Priest-warrior cloth/chain items

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  • Hello everyone. Got a big qwestion. Why not playable druid-warrior can wear cloth/chain on lvl70 elite. But nice dmg dealer pries-warrior cant?
    Its realy hard to play on it cause there is no phys.crit+dmg cloth.
    If gm will see this thread i wish they will do 70elite same as on druid-warrior so priest-warrior become playable. Or just will do phys cirt+dmg cloth sets as all classes has.

  • Physical crit is available by choosing he correct accessories. It isn't a lot, but it helps. There is also "hybrid" gear from the black codex merchants that can help.

  • When the level 70 elites were added to the game, many P/W players were quite frustrated, andgry and incensed that the D/W got to wear chainmail and P/W didn't. Quite a few quit or re-rolled.

    I hardly play as P/W now due to the fact that almost every other class combo can use what drops from mobs and bosses, or quest rewards yet a P/W has to farm a stupidly high amount of Ancient Memento's to get just one piece of combat-cloth from Black Codex vendors.

    The only real advantage that P/W has is the low price of Int/Patt stats.

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