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    You should definitely add that the Butterfly Raid is also the fastest Questline for high XP Dailies until you get to Extinguish more flames.

    The lv 63 Quest takes way longer so the 240k xp+ per day isn't worth the effort.

    Tried it today with a low, medium and high geared character. It's way too slow to be viable.

    Basicly you are stuck there forever. If you were to level a character from Level 48 to 68 (or 65 so you can do the epic questline without double xp event) you would stay there for 183 (135) days or ~160 Days if you were to use all tokens on daily tickets.

    There is a reason why some players call this questhub purgatory.

    Ich komm mir blöd vor das zu schreiben. Aber ich würde mich riesig über Möbel für Dias und das Dornen-Tigerrochen-Reittier freuen.

    Merkwürdige Entscheidung diese Sachen aus dem Itemshop zu entfernen.