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  • Hello guys, im starting a project in runes of magic on the server gaia. See information below

    Server Gaia

    Goal of the project:

    Very hard game, where group playing is essential
    Farm low dungeons to progress at all
    Complete change of the class balancing
    In fact a new game in old clothes
    No pay to win possible


    - No items from IS section Upgrading and companion
    - No blue gear from bags (exept the lvl 48 bag since its the same gear like from xaviera)
    - No interaction withplayers outside the guild
    - No twinks
    - No Shell Items/stats
    - No Proof Items/stats
    - Cap lvl 55 (for the moment)
    Xaviera allowed as soon as you hit 20/20
    Pets allowed without upgrading
    Minigames allowed, withou using the shells
    all classes and races allowed
    Eliteskills can be done in xaviera
    Using items/quests and so on from higher areas than 55 is not allowed.

    Rules concerning upgrading gear:
    - max 4 good stats on an item and 2 dirty stats (dirty stat is defined as green from tier I to V)
    - tier of weapon maximum 2 tiers higher than the basic item is
    - plus 3 maximum on all items
    - runes only if the item dropped with a rune slot, maximum tier 4

    -> This results in

    graded weapons
    low plussed gear
    always crap statted items
    Rune slots only if they where on the dropped item
    Tactics, good class and game knowledge required
    Possily not all dungeons can be cleared

    Im cusiouse to see if we can form a community in this project. To Join, just create a character on Gaia and whisper to "Challanger".
    This Project is NEW, I am still not sure if it works, and how to "control" the rules, but I want to make this game attractive and challenging again!

    Feel free to discuss also about the project!

  • Feel free to discuss also about the project!

    sounds like third world game playing style...

    atm GF offer us decent way to end this game ( by offering lots of goodies that costs a lot in past ) ,...and you propose

    sadistic way to play game throwing away 90 % of features...

    ...peoples must buy dias...small or big quantity...that keep servers with juice....feed admins...and if not making new content at least switch events every little...

    you can do that on Svidur...but luring Gaias 300 players to this has no sense... can be one of two : reached end game..cleared ranked always start from scratch and fall on 2nd step...and start again...and fall again...and all is hard...blame it to others..and everyone steal from you...and no one want play with you...and full of projects...ideas bursting out...and you feel you can live 100 years and start over and over...

  • Hi dray,

    i think what you wrote is all right. But I want to try, what the game can offer if you play it like described. Maybe we will not even reach level 100, i dont know.

    I personally think its a fun challenge, and everybody else who is interested in this idea can join.

    Of course, the more players join, the better it gets.

    By the way the server doesnt matter for my side, because the plan is to play this guild "independend" of the others, because of course we would not be competetive at all.

  • AND i think, the game is more fun, if you dont rush to max level, pay 1000€ and then run the highest dungeon all day long.

    In my thinking, it is necesssary to run lower dungeons, wich are defenetly fun, to step further in the game.

  • Been planning a similar thing for a while but solo only so I wont join you guys unfortunately.

    Love to see it, who gives a Sismond about end game Pantheon when it's just copy pasted ZS/DL anyway?
    The best of the game is the earlier content without a doubt.

    Since Beta 2009-03-05

  • I completely agree, that early content is the most fun. But as you know, also early content is clear at some time.

    I expect this project to take months to even reach level 100, because you need to farm the lower dungeons to get decent gear to fullfill quests.

  • I wonder if you will be playing like in the 1st chapter, so no Dwarfs, or that those are allowed.
    Sounds like alot of fun....i remember doing IDK in questing from Lyk (loved that zone)

  • Since we already formed a small community of 8 members, we also fixed the first "rules".

    Find them below:

    - No items from IS section Upgrading and Pet section
    - No blue gear from bags
    - No interaction with players outside the guild (trade, party, farm...)
    - No twinks
    - No Shell Items/stats
    - No Proof Items/stats
    - Cap lvl 55 (for the moment)

    So also if you are interested in a kind of oldscool project, we will start farming the level 50 dungeons or even below.

  • - No items from IS section Upgrading and companion

    There have always been xp buff pets and numerous mounts in the IS. What you are doing is telling everyone they have to go it on foot.

    You should be limiting refining gems to +6, as that was the limit until several zones into Kolydia.

  • Grumpdaddy thanks for the hin, we only want to limit items about the pet system, not the mounts. Maybe my translation is wrong.

    About the +6, we want to do the upgrading only with the stones for gold, not the once for diamonds. I think with the gold items its nearly impossible to reach +6.