Lower-level Bosses Respawn Rates

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  • A lot of people don't care about quests/titles, there's not much motivation to do old content. I just did the hackman and mandara quest the other day and who knows how many times I've killed them over the years lol
    Would be nice if they added more rewards for titles/cards/quests as there's just no real point to playing 90%+ of the game.

    Only started doing some of this stuff because there's nothing else to do at this point might as well go completionist mode. Still better than fortnight.

    Since Beta 2009-03-05

  • ... this is part of game..how game is designed...like tons of other games or trading card games ...or any other collectors thingy...game items are based on rarity....boss spawn also....all this lead to game economy...

    ...imagine every kill drop card...boss respawn every few min...and every boss drop purple HD....

    ...btw...GF always find walkaround in critical quests...so if you yell here hard enough maybe you get quest completed simply by entering instance...

    Not sure what collecting anything has to do with waiting for days to complete quests.