Does Warden/Druid Elite Skill Natural Spring Also Heal the Caster?

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  • According to the wiki, at level 35 Warden/Druid can get the "Natural Spring" elite skill.

    It's description is
    "It heals the party members within the range of 75 while casting Charged Chop.

    Healing Done: ??.0.. ??.0"

    When something says it heals "party members", does that also include the person that triggers the effect, or does it just heal other people in their party?

    Bonus question~ Is it a good form of self-sustain for solo play?

  • The database has the following wording.

    "When your Charged Chop hits the target, you can heal party members within a range of 75. The skill can't be triggered again within 8 seconds."

    My Mithrandyr is a 100/100 Warden/Druid. I can confrim this PASSIVE skill adds a 75 radius heal to your Charged Chop. I cannot confirm if the radius is centered on you or your target, but since the range of Charged Chop is just 50, does it matter?.

    At 100, the healing is 3,475. I do not know if it was less when I was a lower level. It cannot be ranked up. My Charged Chop is level 100, if that matters.

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  • The effect of Natural Spring does heal the own character. The healing received also depends on the weapon you use - haven't tested heal bonus in general but it does not seem that good using regular chain gear.

    I don't think this skill will keep you alive by itself, however as a Warden you also have Vitality Explosion which heals up to 30% of your life every 20 seconds if used correctly.

    If you plan to play Warden/Druid you'll have the Druid's healing skills, too. That should be more than enough for solo play.