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    Hi! So i'm back to ROM, after many years trying other games, i decided to come back with steam launch from scratch on the new NA server, (I've never seen that many players in rom since chap 2 maybe)... Anyway, i always mained Tanks, knight on official until lvl 72 and champ rogue xXx until lvl 85. On that xXx, our healers were 99% of the time => druid scout, priest knight... sometimes druid warriors... I finally convinced my main druid to switch to druid warden (when Group Exorcism is not required) because it was increasing my healing received AND increasing my PDEF by around 50%...

    I started playing as a druid warden with this in mind, but the PDEF buff seems to only apply to me, not my target. So i asked myself, maybe it's part of the lvl 60 elite... But since the server is very young and all the older forum posts are gone, i am feeling a bit confused about my briar shield and no one have unlocked the 60 elites so i just don't want any bad surprise, does it increase the PDEF on the target too with the lvl 60 elite or it was just from that xXx for some reason?

    I don't think that i will change my class for that but if someone knows i would be happy to know what i will expect... Thanks!

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    Hi everyone, so i just started back to play ROM on a new server... Alot of peoples, it's awesome! I've always played tank or dps, almost never really got into healers but now i'm gonna main a druid, so i installed GridClicIt, as all the healers i knew were using this addon. But i tested it, and, i wish i could do something more... i can see my 2 HoT's on my party ('im druid warden) for now, but since my 2 HoT's have 20 secs timer, i can't distinguish wich one runs out first one someone if both of them are on a same target... as an example, if i casted recover on someone, then 10 sec my other hot, i will see 20s x2 :(. So i watched some druid videos to figure out if someone was doing something better than that, then i found this... he can see his regen on everyone and his timers seperatly, wich is what i want. but is that GridClicIt? if yes, how do i setup it this way or if it's another addon, can you tell me the name? that would help me alot... thx in advance! :)

    Salut à toi

    J'ai joué champion sur serveur non-officiel il y a quelques années, les instances 80-85 étaient le end-game de l'époque... Quand tu as tes item set-skills, tu ne manques plus de rage pendant les boss et ton dps est super intéressant, du moins ça l'était, j'arrivais à rivaliser avec la majorité des dps à stuff équivalent sur les boss. Ton meilleur allié selon moi : le druide senti pour son buff d'armure de ronces, qui te permet de ne jamais enlever ton élite qui augmente l'ap mais réduit les soins reçus. Ta rotation (excuse-moi je n'ai plus le nom des compétences en tête) : le lancer (il n'est pas en GCD donc tu le spam dès qu'il est up), rune pulse doit rester actif pendant tous le fight, imprisonement pulse fait super mal, mais le cd est long, et rune pulse dès que tu peux l'instant cast, et la shadow stab dans tes temps morts.

    Est-ce que c'est toujours le meilleur tank? je ne sais pas, sans doute pas, mais le gameplay est vraiment sympa et pour les trash mobs, tu fais le café.

    Pour le stating, vas-y comme tu le sens, mais si tu as un bon healer, n'hésites pas à en mettre de l'ap dans tes stats.