Looking for a class combo

  • Hello guys, I'm looking for a decent PvE class combo with a healer as the secondary class. I've already considered Warlock/Priest(this one's probably my pick so far) and Scout/Druid, but I'm open to anything that isn't Mage.

  • Warden/Druid, looks good if you play solo.

    I don`t think there is good endgame dps with a healer as a second class.

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  • Warden/Druid, looks good if you play solo.

    I don`t think there is good endgame dps with a healer as a second class.

    My main is Wd/Dr and it rocks for solo play. It kills very slow BUT it is very hardy as long as you pay attention. It is always distraction that gets me killed.

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  • Please clarify your goal.

    If all you want is a character that is going to successfully quest, then just about any class combo can be successful. Some better than others; Reynmar's suggestion of Warden/Druid is a good one, they have a white hit similar to the Knight/Mage, so set up correctly can do massive damage. I personally like Warrior/Druid mainly because you can swap to Druid/Warrior for runs if the buff is needed.

    Endgame instances...well the only one I can think of is a Knight/Priest though it is not the top tank it has some decent abilities; but, questing in PvE can be boring. I have heard people say that Champion/Priest makes a good tank, but I have never seen one in action so cannot speak to it.

  • I don't know if this counts, since you want healer as the secondary class, but I would recommend Druid/Rogue. It basically plays as a dps who can heal as well. It won't be an overpowered dps in endgame instances, but you can hold your own in long fights and have some useful abilities that will get you into runs as a healer. It's pretty good in SW too, although very much a glass cannon if you play it as dps.

    Mage/Priest was fairly popular back in chapter 1/2 (and still is for a lot of people) but doesn't have enough dps to be useful in instances generally. Very good for levelling and questing.

    Again, healer class is the primary here, but Priest/Warrior is also an interesting class. It plays as a physical dps/tank class while wearing cloth gear, so you can do ok heals while dpsing. At instance-level it is more or less useless, since hybridising gear like this doesn't tend to work well in dungeons.

    As others have mentioned here as well, Warden/Druid might be worth looking at.

    As for Wl/P I have no experience with it, but all warlock combos are fairly interesting and can offer a lot to parties (Wl/M is the most useful combo if you were to take it as your third class, perhaps).

  • Hello :)

    You can have 3-th class also and 3 more if buy class tickets.

    Rogue/Druid is good for solo farm but if you need just "option to heal yourself a bit from time ot time" i can say Rogue/Warden

    Have skill that heal you every few sec with 20-30 % of your healt (not so bad i farm last 2 ini easy mode without need of healing pots

    if you like PVE in Hardmode inis with Party, well then Rogue/Warden and 3-th class Scout :)

    warden/scout is good party biffer (also can heal himself from time ot time ...perfect solo farm combo for me also

    and Scout/Warden one of best dps atm! It take time to level all combos but if you want dps that kill fast die hard and heal (himself) Rogue/Warden is your combo to start game

  • +1 to a warden/druid, good white hit, two heals when you hit with charged chop (every 8s and 20s) and a cast heal really good with briar shield healing bonus, nice defense..

    i have a video farming TPs and t6 in IBP easy with mage gear, i need more practice with this combo but, its something :D

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  • it all depends on what you're looking for

    those 1 button classes might be able to do damage but when you want to farm tp for example having to target every single mob and kill one by one, rather get a warden/warrior also known as destroyer of worlds (in other words, whats the point of having self heals if you dont need them at all)

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  • R/D and come make cancer in sw like some nubs ^^

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