[W/M] Warrior/Mage "Warmage" Guide

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  • Hi, really nice guide!

    It is my first time playing a W/M (also first time magic dps). I was wondering which class would you recommend as the third class? I am thinking of going with knight so that I can also try K/M. Opinions?


    Beneath the gold, the bitter steel!

  • This part of the text really got me smiling. Like you would be really stupid to just quest to lvl up new characters this days xD

    1. Pick Mage at the Character Creation screen. (Starting with Mage eliminates the need to have a second Chain set for Warrior till Lvl 35)
    2. Level Mage to 35 (or higher) - joining a Lvl 100 player for one run of Goblin Mine with XP pots from Leveling Bags takes you beyond Level 30, or do Honor Party Power Leveling, or just old-school questing
    3. Pick Warrior as Secondary Class
    4. Level Warrior to Lvl 35 (Goblin Mine run(s) or by turning in quests 10 Lvl beyond your current Warrior class level)