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    Thats to bad , because the vets can see how gameforge hasn't changed. They release on steam and go back to the same money grubbing ways that killed off the game in the first place. Players who have been supporting this game for years (myself and others) Can see that the steam launch has gameforge testing their grounds with the influx of players who have just come in. The greed is real and gameforge hasn't changed. Takes a week for ticket responses , new server they stop doing promo's , do nothing but sales to try and attract players to pay for their full price garbage. Thats the last straw for me when I have a staff tell me on forums that dia prices of packs are balanced with steam for dia promo's when they refuse to do one trying to take advantage of players who dont look at things as deeply as others. This is actually quit sickening ,Clearly your dragon and scout packs ingame reflect your dia promo's so then where are they?? thats right you didnt plan on doing one this month and instead of adjusting the price correctly you again try to manipulate your player base. I have been talking with a LARGE portion of the new players to rom on steam and a boycot will begin on diamond purchases as agreed with the reddit community and other varius review platforms.

    We are not going to feed into your greed while we support your game and you destroy it again, If you think we are going to pay your full price for bloody dias when you have show how incompatent you are with fixing bugs and releasing quality of life changes then you will be upset with whats to come.

    The gaming community is beginning to talk and act against greedy manipulative companies and their cash shops/micro transactions(Just ask ea who just went through a lawsuit for millions). You are running this game like its new but correction its about 15 years old. Get with the time and understand your actions will be frowned upon by the community. Vets hoped that things would improve and get better with the steam release but you are showing us that you haven't changed and nothing about the game has. You saw and influx of players and sales of a few steam bundles and thought "hey lets just rip these new suckers off with our overpriced dias".

    you might not like this post and honestly I'm beginning not to care as you are showing to me that you only care about my wallet. I waited a week... A WEEK for a ticket response from your "Support" about a steam bundle where I had to play your game for that week without my purchased bundle.. Unacceptable , and now you think your little gimics of sales of item shop items is going to manipulate me to pay for your overpriced garbage. I feel sorry for any poor sucker who payed your prices not knowing. Dont worrie though again the community talks , Everyone uses REDDIT in 2018. Your little games wont work any more soon. I wouldnt be surprised to see a large amount of the new players through steam leaving because things are being brought to their attention. You should have learned from your mistakes which clearly you haven't, you are doing the exact same thing you did before which killed the game. I Cant wait to see the steam complaints and the increase of requested refunds through steam , they are destined to come with your sort of attitude. We shall see how long you stay with steam until they realize and think ... they bring to much problems for what they are worth.

    You clearly dont care about you player base, you lie , you manipulate and rip us off. you offer no real support with absolutely sickening response times and I hope new players realize this and to help them realize it this will also be going in your steam review. When is enough really enough , when will you learn and when will you respectfully try to change and improve?

    I try my login information and it just sits at logging in, It doesnt log me in. I've tried both my steam login and my rom account login and its happening with both logins. Could someone let me know if they are having an issue themselves. Would be less upsettings if it wasnt just me having an issue.

    Just wondering if we are getting a dia promo, Although with gameforges greed I have a feeling they are going to try and not do promo's as long as new players pay full price. I think its up to the community to discuss the outrageous dia prices out of promo and have the community agree not to purchase at regular price. 400 dia for 20$ is absolutely ludacris. this game is the only one that has such steap prices.

    thankfully i know my guild and another have guild messages urging their members not to buy dia's at regular price.

    That could be another thing as I dont use add ons, I just haven't played much since im waiting for support but I have found that I have very little if no performance issues with runes of magic. Would make sense that some add ons can cause client stability issues as dont add ons modify the game client which could lead to these sort of crashing issues.?

    My system specs

    Intel dual core processor (3.0 ghz)

    Ati Radeon hd 3400 graphics card (very old)

    8 gigs of ram

    160 gigs hard drive

    windows 7 os

    1 crash in 1 month of playing again , 6-8 hour game sessions a day.

    Having the best computer doesn't limit your graphics , Over the years when I used to play me and some friends figured out it doesnt matter about your systems

    hardware. The engine the game uses cant handle the games graphics itself so you can have a beast pc running on max graphics and It still wont matter , you WILL still crash.

    I crash less if none at all and my computer is a pos over 10 years old almost and my friend with top of the line pc new parts crashes more than me. This is one game no one

    can run graphics settings on max. Just run on low settings , lower your view distance and you should have no problems at all like me.

    I hate how I had to wait all weekend for support on a ticket, and was told to update my ticket with new information which only pushed me further in que making the wait longer, you need to fix this or get a real support department and hire more people. I have waited 4 days with no response and with updating my ticket this weekend its probably going to be another 4 waht a bloody joke

    thats not what i mean , i log in to the us site using my login information. Clicked link account and purchased a bundle... it created a seperate uk account where the perchase was sent.

    Beware when purchasing bundles.

    For players who play in US servers beware when linking your rom account to steam and purchasing bundles. From my current experience linking steam to your accont do nothing, Im a US player with no eu account. I linked my US rom account and steam together. I made the purchase of the scout bundle and it went to eu. I figured log in to eu region with my rom account information but funny enough "account doesnt exist" so on the main page I click log in with steam... loook at that. When linking my accoount steam forced an account creation on eu although I was a US players. I can no longer access the content I purchased with my rom account.. its all linked to this steam account. BEWARE

    Ok so firstly

    I already had an existing rom account , I logged into my account on your main page and clicked the link steam account.

    When I linked the account all went successful , When i purchased my pack It put it the Eu server item depot although I didnt have a character on Eu.

    When I logged in to my account on your site with steam on the us site it shows the account I linked it to. When I tried to log into the uk site with that account information it says the account doesnt exist...

    So I clicked to log in with my steam which It logged me into the site and although I linked the steam to my original account it seems to have created an account via EU under steam seperatly which was why my

    scout pack wasnt showing up us account. Now I want to be able to log into the account using my original login information so I dont have to go through steam and now I cant.....

    I need some sort of help.;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(;(

    Im sad , waiting for help with my Scout steam bundle , I still haven't gotten it and its been about 10 hours since purchase :(

    I honestly hope this doesnt drag till your day off leaving me waiting 3 bloody days for my items.

    Well hello Sarkas here to ruin your weekend ;(

    you're not telling me that im not getting it for 3 days are you , if not can you just refund the purchase on steam so I can try and repurchase it instead of waiting 72 hours for something i payed for i dont want to have to take this issue to steam and force a refund and never purchase from you again, 3-4 days wait for a pack i purchased is completely UNACCEPTABLE , what kind of slimey shotty business is this you're pulling, 4 days is past steams refund terms (48 hours) so if im not getting it before that I want a bloody refund before I lose my bloody money. Not impressed this is going on steam reviews for new players to know what kind of business and support you're offering.