Is this a P2W game?

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  • Hello. I'm a new player to this game and i just found my first paywall. I love crafting in MMO-RPGs and i searched a little bit online to see how crafting is in RoM. Then i found out that you can only max out only one crafting profession, unless you pay for the ability to max out more of them. Now, while I would be kind of frustrated if this was a limitation for everyone, i would just deal with it, but its not.

    Then I found a second paywall. Mounts. In order to have mounts indefinitely, you need to pay money for them.

    So here is the question, though i think i already know the answer. Is RoM a pay-to-win game? A few hours into it and it really feels this way.

    If it is, it's a real shame. Combat is quite good and, as it seems to me having played it a few hours, the dual-class system is pretty good.

  • yes it is, but not for the reasons you mentioned :)

    permanent mounts are available for exchange at events or permanent npcs (e.g. stomping grounds).

    and in general you don't actually need a permanent mount (most endcontent players transport themself everywhere with transport runes anyway)

    unlocking all crafts costs very few dias and can also be bought from a diaseller (people who buy diamonds for real money and sell them for gold) during the craft event (it's about 300 dias at all for all kinds of crafting)

    and also here: you don't really need all crafting professions at lvl 100 on one single character.

    very few of them make sense at all and those that are, you can simply level up on different alts

    This also makes crafting easier later, because you can craft e.g. with 5 chars 5x as fast as with one


    if you want to play in endcontent, you need good equip. tier 14 weapons are now standard (some guys got tier 16 or 17)

    tier a weapon to 14 costs either a lot of time ingame or the equivalent of about 15k dias

    and that's not all

    to increase this weapon to +30 costs another 25k dias and can't really be earned ingame

    till now it's around 800€ for a single item

    the rest of your equipment will be slightly cheaper per item, but will cost around 80k dias in total (rings to +30, all other to +20, rune-slots, clean manastones,...)

    oh and you still have to farm the items and stats or buy them for gold

  • tldr - Yes

    Better answer is it's totally p2w but you can absolutely max level a character and have a lot of fun without paying anything

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