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    But I don't think, guilds that prefer siege war (for having fun) would stop it and run dungeons instead because it is more profitable, I mean it still is a game and we play it for fun. Although I see the problem that PvP guilds need stats too and therefore are forced to do PvE which they (probably) don't like and we should add something like OP suggested to give them some sort of currency.

    100% agree!

    SW and Arena 3 vs 3, 6 vs 6 Karros Canyon, Tyrefen Mountain Range, Visdun Fortress have to give this some currency for every "kill"

    "currency" that you get for "Killing" or be near (in case you play PVP tank or healer)

    1 "kill" = 1 "coin"

    make that ""currency"" OP!

    1-st idea :

    NPS who trade "currency" for tokens, shells, mementos, shards ... and so on


    1 "kill currency" = 1 token

    2 "kill currency" = 1 shell

    1 "kill currency" = 2 mementos

    1 "kill currency" = 3 shards

    20 "kill currency" = 1 proof

    2-nd idea:

    NPS that sell PVE gear (similar to Proof vendor)

    300-400-500 "kill currency" for 1 item

    Items are with good set bonus and give set bonus 5% dmg or so (make it better then craft set

    Items are good for make swap gear and give "unique name" red stat (can be used together with Proof/ini red stats

    Items are split in sets (pants belt hands cape) (upper helmet feet sholders) and

    Accessory give Attack+crit or Healing+crit

    3-th idea (Dreams) PVP Weapons

    It is 10% weaker then Hard mode weapon but give 15- 20% dmg vs players

    and Best healer hammer/wand in game (20% more healing power and m dmg)

    So every healer who want to be OP Need ot HAVE it XD

    (weapon cost 1000 "kill currency" but give "unique name" red stat (can be used together with Proof/ini red stats))

    in conclusion:

    If you like PVP and do Lot of PVP you WON'T need to do even daily, minigames, farm memento! you do PVP you can Sell Stats that are Unique and needed from Pve players ... i think This 2 lines can make many to instantly join PvP zone after login and do only that! 8)

    RoM SW is like play "Stone-scissors-paper" and combos work so

    lets sasy K/m is a stone , wl/ch is a scissors and r/d is Paper

    just handle it "k/m is immune to magic" "wl/ch is speed hack" and "r/d* kill you" thats it!

    *r/d can die in moment of swap to pve gear just from randomly runing on "Beast's Roar" Wl/ch few times before success to throw his poison AOE over crazy running WL/ch (thats why i think wl/ch kill r/d for sure if both have no immune foods on)

    I assume here we discussing what we want to see in Item Shop ... on promo or added at all. Prices also are hot topic here i think!

    Support your opinion about prices +20 Jewels and if you read my up post you can see my idea about that:

    "50% off price ALL Jewels once a month"

    I did plus lot of items to +20 last year and fail/drop rate isn't so bad ... if you count ... is 8-10 jewels (maybe im lucky but lucky is if 1 or 2 items but 15-16 items is not a luck) so i believe if Gameforge half all jevel price for 1 weekend every month all will be way better

    Good point Cenre with "Wider variety of promotions" = Different thing on "Promo" monday to thursday

    stuff like charges potions and other "consumables" TBH some time i have 10k + dias and nothing to buy with months ...

    in Weekend "Real Proimo"

    1. 50% off all jewels ... once a month

    2. 50% off ABL, Extractors and cleaners = once a month

    3. Rare costumes (game is so old why to hide them?) ... everything in category "costumes" once a month in promo! (50 dias per piece) ...

    4. Perfect Jewels +20 and +30 ... once a month (500 ruby)

    5. bring back dias/ruby reward ratio!