Mirror Worlds and Peak levels

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  • Once a character reaches 100(1)/100, there are two seemingly perpetual things that wear on one's soul. Peak leveling and building cenedrils. It would seem that the latter could be modified to benefit the former.

    The addition of peak only XP to the mirror world instances would help the endless grind toward peak 10. The character would have to complete Crossing the Mountain Path in order to gain this PXP during the mirror world run. It wouldn't necessarily have to be a huge amount, even 100 PXP per kill would be something. TP would not necessarily be included in this modification, since we are grinding our brains out anyway.

    Or perhaps you could give us a monthly weekend event that offers 1500 PXP per kill for the weekend.

    Let's face it, the "Summer Events and More" was helpful, but still only a small percentage of characters made it to Peak10. I have 9 characters that have reached Peak1, and only one of them made it to 10.

    If not PXP, then maybe incorporate the mysterious "Stardust" that is in our currency list.

    Give us something to make the Peak system more functional. Right now it's been 2 years, and the whole thing is broken. X(?(

  • Stupid stardust... I can't believe they put it in the currency tab then immediately abandoned it.

    This is also the 2nd festival in a row now with ZERO fixes or even the usual new festival quest which was all they were doing for the last 2 years.
    I'm going to be hope this means they realized no one cares about new festival quests and everyone wants them to finish peak/astro system. Running out of copium here.

    Since Beta 2009-03-05

  • It's not like it would be hard to use the MW instances to deal with the absurdity of requiring 20 billion points to get from peak 9 to peak 10 (200 million peak points times 100 regular points per peak point). If they wanted to limit xp in the MW to peak only the algorithm would be one line:

    IF {Peaklevel} ≥ 1 THEN {Peakxp} = {Peakxp} + 1250 would give 1250 pxp per kill only for peak chasers. It's so frustrating. I have 9 toons that have completed Crossing the Mountain Path. Only 1 has made it to p10 and 1 to p9. And 2 years after the whole peak thing took effect, it's still capped at 10.