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    Agree with Axxel above here. The idea of the quest system in Logar is not bad at all, the rewards are just way too low and therefore not attractive enough to do the quests. If you would get a decent reward, I am sure people would team up to kill the bosses in the 2 hours that you have to get attractive rewards.

    An easy fix for the developers that makes a big difference. The idea behind the opening post is not bad either but a little too complicated probably.

    I see people ask for things like this more often. I do not really understand this to be honest. You can already choose to lvl slow, team up with friends and do instances and bosses of your own level when leveling. But I only see people powerlvling, ask help from lvl 100 and rush to lvl 100 with alt number 35.

    A bit contradicting if you ask me :)

    @OP I wish I knew to spend my 200k something honor points before they nerfed it to the current 25k cap and deleted it haha

    Yes same, although I still think the current 25k cap is a little low considering the prices of honor gear at OS.

    I wish I knew sooner that shield form should not be maxed as Ch/R. That would have saved a lot of dias to reset TP a few times.

    Maximum 500 results at AH also seems outdated to me.

    Thanks for your feedback guys. I hope to cover most possible problems with the maximum level and maximum buffed HP but you are both right that there are still ways to make this challenge very easy. But thats people's own responsibility in my opinion because those factors are hard to check for me in a screenshot. I trust everyone to participate in the way intended and thus creating a real challenge for themselves. I will of course monitor the situation and add extra rules if necessary.

    I also received some ingame feedback about the difficulty of staying below level 10 during the first challenge. I can understand that this is quite difficult during this first challenge and it is not the idea to start over during this game in the future. Therefore, the level requirement will be easier to meet during future challenges.

    Everyone is more than welcome to participate of course. But if you don't think it will any fun to your game experience, please just continue like you did :)

    Hello all,

    Many of us still love this game but have reached level 100 by now and are waiting for new content. Maybe a little challenge could be fun. This will be a try-out to see if its enjoyable, so please let me know if you like it.

    The idea is simple. I will post an ingame challenge every few days and everyone who completes the challenge with a screenshot in this topic, gets a point on the leaderboard. Maybe there will be a small prize for the top 3 at the end of the challenge but lets see about that later.


    - You have to create a new character for this challenge

    - You can complete all challenges with the same newly created character

    - You have to meet the requirements stated in the challenge (required class, maximum level, maximum buffed HP)

    - You can play this challenge on the server of your own choice

    - There is no deadline for each challenge, so you are more than welcome to participate later and complete multiple challenges at once

    - These challenges are intended for soloplay, you are only allowed to party with players that also meet the requirements of the challenges (party members are allowed to have other classes though)

    Challenge #1:

    Required class: Warrrior

    Maximum level: 9

    Maximum buffed HP: 441

    Target: Redeye Night Bear


    Think you first need to decide / explore if you want to be healer or DPS because that is not very clear from your question. It is better to choose that in advance cuz it takes quite some time to get 1 of the 2 to be viable in endgame :)

    Is Gameforge going to install a brand-new marketing team to lure more people to this game? Or will it just be a new server to divide the existing players on more servers and keep them busy?

    I like it.

    Just a crazy thought but maybe a seperate ingame-server just for special events could also be fun. A server where only warriors and scouts are allowed as classes for example and the party that kills a boss for the first time gets some rewards in a server of choice or something? And after that, server resets with another crazy event :D

    I see this from time to time. last time was a few days ago. It always goes away if I close the GF launcher and restart it. I get up in the morning and the launcher library is blank, like it needs a Refresh option.

    Ok, it never happened to me until these past days.

    Agree, also for me just a problem of last 10 days. Although last 2 days only sporadically.

    Nice thread! Too bad people feel the need to complain everywhere...

    I wish I knew the following things when I first started RoM:

    - Mage / Priest is not as strong in endgame as it looked at low level.

    - How valuable Goblin Mines is for getting good stats.

    - The enermous added value of housemaids.