whos idea was peak lvl?

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  • so peak was a cool concept. but my goodness you need to be fired. such a bad way to go about it. yes gm's i know you cant do anything but relay information (which you dont). where is new content under peak like not everyone could run diamond mode rt. but you had a kt to go to.....? such a good game and your putting it into the ground. delete this or take something from it. been playing for 10+ years always had something to look forward to. now not so much. think the rest of the runes of magic community feels the same.:evil:

  • Sorry, Tan. I feel your frustration and I am right there with you. Unfortunately the company that runs the game is not the same company that writes the code. I had hopes that somewhere in the last year the relationship between GF and RW would either improve or change completely. Gameforge GMs have expressed their frustration even as we have. They have to be a little careful in how they word it, being official representatives of GF and all, but they feel our pain as well.

    Runewaker has decided to build a bunch of server-based games they can operate on their own, and their interest in this award-winning MMO has for some reason waned. Their reputation as game creators diminishes with every day they let us down, but they don't care. Maybe they were disappointed at the performance of Dragon's Prophet, their other client-based MMO, which failed miserably, and that left them with an unpleasant taste in their mouth. I don't know, but that's really about the time they started making less and less effort to keep ROM alive.

  • i've heard rumors lately.

    they say that RW was bankrupt, so GF could afford to buy the rights on RoM.

    i wish that's true. that would speed up a possible development process.

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    • Current Peak Level cap is 5. In the future updates, the level cap will be increased and new exclusive Peak Levels gear item will be added.

    I'd like pretty much anything other than more festival content that's only accessible 1/6th of the time. What are they doing over there.....
    If anyone has any Taiwanese friends get them to go knock on the door and ask whats up lol

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  • I have the impression that if RW went belly up, GF would NOT be interested in hiring their own development team. Sad but true.

    What team? I am pretty sure all RW has on it now is a single very-overworked programmer that can barely keep up with the ongoing issues.

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