Changes in the server sections

  • Dear players,

    in preparations for the merges we have decided to rework and restructure the Server section to better fit the new needs of the new servers.

    You will most likely already have noticed some of those changes and we will continue working on them throughout the next days.

    :!:Labels for the new servers have been added and in case of the US servers the old ones have been removed and the threads reassigned.

    The labels of the EN servers will be adjusted later this week.

    :!:We also have had a look at the topic labels and saw that for the ammount of threads created in the server sections, there were too many labels.

    Labels have been reworked as follows:

    General is now Server Talks, for all your Questions, Discussions, Server Firsts and Friendly Banter.

    Trade now contains all trade requests, whethher you are looking to buy or sell.

    And Guilds is everything about Guilds - Recruitment, Advertisement, Presentations and Looking for a Guild requests.

    You will still find some of the obsolete labels when creating new threads - these will stick around so that all communities will have the chance to change to the new labeling before removing them.


    We will continue monitoring the activities after the changes will be completed and are welcoming all feedbacks and suggestions.

    Your Runes of Magic team