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    The fullscreen resolution stays at 1080, but that is different from having maximised windowed mode. If I set both to 1080 in the config file it will change the windowed resolution

    If I go into settings *after* pressing maximise (staying in windowed mode) it actually just says 800x600, but it is clear from the increase detail/ huge drop in fps that it has jumped to 4k (and verifiable by checking the config file if it isn't made read only).

    If I maximise (staying in windowed mode), then change resolution, it makes the window small again.

    If I select the fullscreen option it works as intended, but in anything less than 4k resolution the mouse gets scaled up to a ridiculouse size (and I preferred to play in windowed mode for easier swapping between programmes).


    So as I do this, windowed mode lodes up to 1/4 of my screen as you say. If I press maximise, it stays in windowed mode but fills the whole screen, but it still changes the resolution up to 4k (the config field now stays as you put above, and will load that size again if I maximise, close the game and reload). However, when I first installed the game, I had the game in windowed mode, and it filled the whole screen, but the resolution was not 4k. Also despite the lower resolution it actually had a small mouse, whilst now if I play fullscreen low resolution the mouse is huge.

    It doesn't seem like its possible to get it back to whatever setting it was on upon the first install.


    When I first downloaded game on steam the default resolution settings were working fine, as in, I could play on windowed mode and it filled whole screen, but was some lowish resolution (I have no idea what resolution) so game ran smoothly, however I stupidly decided to play with resolution to see how it looks in 4k (my screen is 4k) and now can't get it back to the default, but my laptop struggles to run the game in 4k, even if all other graphics settings set on low. If I try to lower resolution in windowed mode it makes window really small, and if i press the maximise button in windowed mode it pushes resolution back up to 4k. I can set it to fullscreen mode and lower the resolution but then I end up with an absolutely massive mouse.

    I tried uninstalling/ reinstalling game on steam, and deleted any local files that were remaining after uninstall, but the settings I changed to were saved, guessing it is tied to character somehow? I also tried changing the resolution settings both in game, and on the character selection team, as well as on the pop up screen before game loads and none of them can reset to how it was before. Is there a way to reset to default?