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    Hello Jazzygirl,

    If you want to soloplay warrior/rogue and dirty stat your low gear, add some defence stats to the gear. You do not need the defence at the lower levels because you will kill very fast but you will need it later on. If you do not add defence, it will be very hard to keep your dirty statted low lvl gear on your body and still survive while solo playing more difficult zones.

    Hope my advice helps :)

    Good luck!

    You are asking very good questions but I dont think a classic RoM server with lvl 50 cap will solve anything unfortunately.

    I agree with Corwin if you are from the United States of America. If you are from Europe, I think the best choice is to play on the Idun server.

    We will gather your feedback and forward it to the respective department.

    I haven't played on the catch-up server, so I don't know how much my suggestion will be liked by those who did. I was once told that in WoW you can be transferred to another server after paying a fee. Maybe have a fee of certain amount of diamonds for those who weren't able to get to level 85?

    That would surely be better marketing from Runes of Magic than just delete the characters.

    I play from Steam and do not have any launcher at all anymore.

    Which is pretty great actually because it was only an unnecessary double click...

    This post may be a little speculation because I do not have the exact statistics but the post is written based on my observations.

    I see quite some new players in the low level area zones every day. Some are alts, some are returning players and some are actually new players. The returning and new players seem motivated to play (again) but do not really seem to get past level 50-60. Pretty logical because it is easy to get level 50 with Coast of Opportunity or even the 14kk quest in Moorlands of Farsitan. But back in the day I experienced level 50-60 as very fun because of the serious instances and mems farming.

    So what has changed? In my opinion the big difference is the way in which the level 50-55 instances are run. Back in the day you could do the instances with 6 or more people of your level and work together, which was a lot of fun. Nowadays you can get only 3 players of your own level for an instance, which is usually not enough. Therefore people get dragged through the instances by a level 100 in record speed. No fun, excitement or tactics experienced by the low levels and they seem to leave the game quickly after doing some of these runs.

    So what might be a solution? In my opinion it would be a good idea to add another mode to instances. Something like custom mode or someting and this mode should work the same as GM: level based. Give all the mobs in the instance for example half the strength if there is nobody in the party who is 10 levels higher than the instance. In that case low level players will even with low numbers (2 or 3 players) enjoy one of the most fun parts of the game at their level: instances.

    I personally do not agree with warlocks being overpowered and the statement of guild wars should be allowed like 30 min per day.

    Very much agree with arena being useless at the moment but that is another topic.

    My biggest frustration with Siege War is the following:

    I crash regularly during SW and lose my merrits than. That sucks but I can understand that to a certain extent. But why on earth do your wounds worsen when you reenter SW? Feel really unfair to lose ability as well when you get an unwanted crash...