10$ outside of Dia promo. So this increase of dias outside sale, we dont give a <blank> about it.

    yes not jumping anywhere to conclusions here it is in black and white ....

    This solely refers to diamond happy hours.

    You get more diamonds when buying them for the regular price, but in turn the bonus amount you get during a dia HH will get reduced.

    Good approach. You just convinced the people that were waiting for dia promo to purchase, to not purchase them at all :)))

    Keep it up.

    So basicaly you guys came up with a new word (Sunday Deals), to rip off players (again) and taking advantage of a item(daily tickets) in a event that runned in weekend (exp/tp).

    If you intended to not give a happy hour for the weekend (pretty sure we always had one), should have state that, dont come with crap new words and shit promos.

    You can make me ask others what they think you want and I can find out, or you could just tell me right here and now. The whole point of this AMA was interacting with you guys directly.

    1. we want new content - of the small player base we already have (atleast on vidar server), many ppl stopped logging since nothing to do in game.

    2. Item Shop changes

    -bring back the ruby bonus on dias spent. This was reduced significantly (i get why, you guys gave us a wheel based on ruby - btw none asked for it - for years we supported to be removed completely) not to mention the prizes in it its rubbish.

    - start lowering prices in Item Shop - as i mentioned earlier in previous posts here .. the cost of it its too high (since you started playing around in game, you should do a quick math at how many dias are required just for +16 weapon / accessories, drillers etc - and i`m not mentioning going higher to 20+)

    - new promos (we currently have 4-5 that are on rotation for years) - even the current one for purified packages has been change to worse (previously big purified package was 300 dias, now is 380, and discount is taking effect once you buy in bulk - 5x pack (100 purified stones) - dias 1800+ - this makes no sense to spend that amount of dias since single purified stone is 15 dias on this promo - 15x 100 purified stones - 1500 dias = same amount of pfs as in the purchase of big package )

    - more permanent looks (that have been either removed, or not placed for sale in years)

    3. new festivals

    except for few(winter festival, crafting, anniversary), among those 10+ festivals that are currently, none cares about them. No change have been made here since years.

    4. Plussing rate

    after that is expenssive, you can spend few hundred $, and you end up with worse gear then you started with. I get you dont have to buy it, etc. But in order to be competitive is required. After all thats why anyone spends $ on the game anyway. The worse part of any jewels is the dropping rate. Either start lowering prices significantly, or remove the drop option. If they fail fine. But when i spend $, i dont expect to make my items worse.

    5. Events in game - i think i forgot the last time any GM+ did any events in the game.

    This is just a small list of things, but in my opinion the most important. These things have been requested over and over again, and the lack of changes in them, driven the most players away from the game.

    Make the changes above, and you`ll have a base of player happy with the game, without the feel of being robbed by GF at any corner, and too disapointed to even think spending $ on ROM.

    Thats good to hear that some changes will be made. But "soon" we heard it too many times with 0 changes afterwards.

    As for items and the changes in regards, people expressed it over and over in all the years. You have teams of GM's that plays or played the game. They provided plenty of feedback from the old forum that was full with requests and yet all disregarded. Those requests haven`t changed.

    I believe at the time when they changed the Item Shop, was the excuse of "GameForge to have control over it".

    What has GameForge done since? NOTHING.

    They removed the wheel just to be replaced with a new one.

    Changes in price of items? nop.

    Better promos? nop.

    The only change to the Item Shop since then, was removing a good tool that worked fast and good, for a "new" one that is crap.

    Are you for real? its ok to spend more then you earn? its a game! It shouldn`t require my bank savings to enjoy it and feel competitive.

    I firmly believe he is talking about GameForge spending more money on the game than they make with it.

    Like when it is in Development or just new to their portfolio. FlopZone, for example.

    And yet my point still stands. The cost of this game is not comparable with anything else.

    What are those higher spendings of GameForge anyway?

    New content? - we dont have any for like 1 year now

    New festivals? - we dont have, same old ones from ages ago

    New zodiacs pets with new buffs? - well we dont have that either

    (just few examples)

    Any changes for better in Item Shop? - nop, same 4-5 promos that are being used over and over again

    There is absolutely nothing new in this game since the lunch of it. And dont say mirrorworld, thats a just a cheap copy/paste of existing content already. (mostly like those "new" zones too that we had in recent years)

    At the beginning it is ok to spent more than you earn, even during some phases (eg if there is an update the translation costs are pretty high) it might be ok to spend more than you earn, but overall the game must earn it's keep.

    Are you for real? its ok to spend more then you earn? its a game! It shouldn`t require my bank savings to enjoy it and feel competitive.

    I cant wait to spend 50 Euro on 2-3 +20 jewels, to end up worse then i started with. If you think thats good investment, you`re delusional :). Now do that x15 items (and thats just the plussing)

    Deciding to not buy dias for this game a long time ago, one of the best life decisions i made.