Anniversary events

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  • There appears to be no anniversary celebration events related to Peak leveling. Disappointing, since that is the number one irritation among end-game players. Why bother to just keep adding games?X(

  • I agree. I recently just started playing again, so the Mirror World spam and cert exchange helps me out a lot, but I can see why it would be frustrating for the anniversary event to not incorporate the number one concern of most players right now. Even if it was just adding Peak XP orbs into the Event Host rewards, it would make the event more worthwhile for endgamers who are struggling with Peak.

  • This is it? Worst anniversary event ever. Every season event last year was way better.

    And about peak... I'm peak X since 6 months ago, so still watching the XP events pass. At least the peak XP orbs I can stack in my house like water for the apocalypse.

    Crycry R/M/Wd/W/S/D

    Grümpy Wl/Ch/M/P/R/W

    Just an old and humble legend :)

  • i know feel peak 10like year ago or so.....i have no idea how hard put it to 15 or better to 20 at once till first 2 peak part take ages ...or now all can wait when new server hit peak 10 for less fustrate new server player to nonstop exp farm?