Post-Merge issues

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  • Dear players,

    As you may have noticed we have encountered several problems after the server merges, the process overall went well but unexpected errors showed, forcing manual servers restarts during last weeks.

    This has led to rollbacks and items loss, we apologize for that and we are actively working in order to fix the issues and recover the missing items.

    A part of this investigation will be to revert a change we made for the newly merged server, that increases the number of channels.

    We are aware of the importance of multiple channels in a populated server however this temporary action will be key to understand the issue better and find a solution to it.

    That’s why today at 14:00 CEST we will temporary close down the following zone only on Gaia (EU1) and lowering the channel amounts

    • zone 38 - 4 channels
    • zone 30 to 37 - 3 channels
    • zone 15 to 30 - 2 channels
    15 Thunderhoof Hills
    16 Southern Janost Forrest
    17 Northern Janost Forrest
    18 Limo Dessert
    19 Land of Malovence
    20 Redhill Mountains
    21 Tergothen Bay
    22 Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan
    23 Chrysalia
    24 Merdhin Tundra
    25 Syrball Pass
    26 Sarlo
    27 Wailing Fjord
    28 Jungle of Hortek
    29 Salioca Basin
    30 Kashaylan
    31 Yrvandis Hollows
    32 Splitwater Coast
    33 Moorlands of Farsitan
    34 Tasuq Island
    35 Korris Island
    36 Enoch Island
    37 Vortis Island
    38 Chassizz

    Following that we might have further measures on other servers, we will keep you updated.

    The Rom Team

  • Dear players,

    We would like to apologize again for the stability issues you are experiencing on some servers since the last merge.

    We are, of course, aware of the issue and actively working on trying to resolve it as fast as possible.

    The whole team is on it and we will inform you as soon as the situation is back to normal. When this is done, we will of course think about an appropriate compensation for the inconvenience you faced.

    For now, we would just like to thank you again for your patience and understanding. As a small token of our gratitude, you will all find a small package with free items in the shop starting today 31.08 until 16.09 (available once per account).


    • 1x Home-sweet-home (7 Days)
    • 1x Guild Castle Transport Stone (7 Days)
    • 1x Convenient Mailbox (7 Days)
    • 20x Transport Rune
    • 20x Megaphone
    • 20x Universal Potion
    • 20x Master's Simple Repair Hammer

    In addition over the next few days you might find some generous GM around, don’t miss them! We look forward to bringing you good news soon about the situation.

    The RoM Team.


    thanks Phyally

  • Dear Players

    The servers stability issue is not resolved yet, however, we are moving in the right direction with the Tech team in order to solve the issue. Further tests and changes will be carried out in the upcoming days and we will keep you informed.

    We would like to reassure you regarding the support system and the loss of items; we will take care of all the support requests and tickets, apologize again for the delay.

    In addition, by listening to your requests and feedback, we will have another round of the Small Package, you can get it again starting from 16.09 until 30.09, the content is the same as the previous one and you can simply have it for free in the Item Shop.

    We will also offer a Boost event this weekend, don’t miss it!

    The boost event will run from 17.09 at 00.00 to 19.09 23.59 (Server Time) with the following rates

    • 150% EXP
    • 150% TP
    • 100 DROP

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Volunteer Team who are doing an outstanding job, always staying on the front line, making the events possible, keeping the servers running, and simply being amazing.

    Last but not least, thanks to all our players for your trust and continuous support - we will make sure to share a token of our gratitude once we have the chance.

    The RoM Team


  • Dear players

    We would like to inform you that we will make the free package available once a week until the servers stability is fixed, don’t forget to check the item shop and redeem it! (It resets every Thursday)

    About the servers problems, we have made progress, but the issue is well hidden, we will keep you informed regarding the advancement of the investigation.

    Once again, all the reimbursement requests will be taken care of, for this we still want to wholeheartedly thank our support team that is doing an amazing job, and thanks to you players, for your patience.

    Your RoM team


    thanks Phyally

  • Dear Players,

    The technical improvements we have implemented so far seem to be working as expected however, we will continue to monitor the situation.

    As a thank you we have extended the custom events by 2 weeks. More compensations will follow during the next weeks, stay tuned.

    Your RoM Team

  • Dear players,

    as you may have noticed, there haven’t been any server issues for over a month.

    This is the result of a huge amount of work put out by our technical team, to whom we owe a big “thank you”. In the process, we have reached an overall better technical understanding that should help us in tackling any further issues that may arise in the future.

    We can now officially consider this type of crash that has plagued us over the last few months resolved.

    In the "thanks" we have to mention again our team of volunteers. It is only because of their efforts and dedication that we have been able to handle all the user’s requests. To them, we would like to say: “We love you"”.

    As a final thank you to you players, we will have this free package in the Item Shop containing the following items:

    • 5x Sacred Phoenix
    • 5x Golden Repair Hammer
    • 15x Transformation Potion - Gingerbread Man
    • 10x Transport Rune
    • 10x Transport Portal Rune

    The package will be available from Thursday 02.12 at 00:00 until 15.12 23.59, and redeemable once per account. Go and grab it.😉

    Enjoy some extra boosts during this weekend as well! xp/tp 150% drop 100% from 04.12 00:00 to 05.12 23.59 Server Time.

    We really appreciate your loyalty to the game and your patience in difficult times, we wish you a happy Christmas season.

    Stay safe,

    The RoM team