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  • I'm new to this game and building a warrior class was just wanting some help with a more solo build

  • Warrior is a reasonable choice for solo play. Chain armor gives great defense for survive-ability and it has good damage. You will need to manage rage generation. For a while, just get close enough to step on the targets' toes. That will get them aggro-ing to create the rage you need for some but not all of your skills. Choosing a good secondary class will also give you some additional attack skills that don't depend on rage. Rogue secondary gives shadow stab and blind stab. Mage secondary will turn you into a mostly magic attack class once you gain your elite skills. Priest or druid gives some heals.

    For humans, knight secondary gives more defense, and knight/warrior is still a top tank if you are in a group instance run. For elves, warden is a great damage and tanking choice. For dwarves, warrior/champion has 2 classes that both need a lot of rage, so it isn't very popular(Someone will post their objection to this, I am sure) but it can still be fun. I haven't tried warrior/scout.

    For all-around solo questing, warrior/knight or warrior/warden are probably best, but warrior/rogue is decent as well.

    Every class combination has it's own pros and cons, and also its own quirks. The only way to really know what you want is to play and explore.

  • Thank you for the response. I was actually thinking about starting out with the warrior/rogue class. Still waiting for the game to download as of writing this and am completely new to the game.