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  • Three class capability,Coast of Opportunity and Xaviera were added with Redhills and the level 70 cap. Maybe you folks should start a new character with a limitation of not using the "rapid leveling zone" that was intended for getting your 3rd class up to 70. It would give you a better feel of where that game was at when 55 WAS the level cap. From 41 to 50, you can gain a level per day simply doing the Xaviera dailies, and not even any of the hard ones. I always felt that is was like cheating on your main character and should be done only with alts (personal opinion, not necessarily a valid viewpoint).

  • Well now we will farm gear from hoto, and try to clear the next dungeons like hos, df zf and so on. If we cleared all 55 dungeons, we will step on to 58 Dod.

    Yes we have limitations for gear:

    Rules concerning upgrading gear:
    - max 4 good stats on an item and 2 dirty stats (dirty stat is defined as green from tier I to V)
    - tier of weapon maximum 2 tiers higher than the basic item is
    - plus 3 maximum on all items
    - runes only if the item dropped with a rune slot, maximum tier 4

    Thats current rules.