Board Event - Winterly Spirit in Taborea

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  • Winterly Spirit in Taborea


    Players from many nations spend their time in the world of Taborea.

    Each of them have their own traditions in terms of Christmas and the New Year's Eve.

    We invite you to tell us your Christmas stories.

    Submit to us an image of your favourite winterly location in Taborea and tell us what makes this place something special to you.

    We will gladly learn about your Christmas traditions aswell.

    The Runes of Magic Team wishes all Taboreans, their families and friends a restful Christmas and a happy new year. We look forward to accompany you through Taborea again next year.


    Send your submission (screenshot and story) to:

    using the following template:

    Character name:


    Account name:

    Additionally one of the following pieces of information is required:

    Game Account E-Mail,

    GameForge Account E-Mail,



    The deadline for submissions is 08.01.2023 at23:59 CET.



    30* Laor Forest Tart

    30* Serenstum

    30* Phirius Special Water - Type E

    15* Universal Potion

    10* Lavish New Year's Dinner

    1* Giant Mammoth Mount in a Bag (7 Days)

    1* Card - Giant Flower Cactus


    Terms and conditions

    • One entry per person
    • All required pieces of information have to be submitted correctly
    • Submissions received after the entry deadline will be ignored
    • The respective character must have been logged in within the last 4 weeks

    Each entry must contain the following information:

    • Server name
    • Character name

    Depending on how the games is played:

    Steam-ID ONLY if the game is played via Steam


    the entry has to be sent from the email linked to the game account

    The Runes of Magic-Team reserves the right to alter the conditions, prizes or other details of this event at any time, if it becomes necessary due to unforseen circumstances

  • The rewards for the board event have been sent.

    We wish you lots of fun with your adventures.

    If you haven't received any rewards, please contact our support to find out why.

    best regards,

    your Runes of Magic team

                  Event Admin and Team Manager

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