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Rekrutacja do zespołu RoM PL została otwarta! Więcej informacji: Rekrutacja do zespołu RoM.
  • Things that came to my mind:
    - Quests related to Ancalon in Forsaken Abbey/Varanas - Bad spelling, it's written Anclon/Anclona/Anclony in several places.
    - Aslan Valley "Team Manager" next to auction house is not translated to polish at all, nor is his text.
    - Overally bad translation in later zones - mob names in Vortis Cemetery "Strażnik Magów Cmentarzyska" should probably "Mag Strażnik Cmentarzyska" because he is a mage guard, not guard of the mages. Also mob called "Szelmy" is bad translation because the name is plural.

    If I notice anything else, I'll post.

  • Can't say precisely which quest it was, but today when doing Weeping Coast quest with using spider venom on Bloodfang troll, the prompt in red said "Bloodfang warrior wygląda groźnie" so it was in both polish and english at the same time ;)
    The event with three playful brothers - Richie is a name they're supposed to go by, but they were named "Bogacz" which means "Rich man" :D