First-Rate Tempered Star Jewel - Elven success

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  • Hello,

    can someone tell me what is success rate of First-Rate Tempered Star Jewel from 16>17>18>19>20 ?

    I used 7 of them to make weapon from 19 to 20 but they all failed.

  • raise it to 17,18 and 19 i think is 90% .. but never use those gems to raise it to +20 because i'm sure the success rate is 0%

    i'm very sure Tempered Star Jewel has a higher percentage of rise to +20 than the first-rate

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  • it was somewhere around 10-20% I forget exactly

    The first rates do indeed have lower success chances they just don't drop. Would be nice if there was anything that told us that wouldn't it?

    Best thing about them is when they first came out they literally had 0% chance on 19-20... lol

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  • The rules are the same for every tier. Min+(1-3), just use plain itemshop gem

    +4 & +5 will take some luck

    The last + (in the 16 to 20 tier, this means going from +19 to +20) the only thing that makes sense is to pop for a Perfect gem.

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  • I made multiple items from 19 to 20 on multiple chars. Acc, wep, arm, wings all of them
    But in many cases it can fail unlimited time in a row......I even had a ring from 16 to 17 where I tried 4 times all failed. Then stopped and a couple days later with 4 jewels went up to 19....
    Same thing with a sand storm. Went up to 19 then I used like 8 in a row nothing....was out of jewels....later on when I got them again and tried succeeded with the first.
    But in general I feel that acc are the hardest to plus up
    Btw same story from 15 to 16 with first rate ones like 19 to 20
    Best thing I ever had was like a week ago that a wing from 12-20 went up with only one fail at 18....all with first rate only.
    I also think maybe some items might have a worse code or something of plussing I donno....But some items just go up so easily others drop million times even from 4 back to 1 and so on...