A couple of questions about the Champion's skills

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  • Hello everyone, I will be grateful if someone can help me figure it out.

    Skill #1 - Last Line of Defense

    Description says "When used while a shield form ......"

    but this is passive skill, how can it be used?

    Skill #2 - Energy Influx Strike

    Description says "Adds a Charge Rune to your attacks...."

    but I can't see anything happens when I use this skill. What is Charge Rune and how can I see it influence on my attacks?

    Thanks in advance for the replies.

  • Skill #1 - Last Line of Defense
    Triggers automatically IF you are in shield form and under 30% 'When used' is bad wording.

    Skill #2 - Energy Influx Strike
    Similar bad wording, it's just a normal attack. I think the 'charge rune' is some poorly translated reference to the crit effect

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