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    dont come back its not worth the time and money to make a char from 0

    You can ignore this post , peoples who bet on the wrong horse are not good to listen :) (What exactly i mean you will learn after you make character on Vidar and conect me in private here) There are many reasons ot play this game still and one of them is to learn all story of EU servers :P

    Here are still nice peoples :) PvP is what you make it ... Depends of gear you make and guild you !!!join!!! :) about PvE is easy ... Depend of what you can play or want ot play! (don't make human exept you want ot play knight!) elf and dwarf give more options and this option are more welcome in party/runs/inis aka PvE XD

    S/wd, wd/w,w/wd ... if you go for physical dps (elf) + druid/wd <== only heale! doubt other kinds worth :) ... in general Elf if toy want to be physical DPS

    warlock/mage ,mage/werlock = dwarf = instant inv if shout "lf part/run" ... war/mage after oyu make your gear .... dwarf = Magical DPS

    i know there are many how will say about Champoins ... about other stuff but ... ling me names of first 3 endgame Champs that come in your mind on Vidar ... (and still play) ok thanks was "trap" there are not endgame champs on Vidar (endgame= tpo ini daily main party not coz someone is missing or have free spot)

    Good luck! Runes of magic still worth

    My point is that a set bonus of +10% offhand dmg does nothing. It's like a slap in the face for scouts. RW may as well just remove it and do something else with that bonus spot

    5% crit dmg!

    Bonus sold :)

    p.s. i don't play scout last 5 years and won't start play it anyway! Just make something nice for leather combos <3

    Maybe we see some big changes soon, Next week sounds me fine for that! :P

    I smell lot of nerfs are coming however im fine with that (lot of cheap gera in AH <3 )

    have song for a new patch:

    You was so cool and so deadly

    now Balloons moke with you

    Your speed so gone oh sadly

    slow like snail move you, do you?

    la la la warlock, warlock la, la la la!

    Skills i have from items Skills and sets

    Now itgive me more mana la la la

    Don't joke im so sad and upset

    I am Warlock/cham with 200000 mana la la la

    but my Severed with now skill of sets

    Have cool down 20 sec but use mana la la la

    Now i have to sell all me PVP sets

    Lalala Thanks Gamegofgeis not only me la la la

    My friend was Knight/mage and he also cry

    "reflected dmg is back" he say la la la

    Just before he die, Maybe we have to Try

    "New STEAM server" he cry and i cry la la la

    Hello :)

    You can have 3-th class also and 3 more if buy class tickets.

    Rogue/Druid is good for solo farm but if you need just "option to heal yourself a bit from time ot time" i can say Rogue/Warden

    Have skill that heal you every few sec with 20-30 % of your healt (not so bad i farm last 2 ini easy mode without need of healing pots

    if you like PVE in Hardmode inis with Party, well then Rogue/Warden and 3-th class Scout :)

    warden/scout is good party biffer (also can heal himself from time ot time ...perfect solo farm combo for me also

    and Scout/Warden one of best dps atm! It take time to level all combos but if you want dps that kill fast die hard and heal (himself) Rogue/Warden is your combo to start game

    Point Droppers can be removed one time for all realy easy

    1. NPS in Varanas Central that exgange link runes for SW badges No exgange limit! (all PvE happy me too witohut them! Good bye!)

    2. Honor paints only from kills and tower cap 20 per kill 50 for tower cap (if you need honorpoint for crafting but can't or won't fight just make 2 more alts for Drill ground)

    SW will be less laggy without your crap alts on towers!


    If the "newbs" in your guild have to do the important jobs (like farming crystals) then they should also get the rewards. If you don't think so your guild can make a rule to have them leave & join SW a few minutes before end - although I think that would be a silly rule.

    no more "Boxes" form SW (you can buy from HonorShop castle NPS lot of them) <--- coz NoW you can buy BADGES for Link runes! XD ... you like to farm ... balloons Ok go farm in all Taborea all Link runes then go to NPS in Varanas Central that exgange Link runes for SW badges No exgange limit!


    Number of towers in SW your guild hold boost speed of Extractors in SW!

    Example: 3 towers = all extractors work x3 faster

    Game do upgades Automaticly in SW! if you have crustals and .... no need any "upgrades" at all!

    5. Kills give "kill points" 30 kills +1000 crystals = Defense 1, p Attack 1, m attack 1, Corosiongrass 1 and Healthingy 1

    after your guild get next 30 kills + 1000 crystals then Defense 2, p Attack 2, m attack 2, Corosiongrass 2 and Healthingy 2

    untill you rich cap of your buildingd level!

    It will need to be bloody mess = 300 kills to get lvl 9 or10 buffs ... if your guild have buildings X

    Academy .. yes all we invest a lot in academy !

    Maybe lvl of academy can decrease amount of "Kill points" per upgrade

    Example Academy X .... = 20 "Kill points" per upgrade!

    So in end you Need 200 kills to get max upgrades .. it will hapens realy rare and only when you need it

    if SW is just few players ... and hard to get many kills ... you dont need so much upgrades for that anyway XD

    6. Herald = 25 kills or 6 towers (if no enemy) <== Then go to Throne and click "i want to be a herald" ... "yes" ... "yes" Done!

    a. Rams cost crystals x1000 (if have towers x 6 will be able to buy fast if No enemy)

    b. Scrolls, traps and some towers cost Merits .... kills and Tower cap give merit as normal (no ballonns in SW)

    7. Fighter can trade merit to "Defenders" to build some trap feelds around castle!

    No more alts on towers and no greedy reward farmers!

    Siege war is one of the few aspects of the game which can be played succesfully after a very short amount of time...

    2 months leveling 100/70 and farming/crafting some gear

    -> 4 Knight/Mages (30min of 60 immun to magic while dealing 1kk hits - gg), 4 Warlock/Champs (running with super speed and dealing tons of damage while having a lot of HP) and 4 Heals (Priest/Knight - good Sustain with great heal)

    --> 12 people and you´ll crush everything underneath 2000-3000 points without any effort, without level X buildings, without gear from dungeons, without everything which really needs time, without any red stats

    Yes maybe in case this peoples have good knowledge about game and enough access to item shop stuff it can happens

    i made char on "other" server in 2 months but i had hight lvl friend who help me a lot and i buy 30k dias from Gameforge and sell half to buy stats and some items! but having knowledge for economy on game and server and lot of free time!

    Thats why i doubt for 2 months "New server" can have lvl 100 crafter this take time and need resourses even you lvl char for 2 day on bonus EXP with 200 daily resets tickets ....

    Crafting you cant force so much it need mementos x a lot and is hard to farm without gear even Dod ... still need lot of work ot make char able to farm it :)

    When i start this game it was lvl 60 cap i start with 2 friends we make castel start level chars and craftings ... for 6 months F2P i was 59 lvl with blacksmith lvl 60 ... lvl cap was already 62 ... Our Guild was 10 players most near 60 castle lvl 7 or 8 and buildings lvl 4-5 gear was crap ... realy crap few 55 weapons and we needed 4 ppl to do DoD easy for memento farm ...

    Guild die we had to found a new one ... in end i become SW ready after more then 1 year after i start play , lvl cap was 72 and i had (buy for Dias= sell dias to have so much gold) TOSH set and axe!

    I start from ~0 on 3 servers after that it take from 2 to 6 month to become SW ready ... but servers have crafters and high lvl already players!

    If you enter server on 1-2 weeks probably you wont found even "bag stats lvl 100" in AH ... Road on new servers is hard and i believe is better if:

    Steam Introduce to their auditoria of users ROM like it is and If someone want to join lets join us on old servers with guilds and players who can help and teach new players to play

    What about ....

    split SW on 2? "balanced SW" and OP SW?

    if you reg for "balanced SW" all your items inside SW become T7 max and +16 max (weapon t12 +16) (runes can stay like it is or change to VIII)

    and OP SW .. you have your gear you fight as it is NOW

    So if you dont want ot meet monsters just do "balanced SW" and all happy (you never meet Chell again for example) or maybe meet coz they reg by mistake "balanced" but THEN you are at same or similar Gear! and you can try get your revenge :P

    Does not work this way. Otherwise I will make 10 Alts, play Arkanium arena wich each one and farm 90-250 dias a day ;)

    I will be realy One of people happy thet someone will PLAY a lot in this pvp zones! Think not only AA have ot give this "PvP coins"!

    10 chars x 50 kills is lot of time :) for me you will more than deserve 100-200 dias a day!

    i hope Gameforge will protect PVP arenas/zones from exploiters!

    "Log 3-4-5-10 chars and farm kills and wins" <-- this wont be fair coz if you are alone in one team with 1 person and his 4 alts! .... you will lose bad

    I'm sure Gameforge can cut this way of exploit in a Needed long ago way "only one account in PvP zone from PC"

    when you enter with second account/char in other or same PvP zone "first" LogOFF <3

    its posible and not so hard to have 100% "exploit free PvP"

    1. GM control and "serial progressive banana cake" :)

    2. "Test zone" before enter PvP zone you meet "mob" have to kill it or (survive 30 sec) <- you are healer! you cant pass on 10 chars xD probably cant on even 3 XD

    3. Not realy sure someone can

    Arcanium Arena was a great idea although it had some bumps in the road that needed to be fixed. The main issue was that the stats were never updated. This caused the value of the arena to essentially have an expiration date. This could be fixed by simply increasing the stat values every or every other cap to maintain their viability; the name wouldn’t even have to change just literally increase the stat values.

    Make Arcanium Arena to give "PVP currency" 1 coin for 1 player "killed" and 10-15 coins for "Crystal" destroyed

    Replace "Arcanium Arena NPS" with "PvP merchants" ....

    NPS 1. Trade "PVP currency" for all other ingame currencys (different valye of currencys ofc)

    NPS 2. Selling gear (Pvp but with other stats name (stats change every lvl cap) items too

    NPS.3 PvE gear :

    Items are with good set bonus and give set bonus 5% dmg or so (make it better then craft set

    Items are good for make swap gear and give "unique name" red stat (can be used together with Proof/ini red stats

    Items are split in sets (pants belt hands cape) (upper helmet feet sholders) and

    Accessory give Attack+crit or Healing+crit

    NPS 4.

    Exchange Dias 3-5 time a day* 25 PvP Coins for 3 or 5 dias :)

    * depend from how many time you have for SW-s and pvp at all :)

    FOR PvE players can be found other way/currency to exchange for dias

    Example HoS bosses give 1 PvE coin ... IBP give 3-5 amount is under discusion or something like this

    My ideas are:

    Make ppl stop slack!

    Bring back free Dias in game!

    Stat that drop only in PVP that PvP players can trade on equile price to dungeon stats

    My idea is to make SW profitable to make but no real profit on low points!(point droppers can't exploit it by stay on low points for badges and extra rewards)

    its like "if you make lot of kills you can't get max of reward" coz you are in low then XXXX points guild!

    There is nothing about "Elite" all wil lget more then NOW! Even if you can get 5 free dias a day is more then Now coz now is 0

    Yes someone can get 20 a day but He invest time or dias to make gear for 20k point sw ... and "he" wil lneed lot more to keep his gear up for hard SW over 20k points for Example!

    There is no way to explain it well to everyone but ... if "Give some Extra profit" can save you from point dropper guilds? Even you cant get "Maximum profit" you will still get something more then now and will be "free" from point droppers (probably)

    Many guilds will found their points too poor and will decide to try rise to 5000 ... so you won't meet "some opponents" anymore

    Example: if there are a good "Reasons" Astral(Vidar) have power to hold 10000+ points ... but now is just more easy to slack and peoples have no reason to log in time for SW! I know guys you can :P


    even if it mean "can't use IBW on 500 points"

    forgot about this! bad idea! I'm sorry! let's separate PvP from PvE topics/users

    i dont think you are giving steam users the credit they deserve,

    "Runes of magic" is time consuming game everyone who try to convince me that you can play runes of magic and have progress without spend 2+hours a day is a liar or P2W! I have many friends who have/use Steam ... when you have "Steam" you rare spend lot of time on/in one game every day x few hours a day!


    "have friend who return ot RoM every 10-11 months" <= play few weeks or months and see thet progress is slow ... mostly coz of "just few minets to some other game" ... then is "Sorry guys but i can't make new gear and im too weak now wish you all best" or just disapere without any word .... untill next few games make him bored and he come again to RoM ;)

    Have "Steam" and no P2W ... your gear is "One item per lvl cap" <=== old joke my freind use when he "inspect equipment" (yes it can be lvl 95 set but stats are from last 5 lvl caps) .. is ok NP i like my freinds who have Steam <3

    And you definitively have to let them register for SW so they can start farming merits.

    The Server is not even Open, Players still don't Know what Runes of magic is ... they have no idea what "SW is" but you already corrupted their minds to make them think this is Just a

    farming merits

    here is a limit i put myself :)

    P.S. i don't think Steam Server can be healthy! This idea will only split again our so small community

    Well, should be quite simple to modify all mainline quests at once, could be done with a script quite easily to increase by a %, and dont forget, to put tp on quests would also require runewaker. So regardless it needs them to move off their lazy ass.

    Main quest line 55+ was already changed to give EXP x2 so is possible! also make in game ot be 10 Exp = 5 TP from "quests" also not so big deal to change if you know your job you can do it before finish your morning coffee :P

    ONE big FAT black point for "New server" theory

    What about SW guys ? it will take long time before "New server" players got lvl 100 til lthen they do SW like how?

    a. SW only guild from this "new server"? till when? How many guilds wil lbethere so have some different oponent not jsut 10 guilds and 5 of then are not fight hard oponents!

    b. NO SW first 2 months and then throw them on the lions ....

    what level caste buildings you make for 2 months .... idk 5 if lucky XD

    how good pvp gear you can make if you have no SW and low lvl drill ground also idk!

    c. STEAM server stay alone till end of the days and be like "Italian server" much happynes and big effort for few months then ... wel lwe on Siochain/Aurora know how many come from there after merge

    do not think +200% EXP (since TP is not possible) is a good idea.

    Gameforge can make it posible (few lines of cod)

    1. They will suffer from not having enough TP and get the impression that they can level only one skill or so

    TP bonus can be 300-500-1000% is all depend how cool Gameforge want to be!

    Also, pimping your equipment is an essential part of the game (and a fun thing to do for many), so taking this away with the leveling equipment might be a bad idea, too.

    after you are done with leveling and you want ot do Hard Mode inis or SW you have to make/learn ot make Gear ... but make gear every 10-15 lvls (done tell me about questing with quest gear ... try to go in Torgoten after redhill with quest gear and die 1000 time coz of hiden imba kilelr mobs .... "play comfortable" <-- essence of all ... if you want to suffer 10-20 min or kill a single mom of time "you go out of mana twice"for every quest done, your choice but most of ppl are not!

    PS: This Click "like" ... begging is annoying

    "begging" please you have to start career in TV comedy show! For real you make me laugh like no one last half of my life!

    "Click "like" if you are agree with me!" is a way to show Gameforge that im not alone in my opinion ... and someone share it !

    and peoples in forum know me well enought that im not ""instagram star""

    Dont give sh1t for your ""likes"" or ""dislikes"" <<-- something i wish as option too

    BTW if you think it is "annoying" i can make it my ""signature""

    P.s. Game have to be more easy for new players! "Like this post if you are agree"

    Point Droppers can be removed one time for all realy easy just read:

    Rewards in PvP have to be given only for number of kills!

    Rewards have to be so good that more peoples get tempted to "fight"/do SW !

    Badges and few orbs 10k exp + few t6 items are crap/trash/nothing

    Need New PVP currency 1kill =1coin that can be:

    a. exchanged for other ingame currency

    b. tradet on NPS for cool items (pvp and pve)

    c. exchanged on NPS for Dias 5 coins =1 dias 5 fime a day = 25 dias if you kill lot of ppl (and your guild over some points)

    Won't move my finger to reg button if it was no fun of play SW

    Guild SW ranking points Need to give some bonus for 1000 for 2500, 5000 and more then 10000!

    even if it mean "can't use IBW on 500 points"

    Or exchange PVP coins for dias "from you guild ranking points depend how many time you can exchange"

    Nothing ot farm in SW zone/map only players = Guards give merit for traps and towers but reward not depend from merit anymore!

    players so named "Upgraders" will have ot make PVP gear and fight or enjoy few malatina minigame untill others "Fighters" finish with "fun"

    Upgrades can be made automatically from game every 20 kills give 1lvl upgrade forge feeld and so on ... you kill you have upgrades you cant it get slower !

    Click "like" if you want new "PvP currency"!

    better 200% TP/EXP from mobs +quests also permanentor for 60days to new "accounts" = players and Gear that rise with player .... (stats = 50% of char lvl best posible gear) <== when you +1 lvl gear stats rise a bit so you can QUEST comfortable to 100 then you make gear you want ot have ... but you can do quests and minigames easy and feel well to play untill you lvl up :P

    Click "like" if you are agree with me!

    Just remove restriction how many time you can interact with housemaid (who care how fast you will level new housemaid buffs)?

    Or is "becouse it was slow for me it have to be so for all amd forever"???

    also remove housemaid potion and food time duration ... it's ridiculous to have ot renew this things if you use few a day but every day have to visit house ....!

    What can be wrong? We can exploit by have no need of visiting "house" every day maybe?

    and housemaid "Buffs" ... what if they have no time limit? You got patt buff and run around with it untill you deside you need HP buff and THEN you have to go and take another buff !

    Click "Like" if you are agree with me!

    I don't think ANY new server is good idea!

    Our game is sick, and need a treatment !

    We need new ppl on our "old" servers .. not Our servers to donate players bored from lack of ppl to "try their luck in a new server"

    Open New Server in a moment game need server merge is like "treat patient shooted in a stomach by shooting him in a leg too" ... it will kill patient even more faster ... but he will not think for a hole in stomah becouse pain in a leg will be maybe greater!

    If our GM-s was doing SW regularly and suffer from the effect of "wishing well buffs" this "problem" would be long time ago fixed and forgotten!

    Problem is that i doubt GM-s at Runes of Magic are realy play this game :)

    Thats why There are players/guilds dancing on the edge of abuse/exploit !

    There is a peoples so arogant to get this "wishing well buffs" right before SW with the only purpose to make their oponents just crash :)

    but you have to know my opinion about that:)



    - Sarkas

    Since RW and GF do not care at all, you can write here hundreds of solutions...

    solution is only one and i write song for it:

    Ban, Ban Bann!

    Ban /Ban/Bannan

    Give long Bannann!!!

    Ban, Ban Bann!

    Ban /Ban/Bannan!

    Ban, Ban Bann!

    Ban /Ban/Bannan!

    To all who use this!

    Ban, Ban Bann!

    Ban /Ban/Bannan!

    Ban, Ban Bann!

    Ban /Ban/Bannan

    if they are recorded!

    Ban, Ban Bann!

    Ban /Ban/Bannan!

    Ban, Ban Bann!

    Ban /Ban/Bannan!

    Give Banan so they

    "eat banan" a few weeks!

    Ban, Ban Bann!

    Ban /Ban/Bannan <3

    they can't even get their main content (inis) right, so i wouldnt get my hopes up for secondary content.

    And how you decided that "Inis" are main content? i think more peoples/guilds do SW/PvP daily then Inis/PVP ... check out how many guilds on your server make SW every day and how many do runs (vor+) .... Art to kill pixels/bits aka (1001010110) vs Art to outplay other players ...