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    I talk with many players many times about this. My opinion is mostly same with others :)

    Ruby reward have to be 50% of dias you use (100 dias = 50 ruby)

    Also All kind of Prefect Jewels have to be in IS all time not on promao and not as reward from "The wheel of destiny"

    "The wheel of destiny" to be removed FOREVER!

    Also suggest to be added in list of censured phrase: "The wheel of destiny"!

    like dark and deeply corrupted part of RoM hisotry

    bug or cheat or eploit or he is a gms brother doesnt matter at all.

    gf stopped caring about game completly they dont even declare proper rules for sw, they are juts milking the game for years, it slowly gets worse player base slowly decreasing to an inevitable death

    so let it be, leave it to "die" without you crycoz such cry make it die faster, found another game to cry from and thats it! sayonara good bye astalavista and güle güle <3

    p.s. thanks for watching "crying widow TV"

    Game is fine Serversare fine ! all is fine ! if there is problem is behind monitor! <3 you all hope to see you in Tera or Aion <-- dk how to write hope is ok XD

    Now that steam and new servers are down

    Actually you are damn right! Atlast Idun server half down (No Varanas and idk what more)

    And i think New level cap more needed then servermerge At Moment!

    Don't think only "new server" get lot of new ppl right now!
    Also not sure about how healthy will be a new merge!

    Was realy big supporter of merge Aurora and Agenor ... result was poor :(

    Disappointment of "after honeymoon" or lets say: "We are what we are nothing will change us in new server or new guild, result will be soon same coz we did what is now and will do same again"

    No need to explain but i doubt any of Guild 3 of you (3 posts before) belong will get something good :)

    Every Merge will put your guilds on challenge and even you think they are strong and unated ... time shows that things broke from side you never expected :)

    Only benefited from merge atm can be Nocturnus + Chimera merge or alt exchange :)

    For rest of guild will be a few players exchange ... = 2-3 guld will die in next (after merge) 2-3 months!

    You move ot "better guild" dont mean it will be same "better guild " few weeks after :)

    Don't think just few people's interests are good enough reason to make merge :(

    Summer is over soon "your players" will return to game and nothing better to make them stay for long then new lvl cap and working ini!

    For me new merge is something for after new year holydays :)

    p.s. Maybe Vidar + US is better idea at last maybe they need this merge maybe more!

    80% - tested in a declared war just for this purpose

    want to see it on video !this is entirely new dimension of "impossible"

    Let everybody see how your alt gets probably destroyed by aoe and never be in focus of anybody.

    Man im not here to talk bul!@#$ .. my alt is 700k + hp full pvp! and im not chip guy in SW that worth even 2nd p/r have phoenix and rock guardian =800k+ hp :P

    killed by AOE is like YES there is 1 of Asgard ch/ms that can do it

    And if it is a scout, what will we learn from that?

    No i never see scouts to do that run around enemy tower to found p/r ... or even near :) "scout detect" is realy low range almost useles = and even Scout see me i will be fine ... but w/k k/m r/wd ... cant detect! WL also!

    Random lucky charge in area 400 range from tower ... ... See when i build tower and remember ... doubt i build 3-4 towers and change when no enemy

    Enemy rogue who see me when change and report to w/k "coordinate" ... WHY rogue didnt kill me himself?

    BTW i didint see Guild who use Tornado to dmg buildings inside from 1-2 years

    dont think Skill need changes or "Fix" coz of 1-2 ppl who do :P

    Also think is part of game! is "Siege" for me even cata have to be able to throw inside and dmg ... @Make defenders busy with not only gates"

    Well, gohard has +24 pvp gear, which is already much more then a hoe set

    have gear and play are 2 different things (can do SW in weekend only and ... most of time prefer to go drink with friends) last 2 SW-s ... 1st 10 min active then probably drop under table ... 2nd stay afk on some hill near Hilot ... kind of YES he is in unbreakable... yes have 1kk hp k/m but paly rogue ... (10 min a week) ... any of my alt with more kills .. like x2 x3 x10 ? xD

    you have to change your nick to "Joker"

    About "my folders" you try to hit so low that you will hit your forehead in the ground XD

    "200Mb folder can fix all of your nab problems" was dirty joke truth is it have to be 12,5GB folder ^^ something that remove game itself XD but English humor is away from my savage jokes!

    P.s. look forward to see what kind of gear you make with T8 i sell you :P

    "having friend like you can make me so proud, that even i can fail once" unknown English lord :P

    About 3 hitting me ... "F@%k the evidence" for more info

    Dont need rules to make forbifen something legal!

    "tornado" is legal Skill (herald) it have 7 min CD i think! if Enemy do on building your gate is "save" for 7 more min! is good for You

    If most of guild can outheal their gate if not destroyed its possible to outheal building inside !

    Dont think Tornado from outside can do more then 50% dmg on building inside, will make declare war in weekend ot check

    1. focus buildings inside!

    2. 1p/wl is enought to fix problem 70/70 is like 1 weekend to make on p lvl !

    3. druid/wd can fix it for less then min ... yes have to back ot castle but ... you want ot have this building or not?

    4. "more Ch/ms" ... log more ch/m for every gate, building and even player! (i buy new PC today can log 20 acc) do like me!


    But as long as there are players like Heroin here... against changes but defending bugusing and even claiming that 50% of all players are cheating and seeing through stealth...

    what about (i buy new PC today) and start recording ...

    Next who run from bridge pass my main like road sign and charge directly to my alt p/r under invi tower near midd tower better smile (for photo)

    there is a song for banana ban will link it later!


    pushing it nearer tower is obviously a lame attempt to try and make it harder to click the crystal.

    The only obvious for me is you can't lose with honor! Tower is twice higher than ram is visible from bridges or you have ot click to fondation? its "lame" to blame guild whuch all players gear cost same as your HOE set XD read enought for this in Discord:

    "they are too many" ...,"they only f cap" ... "they and those Rams" ... "we was just 4-5" ... "F cap, cry, fCAp cry cry... cry" and you are so great and they are so lame XD

    lame but stun and not kill your herald for last 30 sec yes? is that lame? have no immune for last 30 sec make oponent lame?

    (I bought new PC, soon start active Youtube channel) catch you there my dear PRO "friend"

    P.S. Scar, how is to play tetris my man?

    Was mentioned to unbreakable long ago they use rams to defend towers they just don't seem to care

    Ram at tower is to hide P/r ... coz of 50% of players see under invi/see when you are in hide!

    leave RAm +> purge +> enter ram and use "Hit" is problem i believe only to peoples with too much gear with habbit "now i will clean this tower on AOE" !

    No you wont!

    Ram still there p/r did his job (probably) you are +25 and over but you cant take tower!

    There is other machine that can melt this ram HP to 0 in 30-40 sec or so!

    Siege machines are cool and have to be more involved in gameplay :) don't like it ? Arena 6 vs 6 is all yours <3

    But yea, you have to rum and "take all" not everything is Diyce and buffs :P

    About lame tactic ... "i have OP gear (also play OP combo) and i think i am great and i hAVE to win" <-- Lame tactic!

    I usually need help of other players because it's a lot to do.

    Damn it! let me make char in your server and i will come to help you in all this horrible work !

    Sorry it took me half hour to stop rolling on floor, laugh and cry in same time :)

    Are you need someone to hold your horse and put a little ladder near so you can mount on horse?

    I was in many guilds, too many i think, Seen everything, it's always biggest problem:

    1. all who do upgrades are offline! (we cut one fightre to do that even on alt it take time and we lose figter)

    2. Too many farmers and too low fighters ... we cant protect well middle enemy rogues pass t ohome then slaughtering farmers and their alts few times = no upgrades! most of farmers are not 700k hp s/wd to erase every enemy rogue near home!

    Farmers rare even buff with more then house maid pots! XD (enemy = dead farmer)= 20 merit for enemy +20 for every alt on tower ... 1 Fcap = 100 from tower and 60-80 from farmer alts is 180 merit for the ENEMY! free merits for our enemy!

    3. when can't hold home towers clean ! Farmer alts are dying when apear out of castle! = no merit = no upgrades ... just merit for enemys! isnt helpfull realy ... farming system is so broken that is better to be removed at all!

    4. When we cant even hold home towers for long (enemy Fcap we also al lthe time) then many farmers quit SW ... see it in many SW-s in too many guild!


    But that is what some players like to do, believe it or not

    if you are so nice and Brave to tell me name of guild you are in and your Char name i will be glad to visit "your tower" <3 i mean as regular i can <3 good way to test my new r/d right?

    , but you give him some equipment so he doesn't die and you protect him

    i so gonna check this! <3

    Basicly what you are saying is you don't want to support the teamplay

    Team play is what you do "together" Farm on tower, cary alts for extract merits is something player do !!!Alone!!! 80 % of time play alone is nothing to do with Team play! It's total oposite of play together :(

    I try to save those Players from "merit slavery" i want to break their chains and realiese them to ""play"" There are 100 other things they can do insted of endless "farm balloons buy buffs farm more, buff the alt/alts stay at tower then do upgrades"

    All this can be replase by 50-100 line of game coding :)

    1. merit replased by other thing that palyer take from kills but it also gofe resours in guild (like crystals) after 25-30 of this kilkl points Guild castle get upgrade all buffs by +1 ... end of story

    2. No reason ot warry Upgrader will crash .. have ot start again all = 10 min later with upgrades!

    3. Make some Pvp gear is easy and cheap! Less farmers more fightres thats what game need!

    What about: This is not a guild of a few selfish players who only want to slay enemies and lets their "small" players participate in SW.

    "Selfish players" are there to kill each other! thats the meaning of PVP!

    What about "small" players in PVE? noone will give you to even smell near Temple HM loot if you are not ready for this run! ... what if i want to join last ini HM run with my pvp gear 6x sta/m def r/ch ... XD Ha hA HA! This is game for "NOT small" players! There are requirements you need ot have before "you" start .... helping or asking for similar rewards as "selfish players who only want to slay enemies" ! Yes and that is PvP coz those players pput some efort to make PvP gear! and "small player" are too busy to write in forum instead of make few drill grounds minigames farm few bags and make "some" pvp gear!

    is 100% similar in pvp and pve! you have gear + skills you play it!

    why you think HM ini si not for 36 players ... just to get all "small palyers" (in guild or friend list) inside so they can get some rewards (even memento) WHY?

    There is no "free lunch" ... yes small players can help in ini too ... some music,buff ... but NO HM ini is for 12 palyers! is not fair right? Only Gearde palyers enter ini (and some supports with crap gear but 1-2 not an army of them)

    Where is Team play where is ""rights of small players""? There is no such things and will never BE!

    Now is a free lunch in PVP ... sadly! but time will show!

    but about all the other things above

    farm 10 min balloons , go to building get buffs go to tower stay 10 min get more buffs, trade merits with alts , butt more alts , go ot castle and make few upgrades ... (if all ok around 40th min of SW you can start "Minegrafting" around castle!?? Right thats work is so hard and im such unthankful slayer???

    Not going to happen. You can "suggest" this as often as you wish to. And we will always repeat the same answer.

    I was here in Game and Forum long before i see you as a GM (we cross each other road) and here was even darker than now time (Darkside GM-s) i survive them im here they are not! Peoples come, peoples leave! Never say never :) I deeply doubt that all GM-s/Runes team think like "you" :)

    The time of light will come :) And I will be here to welcome Sunrise of Golden PvP age in RunesOfMagic! SW need fondamental changes and remove "5 alt on each tower" will be part of it! or you gona tell me thats "special skill" ? in end of SW all those alts have 2000k merit each (not used) and guild have 15-20k crustals?

    FOR WHAT? a good team play? ... its Exploit to extract with few chars!

    ITS unfair advantage coz "This guild have guy who can log 4-10 chars"!

    What he made? "Trap/tower field" that make half attack team CRASH?

    It's like a clockwork where everyone has got their task

    IS that PvP? is that Teamwork and "clockwork" ... ?

    With Academy X ...amount of resources for LaggBuilding is unlimited ...

    Is nothing ot do with "Skill" its High level Exploit! and abuse with GAME Engine!

    Huge trap and tower field make some players lagg/freezing and craash!

    Is advantage for players with strong/new PC and disadvantage for players with weak/old pc!

    I know is probably great to see "your" creation "Ther great TRAP sea" from Anand to Bellin ... and thats "your" job in SW? is THAT PvP? ...i think YOU ...

    might play the wrong game

    MINECRAFT will be a right place for your "talent" <3

    With all my respect!

    2-3 people and you don´t need great gear or anything to kill this one in less than 2 min...

    So in your opinion tower cap have to take 2 min ? and if there are enemys? and they wont let you peacefully Kill their guard? or they wait and let you then they start kill "your" guard? XD

    how did you imagine all this

    process in SW 15 vs 15? how can you focus ot kill guard when there are 2 wl/ch from enemy side are not agree? for this 2 min wl/ch can die 3 time on your tower and come again ... and

    probably those guys have friends :)

    Will ask you seriously to make screen on your gear and upload here so i learn what is this undefeatable guy/combo/gear that can outtank guard, kill all enemy and BigGuard and survive it XD coz most guilds i know (600-1500 points have no regular healer and no realy ppl who can tank guards more then 15 sec

    XD are we play/talk for SAME game? :)


    You want to know what comes to my mind when i read your suggestion?

    Hey lets meet in the middle - everyone take a lot of alts/toons with you so that it´s 36 vs 36...

    Then 2-3 guys from each guild will kill each other and will then be revved by priest or druid - all 36 chars standing near get also kills... so you cann endlessly farm kill-coins. And since this is everything you need for reward (especially your rewards... proofs or even more crazy diamonds) - exactly this will happen

    your mind is really open for exploits ?

    Are you sure both guilds will be agree to do this?

    2-3 guys who log 36 chars? i dont know players from this kind :)

    chance such players (guilds) meet in SW will be realy low! kill and ress chars 1 hour ... sound mad ... it take time and you will need realy many chars on lvl cap ... how many players have so many chars idk but not so many ...

    with chance you get percon who jsut want ot fight ot is afk ... YES maybe you can "Farm" ...100 "Kill coins" once a week? but if you need 125 for just 15 dias?

    and for this you need 2-3k point guild? maybe .... just enter in SW with 12-15 chars and move them to middle will take time ... kill , resurrect and again and again?

    maybe 10-15 ppl will try to exploit (i wish them luck) in second week with agresive and not "similar thinking oponents" they will quit this "buisness" XD :)

    also option if you have possibility of GM observing SW-s and This exploit become bannable ... i doubt there are so many "criminals" in RoM so we have to worry?

    And you´ll need farmers and upgraders and defenders and also some guys which are fighting at the front lines... it´s war and it works like war.. you need troops and you need reinforcements and supplies,...

    we are at fantasy MMO game so far from real world war! supplies i buy from AH in form of food and potions! XD

    If in you guild people don´t donate mats (or sent it to alts) then i really feel sorry for you. But maybe then you guys should think about your attitude towards your guild..

    i have observation from last 5 years ( i do SW) on 20+ guilds and 4 servers is everywhere! some people can be even lazy to open SW packs before they need exp orbs or t6 items xD ... and "Direct donation of MORE resources" is faster way that your guild will rise some building

    P.s. seriously make screen on your gear and upload here so i learn what is this undefeatable guy/combo/gear

    (Bug guard killer)

    Never ever give diamonds away fro free and especially not for PvP

    If - then for clearing highest dungeon hard mode :P

    But seriously - there´s an easy way to get diamonds back in game - auction house... it´s disabled temporarily(tm) anyway

    And also serious - why should be pvp 'more lucrative' than any other aspect of the game? Especially when GF doesn´t have any interest in pvp since they took over? And also when pvp is just a very small part of this game?

    Not so sure how is on your Server .. but Vidar lack of Dias sellers! Can't buy any dias few days some times!

    so Free dias are needed to fill the gap in game economy!

    i never say: "Free dias from PvP only" ... but i lack of practice in PvE nowadays so i can't give good idea ... "What to do so you get some free dias by prove you do some PvE"! Feel free to give your opinion coz i can't be accurate :)

    but i can try :) i think every dungeon cleaned give title :)

    Its just idea! So if you haave this title you can do:

    1. HoS title= 1 exchange!

    2. Tosh or Bethomia title= 3 exchanges!

    3. Groto title = 5 exchanges! (Vor+ is too much!)

    Its just idea!

    What PvE players will Exchange IDK ! 50 memento for 3-5 dias? 250 memento for 15-25 dias .... not so hard ?

    Doable but not easy to exploit ... and still better than nothing!

    3. towers can only be occupied when all (including honor-) guards are dead <++Have to disagree! (some guilds cant kill big guard)

    Sorry but - bullshit

    If i can kill this one alone (yes it takes time but it works) - then a whole guild can also do this

    ok there are2 small guards, 1 Big guard on every tower ... and "Honor guard"

    small guards everyone DPS can kill easy but "BIG guard" have lot of HP and 95% dmg reduce or so :)

    i never see a guild to kill this think (Big Guard) in normal SW ... with enemy around :)

    i hope you talk for honor guard XD thats posible to solo ... but if not ... well

    you are a big liar or real cheater XD ! (joke)! Peoples dont kill Big guards, no one do!

    Anyway i doubt anyone will agree to spend 3+ min to kill this thing! AND NOT me i use ld weapons! XD

    so Kill big guard <=== NO but maybe give him to interupt if near even you have immun so you have to move it away = atlast 2 people to take tower with immun and it will be hard you have to take guard aggro and survive untill immun ... sound more reasonoble for me!

    'Hi i´m the sneeaky rogue and kill all toons and little players near enemy castle - i get 50 kills each SW'

    I suggest 10 level below characters to not give any kills (is too easy) and if you read other my posts i suggest to remove merit and crystals from towers so no need any alts or low level players to run around home castle!

    Low level players can build defense (killers can give merit to defenders) and drive siege machines also :)

    Be useful not just "make this upgrades on academy and go watch tower next 40 min"

    in Big Ram even lvl 1 can stop/keep busy 2-3 players for some time!

    'Hi i´m imba heal - i withstand everything and heal my whole guild alone - i get 0 kills each sw'

    Players share kills even now! I play healer and finish in top 5-10 killers in list ... "if you are near you get KillerCoin too" So don't worry about healers they will be nicely rewarded for sure!

    just like the farmer (for strengthening buffs) just like the one actually performing the strengthening. Therefore your kill-coin is shit not thought-out.

    No no no no need farmers and no need upgraders ! Game can do all this alone "Every 20-25-30 kills your guild get one level buffs till level of your forge and field and so" even without PVP gear all player can Drive SW machines and help ... ! All will depend how active you play!

    Reward for players who fight die run ot enemy castle again and again (or to middle) and players who PREFER to camp one home tower 60 min DON'T HAVE to be equal

    -> other rewards get revised (more material/...) so that winning is worth it <== every killed enemy give/add to guild resources 1000 from all resources (ruby 100)

    "you" don't have any Material for guild ... every kill "donate" amount of Material to "your" guild!

    P.s. many players dont donate Materials from reward boxes (open and sent to alt for alt guild or alt sell in AH) !

    Just some thougths from my point of view

    (there´s also a thread in the DE forum with same points - [Vorschlagssammlung + Diskussion] BK)

    1. Castlegates turn to "neutral NPC" and cannot be buffed anymore <= i can agree with this 100%:)

    --> no tons of gate-twinks (which also strain the performance) <= i can agree with this:)

    --> new tactics possible <== every kill heal your gate 3-5 %

    2. changing damage from tornado and scrolls <== Tornado do 50% dmg (can be used Just near gate whatever you do is 50%) scrolls 5% ...

    --> less dmg that it won´t be "whos faster at enemys gate" <==is not just run with Nado and 2 scrolls and you are in, If enemy kill your team player when you try gate it can heal gate so when you attack you try to not die! Sound fair ?

    3. towers can only be occupied when all (including honor-) guards are dead <++Have to disagree! (some guilds cant kill big guard)

    --> no useless tapping <== here is suggest protecting ring (object you have to destroy before start cap HP 3-5-7kk)

    --> pretty much prevents most of ram-tapping <== make around Tower "Ram can't pass zone"

    4. new sw-map with less slopes/... <= i can agree with this:)

    --> less "can´t see target" and "betwenn you and target some gras is located" <= i can agree with this:)

    5. new draw

    --> just opponents with +/- 10% of your own points

    --> if there´s no such guild (e.g. you have 100k point next one would be 20k) you´ll automatically get your nearest neighbor <= one of 3 nearest neighbors (so not same guild every day)

    and now what´s most important for the threads issue

    6. a. new register button 'today 50:50' <==No need coz of next line

    --> for guilds which just want badges but no fighting <== Remove SW badges from SW and put them to NPS exchange for something really easy to farm (link runes) lets Release PvE players from waste time in SW and give them IBW fast and all happy

    --> no need to join actual sw - every member which is online in regular time get´s 13 (or more) badges <== No need coz of Up line

    --> every other reward is cancelled <= i can agree with this:)

    --> counts as a regular sw <== no need

    --> very good for performance <== Yes with SW Bagdes from NPS in Varanas performance in SW wil lbe jsut great

    and / or

    6. b. rewards get adjusted <== Add "KillerCoin" no any other rewards

    --> 13 (or more) badges for every player of a guild - wether win/draw/loss or what they did in sw <== Add "KillerCoin" no any other rewards

    --> other rewards get revised (more material/...) so that winning is worth it <== every killed enemy give/add to guild resources 1000 from all resources (ruby 100)

    --> new players/small guilds have no disadvantage <==not sure what that mean

    --> fast wins against people who just want badges benefit the performance <== no needed

    7. with entering sw every skin/wings/transformations/... are automatically hided <= i can agree with this 100%:)

    --> effects still there

    --> performance improves <= i can agree with this 100%:)

    The most important things concerning point dropping are italic.

    The questions which everyone should have in mind are 'Should anyone (small guild with 10 members/newcomers/..) get disadvantages', 'How can we make point dropping (and everything else which just leads to easier badges) pointless', 'How can we satisfy people who just want badges but don´t want to fight' and 'How can we get people to fight without having thoughts about badge or so'. <==No badges in SW less problems