Halloween 2022

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  • Halloween 2022


    Are you strong and fearless? Then we have spooktacular events for you! Look forward to daily gifts, huge boosts, offers in the shop and more!

    Message from the Beyond

    Ghosts and demons will be trying to use this witching season to escape from the realm of the dead. In their attempts to contact you on this side of the void, you’ll find some enticing items winging their way into your mailbox over the coming days.Every day between 27th October and 31st October we’ll have a surprise in store for you! If you have multiple characters on your account, the presents will land in the mailbox of the first character you log in with. Even if you miss a day during this period, it won’t have any effect on the remaining presents.

    Exchange NPCs

    Owenstein and his friends are back, obviously not to scare you!


    NPC # Required Reward
    Owenstein 10 100*Coin of Petals (3 Days) 10*Mysterious Treasure Chest XX
    Hilary 10 100*Coin of Petals (3 Days) 5*Magic Instrument Collection Box
    Frank 10 100*Coin of Petals (3 Days) 50*Peak Fragment
    50*Energy of Justice
    Eve 5 1*Coin of Ice (3 Days): 1*Bound Experience Orb (50,000,000 Points)
    2*Talent Orb (5,000,000 Points)
    1*Peak Experience Orb (10,000,000 Points)

    Custom Drops:

    Instance Name



    Pantheon (hard) All Bosses

    Coin of Ice (3 Days) 5
    Pantheon (normal) All Bosses Coin of Ice (3 Days 3
    Pantheon (easy) All Bosses Coin of Ice (3 Days) 2
    All Zones All Coin of Petals (3 Days) 1


    The Haunted House

    Do you dare enter the haunted house? The show how fearless you are until 3rd November and snatch exciting prizes!

    Solve puzzles, enter the haunted house, kill the boss, and scoop some awesome rewards! Here’s how it works: the Team Manager NPC in Silverfall will grant you access to the event zone, and you’ll be able to participate from level 75!

    Tricks for Treats

    Trick OR treat? We offer both! Play tricks on the wild pumpkins, monsters and demons from 28th October (midnight) to 1st November (11:59 PM server time) and look forward to the sweet treats:

    • 300% additional XP
    • 300% more talent points
    • 200% drop boost if you play in a group