Kitty Combo v973

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  • Dear all

    please find attached a "newer" release of the Addon Kitty Combo.

    Difference to v0970

    - Condition for Health % of target (targetHealth)

    - Conditon for Target Effect Counter (targetEffectCounter)

    Stack counter of same Debuff from different player on target

    - Long names can be entered in the edit fields (editbox was too short)

    - Option for Scout to activate Autoshot automatically

    - Option to Autotarget and change target when its dead

    - Condition for Warden pet exists (wardenPetExists)

    should work also with other Playerpets "like" wardens pets

    because its using the function UnitExists("playerpet")

    - Reworked the Condition entries for "Original"

    added the most common Buffs and Debuffs

    For those who want to modify/expand these lists

    open „KittyClassLib.lua“

    starting around Line 1028

    Kitty.BuffManager = {};

    Kitty.BuffManager.effectNameList = {

    - Reworked Setskill tables

    double named skills like [Knight Skill -Bestrafung/Punishment <-> Warrior Setskill -Bestrafung/Punishment]

    need to be used by creating the shortcut on your actionbar and with condition "canUse".

    If you have any timinig issue on Setskills, check in KittyClassLib.lua"

    beginning from line 2217 the duration/cooldown time for your class and Setskill.

    I could not test all setskills and class combinations.

    - Reworked Help Files / Messages

    - Tryed to collect all Language translations, that can be found.

    All language translations are in the folder "locales"

    lang_DE.lua (German Version, its a mix of english and german)

    lang_ENEU.lua (English Version)

    lang_JP.lua (Japan Version - english mix)

    lang_RU.lua (Russian Version - english mix)

    lang_TR.lua (Turkish Version - english mix)

    Would be nice if native speaker of their language continue here,

    i just collected what i could find.


    #Miranda and all base developper

    #All people who worked to build the Kitty Version 0.970



    I'm not the Author/Programmer of this Addon,

    I just putted some puzzle pieces together ….

    Who ever has problems with this Version 0.973,

    step back to the last "offical" release 0.970 (found on Addon pages),

    before you step back erase in all rotas the new conditions (released with this

    version) when you used them. Or old version will give you an error.

    Attachements: (new Version) (targetHealth, stackcounter)

    How To Install Use.pdf (Some pictures and explanations)

    Have fun and good loot


    -enlight me, but don't flame me-

  • I did a little bit of DE-localization (=> attachment more will come as soon as I have enough time.

    and I found that some localization seems to be not used (=> screenshots)

    are these hard-coded ?



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    Eigentlich bin ich ein Gnom !

    Unityforce auf Kerub Kadmos

    Wichtl @ Kadmos (††† R.I.P. Zikiel 2021-08 †††)

    Gagh @ Kadmos (††† R.I.P. Kerub 2023-09 †††)

  • by the way, did you create an option to use a skill when "enemy is casting" ?

    seems "Enemy is Caster" doesn't hit the spot.

    Eigentlich bin ich ein Gnom !

    Unityforce auf Kerub Kadmos

    Wichtl @ Kadmos (††† R.I.P. Zikiel 2021-08 †††)

    Gagh @ Kadmos (††† R.I.P. Kerub 2023-09 †††)